Torturing Myself

I’ve really done it this time. I must enjoy pain.

I have joined the fitness center. 

Why am I doing this to myself? Besides having a fat ass, I am nearly diabetic. I do not want to take insulin injections. My blood pressue has been borderline high, it used to be borderline low. I hate getting old. And, my genetics suck as well concerning both conditions.

So now I am sweating like a pig at the local gym….scary sight it is. I want to smash all the mirrors in that place. Luckily so far, the only people present at the gym mid-late mornings were the personal trainers (sadomachoistics) and a handful of really old people (worse off than me).

My one highlight is the wonderful stand up tanning booth I can relax in after my workouts.

My fat ass looks mucho better with a tan.

Did I mention my good doctor gave me some happy pills too? A little something to keep me on an even keel.

Ah, life is still good on the Reservation.


I just started reading HEARTSTOPPER by Joy Fielding. So far, it is a really great read, like all of her books.

My reading time is hampered, more craziness here on The Res. School field trips, fundraisers, baseball games and tournaments, back to OKC to the OSSM school, numerous medical appointments….the list is endless.

Funny thing. The lady sitting next to me on my flight from DFW to Tulsa was reading the same Joy Fielding book. I told the lady she had great taste in reading material. She also had a nice Louis Vuitton bag I was admiring. She did compliment me on my new Coach bag. I would have swapped her bags in a heartbeat though!

As promised. 

My chubby little toes for Kila.

The paint in the photo has the coolest looking eyes and long eyelashes!

Oklahoma is green, green, green and getting greener….in between the flooding spells.

I’ve been able to sneak out on Scooter twice. Both times he acted like a 2 year old. I was just as happy as I was disgusted with his misbehaving antics. We rode past a trash can lid, no wind, it was not moving. Scooter acted like it was chasing him, silly horse.

So, I worked the Old Guy in some wide circles and even wider figure eights. He did his lead changes wonderfully. Scooter was a bit rusty with the flying lead changes, but I’m cool with that, it’s been awhile since we’ve done much ground work. 

Scooter still has it though.



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26 responses to “Torturing Myself

  1. OMG, I can so relate to this, not that I’ve joinged a gym but I sooooooo need to join one.

    I did get your email, haven’t had a chance to reply yet, but hope too soon. lol I know I’m blogging now but I feel guilty with the huge number my reader is telling me I have yet to read. Emails are next, I promise.

    I can just see Scooter with that darn garbage can lid. Such a silly boy.

    I’m the one that’s rusty with flying changes. Actually to be truthful I haven’t mastered them yet. lol

  2. I’m going to have to get to the library and find a Joy Fielding now. I seem to be running out of authors. Good job on joining the gym, I need to start running again (gyms too far away).

  3. dickiebo

    Gosh! That Scooter is good – and carrying all that weight!!! lol.
    PS. I’ll get Nick to do a Fitness Programme for you.

  4. Aniin BG, good for you. I’m right behind yer fat arse every step of the way.

    (Aren’t you glad I’m back?)

  5. Good luck with the workouts! Gyms are too far from us, but I have a treadmill and I do that at least 3 times a week, followed by some sit ups and weights. I started about 3 weeks ago!
    Cute pinkies!
    Rain-OMG! I know how you feel. We are getting hit again today! This time the temperature has dropped some!
    Scooter is funny! You never know what they will see as a booger! We were at Savannah’s school the other day with 2 horses for there Texas week. And the maintenance guy was mowing with a push mower, Angel didn’t like it. She didn’t really act up but she sure was eyeballing it! She just wanted to keep her eyes on it!

  6. Gym? What is that.

    Good for you – maybe you can lose a few pounds and inspire someone (me).

  7. LOL, thanks, I love the color!

    Exercise and happy pills, wow, good for you!

    Yeah, I’ll definately need a tan to look halfway decent this summer!

  8. Girl, you are too much! I need to join the gym and get the rest of this weight off me. I used to love taking step aerobics, but unfortunately the place went out of business years ago *sighs*

    I know how you feel about being tanned– you always look thinner when you’re tanned! *Hugs*

    PS: Love the toes! :0)

  9. Sounds like things are good! I am too working out yuck but a neccesity.

  10. That’s why I have been trying to loose weight, my grandma had diabetes, my dad has it, blood pressure is also thrown in there, heart disease, so its time to get my fat ass in shape also. You are not alone girl.

  11. I am very proud of you for taking measures to ensure your health and fitness. I must severely caution you against the pills though. Chemically-induced happiness is pseudo emotion and dangerous to the human psyche. The government, doctors and pharmaceutical corporations, all have a vested interest in a drugged public. Over 40% of Americans are in their clutches right now.

    They had me hooked on hydrocodone after an injury. By the sheer will of Allah I was able to beat back the alluring arms of Morpheus. Please do not increase the ranks of the drugged populace who no longer have the ability to experience life (the highs and the lows).

  12. risingrainbow-I am rusty on all lead changes, I need an instructor lol

    linda-she is an awesome writer


    dickiebo-Im so fat, he doesnt attempt to buck haha!

    brian-you know I missed ya. Glad your in my corner. If I could be a vegetarian like you, I may NOT have a fat ass.

    kdwhorses-I am sore today, was yesterday too!

    karmynR-your pregnant, eat everything and anything!

    kila-it might be big apple red OPI??

    christy-yep, a tan fat ass is better than a white fat ass 😉

    kelli-I am so sore

    anne-good reasons to be motivated, just like me

    jp-nope, not giving up my happy pills, they arent narcotic. Hydrocodone is strong stuff, I think I may have taken that when my jaw was broken. Glad your off it!

  13. Good for you to be going to the gym! It’s so good for our bones and general overall well being. Keep your happy pills, sometimes we need something to get us through a down period in our life. Your piggies look great! Sure looks like OPI Apple Red! I love it!

  14. I was just reading an article that indicated that First Nations people were having a soaring rate of Diabeties. really glad you are taking proactive steps.

  15. The toes look great! My hubby & I joined a gym once. I did pretty good for a while, but it was too hard to get there after work and with 5 kids. 😦 I have decided that chasing them around counts as a work out. 🙂

  16. me again… I just got home from grocery shopping and heard on the car radio that a British study of Sports Medicine found that a 12 week program of Tai Chi ( which is a blast, I used to do it all the time), reduces blood sugar in Diabetics by 8%. It’s a great exercise program and it does wonders for the mind and soul as well….. I think I’ll go back, come to think of it. 😉

  17. MM-no way am I parting w/ my happy pills. I hope my new manicure girl has OPI red apple

    hope-native americans are very likely to get it…scary for us.

    jcarroll-5 kids!?!? justified exercise for sure…they are beautiful children you have though 🙂

  18. jo

    Good for you ! You will excel, and you will succeed !

  19. We canceled our YMCA membership because the pool was always filthy and we didn’t use the workout room enough to justify the expense.

    But, just to encourage you my mom dropped 100 pounds and lowered her blood pressure just by doing water aerobics.

    But then she gave me all her “fat” clothes and even said “Here you go. I don’t need these FAT clothes anymore.”

  20. Oh, and I think you’ll find that thinking about the cost of the fitness center will likely keep you motivated. 🙂

  21. jo-thnx!

    EWBL-FAT clothes, gasp! not nice of her…but good for her dropping 100 lbs, not an easy feat whatsoever. Yep, I am highly motivated by not wasting my allowance….howd you know that?

  22. Katie

    lol.. I with you… working out every morning now!


  23. The gymn will hopefully not be so hard. If you hang in the you will have done better than I did. The last gymn I joined was patronized by college girls.

    They were always about 5 dance steps ahead of me in whatever class I was taking. The instructor finally gave on trying to teach me rythym. She told me to just stand there and move a bit.

    I slunk off in shame, never to return.

  24. I need to do that too. I need the happy pills too

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