If you exercise/work out you will have more energy during the day and sleep good at night-lies.

If you take Tylenol PM at night, you’ll feel better and well rested in the morning when you wake up-lies.

Aspercreme relieves sore muscles and has no odor-more lies.

Best friend L’s little filly is giving her a run for her money. The filly is a smart one and is catching on to her new round pen lessons but she has an ornery side to her that she keeps showing L.

L and her filly are just doing ground work, I am interested to see how things go when they progress to the saddle part! In all seriousness though, L is a wonderful horse trainer. If I were to have someone train my own personal horse, it would be L. Not just because she is my best friend, but her gentle methods produce wonderful results; a horse that enjoys and trusts humans and is an all around well trained, easy riding horse.

L and her daughter Roo came out today to ‘borrow’ Bubba and Wee One for a commerical video that was a journalism project for Roo. It turned out cute! Wee One is a natural in front of the camera, he even did his lines well.


Summertime on the shores of the Great Lakes is beautiful. There is no other place like it. Of all the things MI, I miss the Great Lakes the most.

I heard a Kid Rock song the other day that took me back in the past…about 20 years back into the past, my last summer spent in Northern MI, 1989.

Neither a fan of Kid Rock nor a hater of his music, I can take or leave him. When my favorite Tulsa radio station, 97.5 KMOD , played Kid Rock’s newest song “All Summer Long“, I was tuned in and blasted back to the good ole days.

It was 1989 my thoughts were short my hair was long
Caught somewhere between a boy and man,
She was 17 and she was far from in-between
It was summer-time in Northern Michigan

Splashing through the sand-bar, talking by the camp fire,
It’s the simple things in life like when and where
We didn’t have no internet but man I never will forget
The way the moon light shined upon her hair

And, we were trying different things we were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping whisky out the bottle not thinking bout tomorrow
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long

Man, those were the days……….




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23 responses to “Lies!

  1. Okay, that was wildly immature but I’ve been so out of the bloggy loop lately I had to claim my first place victory before someone else!

  2. It’s weird how we have sort of parellel lives. I used to summer at my grandma’s cottage on Lake Michigan every year until 1993. I haven’t been back since then. I actually looked at plane tickets so I could take my kids to get to see my hometown and meet relatives but it’s way out of our price range.

  3. ewbl-your allowed since youve been absent 🙂 small world isnt it? have you thought about driving? it’s 2 days straight but worth it…

  4. sharon l. mcwilliams

    Those were defintely the good old days

  5. jo

    Well come on back, BG…it’s gonna be a great summer !
    There was a song in the sixties ( can’t think of her name now )

    Those were the days my friend
    We thought they’d never end

    We’d sing and dance,
    Forever and a day

    We’d live the life we choose
    We’d fight and never lose

    Thosae were the days…
    Oh yes,
    Those were the days

    la la la la la la
    etc etc a zillion times, lol

  6. Don’t give up on the exercise. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to feel the benefits. As a woman in my 40’s I’m convinced that I am destined to be overweight, but after working out hard for 30 minutes a day and dieting for six months straight I now realize it was worth it. I simply feel healthier and have more energy to get more done. I’m still overweight, but my clothes are fitting better. I don’t exercise so I’ll be skinny or look better (that’s just not in the cards for me) — I do it because it lowers my blood pressure and cholesterol, but most of all it gives me a high. Maybe I’ll live a little longer so I can ride my horses a few more times.

  7. its hard for this CA boy to believe all that water has no salt.

    looking at the pics, i started to smell the sea in my mind, but then had to remind myself.

  8. dickiebo

    It must be very nice to look back 20 years to great times! I have to look back 50 years! BUT….don’t tell B!!! Only met her recently – 1971. lol.
    PS. Jo, we also had that hit song in the UK sung by a Welsh lass, Mary Hopkin.

  9. Aniin BG.

    It’s no lie that your picture is the prettiest in this post. 🙂

    Hope you have a great week and keep working out.

  10. slm-big hair and tight jeans…

    jo-after the winter y’all had? no thanks! Il come for a visit but living there again??? nahhh

    nm-Ive given up on ever being ‘thin’ not in my genes dammit. so far I havent gotten the ‘high’ part from exercising, wtf? am I the only one missing out or what??

    gino-damn close to the sea, very much alike!
    no sharks though just giant muskies.

    dickiebo-50 years??? yikes. heheh

    brian-aww, thank you! I look a bit tired though in it, glad its not clearer.

  11. I’ve never been to Michigan.

    My husband stopped using Aspercreme and uses something called Biofreeze. I’m not saying it smells anybetter, but if I rub it on his back – it burns my hands and he thinks it does wonders.

  12. Keep it up, you will get in a rhythem! I know since I have started working out again I do feel better and have more energy! Drink LOTS and LOTS of water to stay hydrated! Have a great day!

  13. Awww I really love that last photo:)
    It reminds me of a lake,near home Harrison Lake.

  14. I love…love…love that song. I am a Kid Rock fan, but I am an even bigger Lynrd Skynrd fan. Sweet Home Alabama #1 all time favorite song-so I get the best of both worlds with that song.

  15. A 30 minute drive and I’m there. I love to vist Door County, WI………very pretty on Lake Michigan.

  16. I tried the Advil PM without reading the ingredients! The so-called sleep aid (Diphenhydramine citrate) is an antihistamine and winds me up instead of down! Grrrrr.

  17. It’s no surprise to me that Wee One looks great in front of the camera, the kid’s a natural.

  18. If I take a tylenol pm it takes me forever and ever to wake up the next day. great pics

  19. karmynR-biofreeze eh? I may need to try that out

    kdwhorses-so far so good except I cant go this morning b/c of storm damage!



    BEC-I saw Skynkard in concert in the late 90’s, they ROCK!


    seamus-omg, I would have been po’ed

    risingrainbow-yeah, he is pretty darn photogenic

  20. Hot bath. My cure all.
    I flew through Detroit once. The Airport was like a cattle yard.. really!!!

  21. Katie

    Beautiful shots! I was in MI for half the summer a couple years ago..We hung out at the Lake .. by Tawas .. it was great fun. 🙂

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