“Hey, Mama…..”

Last night sometime between 2 am and 3 am I was sleeping soundly, finally…I was sleeping.

In my right ear I hear a whisper, “hey mama.

I was dreaming about a tall, handsome Pawnee man who was playing pool in a bar. He had a long shiny ponytail and was wearing pressed wranglers and Ostrich skin round-toed ropers. He looks up, smiles a warm smile then shoots and makes his shot.

mamaaaa”  Louder in my right ear.

The handsome Pawnee man disappears. I am no longer dreaming. Disappointment.

Auto-pilot mom answer, “ what sweetie?

Wee One asks, ” do you hear that sound? 

deja vu? no, Wee has woken me up during storms before.

Marvin lets out a protesting cat squeak from under the bulky comforter. Wee One is squishing him. 

Instantly, my eyes fly open in the dark. I strain my ears to hear. Faint thunder and a few flashes of lightening. I can hear the wind howling and building off in the distance. It is loud, the loudest I have heard in a couple of years. I was getting a bit alarmed, very much unlike myself. The windows were rattling. Not a good sign.

I hoped it was just wind and not a tornado, we were under a watch when I went to bed.

I grab Wee’s hand and we go into the living room where I had left hubs watching the weather about 11:30 pm. He normally keeps watch. Not last night, he was sleeping soundly on the couch as the storm hit.

I peek in on Bubba, he is oblivious to the storm. The deep slumber of teenagers……….I am so envious.

Hubs heard us and woke up. He says, “damn, that wind is really blowing, do ya think we need to go to the cellar?”

I know I am not getting into any cellar unless an F4 is coming right at me…but I keep silent.

Wee One burrows down into the couch and quilts still warm from hubs. Wee says, “hurry, turn on the weather at 23 (he means channel fox23)”

I turn on the TV and see we are getting pummeled by a squall line with at least 75-95+ mph straight-line winds and golfball-baseball size hail. nice.

Some great storm-watcher you are hubs….

These photos were taken just before dark yesterday evening. We had a beautiful evening and spent it outside.

It is a given in Oklahoma, when ya go to bed and the skies look like that, it’s gonna storm like hell.

I have spent the better part of my morning hunting for missing items. I walked our 30 acres and the county road ditches. So far still on the missing list:

  • Scooter’s favorite aluminum feed tub(I am most unhappy about this item)
  • 1 heavy-duty metal Tonka truck (the old heavy type, might be an antique)
  • 2 feed buckets (one old, one new)
  • 1 basketball (not the Wilson)
  • 1 metal rake (junk)
  • 1 rubbermaid trashcan (it was empty)
  • 1 orange plastic kickball (Wee’s not gonna be happy)
  • part of a fishing pole (more junk as far as I am concerned)

all gone

Our window frames to the North have hail damage. The barn roof has hail damage. Better the roof than my equines.

No fitness center for me today. Too busy and I already had my heart-rate climbing work out doing all that early morning walking.

Storms suck!


The only good part about last night’s storm, it took away all the smoke we’ve been breathing in because of land-owners burning off their dead grass the last few days. Everywhere ya look, the ground is charred.

Indian Camp horses.

They look awful hungry…..makes me sad.

Tons of new baby goats!

Can you make out the little brown one? I took the photo at night and my camera has been messing up.

Wee One and I saw twins being born one morning. Occasionally he still asks why so much blood. Poor kid!


Well, off to make the big decision to call the insurance company or not?

However, that is not the biggest question of the day….the BIGGEST question of the day is, will Bubba’s home baseball game be called off due to the field being too wet?




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21 responses to ““Hey, Mama…..”

  1. Sometimes those straight lines can be worse! Had those one year and took down miles of power lines on our road and we went without electricity for about 4 days in humid 90 degree weather. Ugh!

  2. Oh my!! Golf ball sized hail??? Heavens!!
    I would love to live there, but that stuff, like tornados, scares the life outta me. Not to mention I’d be wanting to put all 13 horses and 8 dogs underground with me…
    Nice pics though, it sure is pretty!!!

  3. That sounds like it was a really nasty storm. Good thing it was just stuff lost and not animals and folks! I remember sitting on the fence stile on my grandmother’s farm in Iowa and watching the approach of those kinds of storms. Some can be really terrifying! Glad you are all ok 🙂

  4. Oh! Sorry that you had dreamus-interruptus 😉

  5. Wow-I would have a hard time getting used to storms like that. I think I prefer a blizzard. Do you ever get used to it?

  6. Wow,I can’t even imagine that. Having to stay up and see how the storm turns out in case it’s a tornado. We get some wicked kick ass storms here that turn up out of nowhere then disappear. They are scary!
    I’m glad you’re all safe:)

  7. Yep, I’m with BrownEyed Cowgirl, I’ll take our blizzards any day over tornados! Yikes! that must have been scary!!!!! Hope you find your stuff, that’s the pits to have to replace all of that. Poor Scooter, he will be very unhappy about his favorite feed bucket!

    Stop by and pick up a new award I have for you!

  8. How scary!!! I am so glad I live in an area where I don’t have to worry about that. Tornadoes are rare. We do get heavy gusts of wind from time to time (and I worry about a tree falling over) – but never have to worry about running to a cellar!

  9. jo

    Damn ! Sure glad y’all are ok. Have you appointed Wee the official weather watcher now?
    We’re in for more rain/snow probably locust at this rate…but 90 mi an hour winds would push this whole state into the Great Lakes !
    Your pics are breath taking !

  10. My hubby lived in OK for a while and agrees with you. I couldn’t handle that- I am too used to the calm of AZ and the occasional monsoon storm. Hope you find all the good stuff, and I agree with Mikey- I would have to bring all the animals in with me & it would have to be a BIG cellar!

  11. oh man i hate to hear wind picking up at night, doesn’t bother me in the day time cause I can see what’s coming but not at night ugh

  12. Oh, that’s not good. Poor Wee One must have been frightened. Is there a number(approximate dollar value) at which calling the insurance is best?

    I hope you find your missing stuff especially Scooter’s feed tub, I know he has a special fondness for it. Glad that everyone including critters are ok!

  13. Kat

    I’m glad you didn’t get the F4…thats scary!! We’ve had some bad winds here the last week or so…but its finally turned nice and warm here…thank God!!! I hope you find your missing items…thats so aggravating isn’t it?

  14. I was wondering how y’all made it through.. We got pummeled too. My oldest came in about the same time freaking out. I didn’t get much sleep with her being there half crying all night and the dog literally shaking so hard it was moving the bed. My youngest slept through the whole thing. I had to practically pry my eyes open and then keep them propped open until the youngest’s nap time so I could play catch up..

    Don’t you just love spring in Okie land?

  15. The welder is Josh 🙂 However, I do weld. My dad is a welding engineer at the Nuclear Power Plant out in Tonopah- my siblings and I all grew up doin’ it. 🙂

  16. Ah, Wee One! Reminds me how I felt at his age and so small yet! I was curious about your mention of Indian Camp horses and it appeared they were not well cared for. Sad.

  17. It’ll soon be tornado season here in Wisconsin. Scary. Sorry you had the winds and hail. I say go ahead and report the claim to insurance if you think the items need to be replaced. Hail damage won’t count against you too badly.
    I hope you find your missing items, especially the first two on your list!

  18. dickiebo

    One of my old drinking pals at our local, is an Insurance Loss Adjuster. She comes in daily, and tells us of her latest ‘calls’ from claimants, and why they were NOT entitled to claim in most cases. Insurance companies suck!
    Just look on the bright side, Ramblin’, look at the exercise that you got! You know it makes sense.

  19. Aniin BG, Glad y’all are safe and I hope you find all the missing items. We had 4 inches of rain over the weekend, but no storms.

    Doing good overall, got a new RX for my allergies yesterday, we’ll see how that works.

    Here’s a local article about a farm that has Danish Knabstrupper horses. Thought you might like to read it.

    “Ocala Style Magazine”

  20. callie-that is the worst. we had that back in the summer of ’94 or ’95 it was awful

    mikey-I know a lady in Broken Arrow who built a ‘safe room’ inside her new horsebarn just for her horses! of course she is married to a gazillionaire….

    seamus-the storms do not usually spook me but like Anne, I like to see them coming. Sicne I became a mother, I am more vigilant! my dream didnt return last night, darn it.

    BEC-yeah, it becomes old hat after awhile, just gotta roll w/ it.

    lael-Canadian weather isnt a picnic! but its gorgeous up there

    MM-feed bucket still mia. Im coming over!

    karmynR-tornado alley….it can suck at times

    jo-what is up with y’alls weather?!?!

    jcarroll-it can get pretty rocky here at times. Myhubs lived in AZ for 2 years, he loved it. I would love to move there. I find it neat your father worked for the Nuclear Power Plant and you learned to weld! my best friend’s daughter is learning and she is darn good, its a darn good job too!

    anne-we are alike. Ilike to see whats coming too

    risingrainbow-Scooter has enough sense to get out of the hail and rains..lightening is a whole other story though

    kat-an F4 would level everything, I hope to NEVER see one of those in my lifetime

    burg-Spring in Okie is never dull, keeps us on our toes! omg, sorry about your loss of sleep too. The state should give out sleeping pills to us mothers for missing our zzz’s during these storms!

    MManning-not all Indian Camp horses are neglected….

    kila-both are still missing. Hubs bought the stuff to fix the window panes. I guess were not bothering w/ our insurance now..

    dickiebo-as a former adjuster I agree!!!!!!!

    brian-I hope the new RX helps! that is a lot of rain my friend……..that was a good article. Transylvanianhorseman had to leave Romania 😦

  21. Can I come stay with you to experience one of those storms.

    I promise to help you chase down all the things that blew away.

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