Rubber-Band Saga

MidLifeMom gave me this award-thank you!

If anyone doubts, just ask hubs. He will tell you my horse comes first.

We might eat dinner late but Scooter does not…..more of my priorities.

I got side-tracked on my way to the Fitness Center. I am fairly certain I have adult Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

That black/white gelding caught my eye.

He is a beauty. I noticed him from the highway the other day and stopped to get a closer look this morning.

Marvin is off the diet wagon.

While I was in Florida, hubs went to the grocery store and shopped. Now we have a ton of useless stuff but thats a whole other post.

Anyway, hubs bought ‘Active Lifestyle’ catfood. This is food for cats that are active and need the high fat food. The opposite of Marvin. So until the bag is gone, he if off his weight-maintenance food.

Wee One inherited Bubba’s rubberband shooting gun………

Help us.

At first Marvin thought it was real fun to chase the rubberbands shooting all over the house…..

Until he got shot with one……

Marvin does not like rubberbands anymore. He gave Wee One a big slap with his meaty paw to prove it. I told Wee One he deserved it and he was damn lucky Marv doesnt have any claws.

Wee One is grounded from the rubberband gun until Saturday.

I explained how mean and wrong it is to shoot Marvin.

I asked him if he understood, Wee One answered, ” I love Marvin. I wont shoot him anymore cuz it is not nice, he gets soft touches. can I have my gun now?

Ummmm, no

Now he is referring to me as ‘The Mean Mama’.

Creepy house photo.

This house creeps me out, not sure why. I try not to think about it.



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29 responses to “Rubber-Band Saga

  1. Congrats on the award! I need to go over there and pick mine up! She is always coming up with the coolest awards! Oh, my hubs would say the same thing. The horses are first, but he is cool with that!
    I bet Marvin is so excited and loves your hubby at the moment! He is so fluffy!
    Poor Wee One, maybe he will learn not to shot the animals! Marvin looks highly pissed off in that picture!
    I am sure Wee One will get over it soon and stop calling you that!

  2. Aniin Mean Mama. 😀

    Good on you, not nice to shoot Marvin.

    Next time you come, you have to visit Marion County to ride around and see all the horses.


  3. That house creeps me out too. That isn’t barbed wire I see where that paint gelding is, is it? Boy , Marvin sure looks perturbed! LOL

  4. Marvin looks like a tough customer. My critter is real hard-headed too though, but that is what makes him a true soldier. Dig BG, there is no such thing as ADD or ADHD. It is the by-product of too many GMOs, hormones, and other food additives that affect your neuro chemistry. Did you read my post on the tainted water supply in the U.S.? We are being sickened by our water and food. That is what is affecting you. Ever wonder why autism shot up 2800% in the last 3o years? I am not trying to scare you, just want you to make healthy lifestyle choices to preserve your soul chamber for as long as possible.


  5. Rolling on the floor! You’re so funny!
    Those purple flowering trees are GORGEOUS, yeah, I’d be distracted too.
    Wee one is hilarious! Marvin too, that made me giggle. You can totally see the look on his face. He’s not into the rubber band gun at that point… 🙂
    I agree, that’s a creepy house. But I bet someone could flip it… I’ve been watching Flip that House WAY too much.. obviously.

  6. Congrats on your award! I’ll bet Marvin is happy about hubs mistake. I know my kitties are not happy with their new diet food but they are getting thinner.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your attention. It’s right where it belongs…….on nice horses. There’s nothing wrong with that! Ask any horse woman she’ll tell you the same. lol

    Wee One shot poor Marvin with the rubber band gun, not good. I’ll be that Marv pouts for a while.

  7. jo

    Yep…good on ya “mean mama.” There should be more like you !
    I’d never get beyond that drive…I’d be staring all day long !
    Something beckoning with that house….really ( to me, anyway ) Creepy, yes, but it seems to need something/someone. ( To me, anyway )

  8. Yuck that is a creepy house.

  9. Wee One looks so cute in the glasses. One year we gave every boy child in the family a rubber band gun and a good supply of rubber bands… and the war was on…LOL

    Loved all those beautiful photos!

  10. Oh boy, does Marvin looked POed.
    Not sure if I buy into the whole shebang that JohnnyPeepers is talking about, but I have to agree with the diet choices. I had to do a lot of research on ADD/ADHD when Megan was diagnosed with an Inattentive Subtype. Crazy as it sounds I had to start adding a lot of “good” fat to her diet because lack of fat in your brain leads to decreased attention span. Who would have thought??
    Although I know you are probably kidding about the AADD on the drive from your house because it is beautiful and I can see why you would get easily distracted-LOL.

  11. That gelding has beautiful coloring! WEE ONE so rocks. I’ll bet you were chewing the inside of your cheeks to force yourself not to laugh when he tried to get his rubber band gun back. (LMAO!!! :D) Marvin looks special. Let’s see, there’s Barngoddess, Hubs, Scooter, Freddie, Bubba and Wee One. What a cool group! 🙂

  12. Rebecca

    I love the pathway picture. It has a certain calming effect. Great shot! Was it your property?

    Marvin looks fat, fluffy and content.

    As long as the rubberbands are not hitting you…..

  13. Glad you like the award, you certainly deserve it! Scooter and Freddie get such wonderful care, sure wish all our equine friends got such good care. I love that black/white gelding! Gorgeous. Now is he a paint or pinto? I never know which is which.

    Poor Marv. He looks a little disgruntled. Poor Wee, he just couldn’t help it! It’s a boy thing!

    Yes, that house looks and feels spooky.

    Hummmmm…high fat content food, sounds good to me! lol! I have to go to the doctor today for my yearly check up, I’m trying to figure out how to lose 25 pounds between now and 3 pm. Sigh……

  14. Marvin just looks like a grouchy old man. That picture is a winner!

  15. Kat

    “Marvin is off the diet wagon”…OMG…thats so funny…its soooooooo hard to put a pet on a diet. One of my cats had never gained an ounce from the time I found her til I had her spayed. The vet found indometriosis and had to do a complete hysterectomy on her…and the pounds flew on!!! We cut her food back…but the weight has remained..I am guessing its a hormonal issue with her now….poor Marvin!!

  16. kdwhorses-I am still the mean mama today…

    brian-aniin. horseshorseshorses, cant get enough of them.

    callie-yep, lots of old wire too.

    johnny-I was kidding about the aadd(maybe). yeah, I read your post and it is scary. I often wonder about the waterwells here….

    mikey-ew. someone died in that house a long time ago in the summertime 100+ deg heat, I heard it’s unlivable. still wanna flip it? it creeped me out before that happened tho

    risingrainbow-hubs is always saying if he was a horse, he’d have my undivided attention. hes right too

    jo-creepy house. it’s weird. I want to get a closer better photo…but then I dont!

    burg-one of OKLA’s finest

    AO-each boy got a gun? you are so very brave

    BEC-honestly, if Wee One eats wheat/dairy he has autistic traits and he itches like crazy and his allergies start flaming….otherwise hes fine. DIET is so far keeping him in check…I hope he doesnt have to be medicated. Sometimes Johnnypeepers gets a bit intense but otherwise hes pretty cool even though I dont agree with him on everything all the time. Not a lot of bloggers like to be disagreed with…hes fair.

    MManning-I am kinda put out with my cool group today….maybe after more coffeee

    rebecca-nope not my lane but one that belonged to the horses

    MM-Im pretty sure hes a homogenous blk/wht paint from a local breeders…25lbs?!?! cant help ya there…I wish I could!

    linda-hes only 5 but hes a grouch like his mama (me)

    kat-Marv just likes to EAT…a lot

  17. It’s a lovely day today, but next week is supposed to be chilly again. Lows in the forties and thirties.

    Marv sounds like Tucker. He complains… loudly, when the food bowl hasn’t been topped off enough.

  18. I’ll just bet Marvin is one very happy kitty with all that “fat” in his food! 😉

  19. LOL The Mean Mama

    Miles just sprained his foot jumping off a bed. He’s…er portly too and I’m thinking now might be a good time to switch him to low fat,fat cat food before he breaks his freakin leg.

    I love Marvin’s mad face,hee hee.

  20. Katie

    lol.. Mean Mamma!

    Congrats on the award!

    I love the Paint…. I’m debating whether I need another horse right now..

    Need to catch up and see how your vacation was! I can’t believe it came and gone already!
    Great to read your post!

  21. i love his glasses so cool

  22. brian-brrrrr! marvin gets worried if Kitty eats….hes such a hog.

    seamus-he is! I am going to start reading ‘Water for Elephants’ soon

    lael-oh no!

    katie-I would love to have another horse to ride!

    anne-hes stylin..

  23. That house give me the creeps, too.

    The rest of your post made me smile, and laugh, thank you 🙂

  24. dickiebo

    Creepy house? Why? Looks good to me. Can u try and get another photo of it so’s I can have a second opinion? Somebody dies in most houses! Perhaps it’s going cheap. (No. I don’t mean ‘cheep’. lol.)
    AADD! Sounds good. Is that like when my drinking pal turns his hearing-aid off when his wife starts nagging? Must mention that to B!

  25. Ohhhh The rubber band gun sounds like fun….
    And yes..the house does look creepy….

  26. kila-glad I made you smile 🙂

    dickiebo-ummm hopefully never in MY house. omg, I laughed like a fool at your comment……hearing aid wearing friend haha!

    wbs-the gun is fun….even I like it. yep, house is spooky but I want to get closer.

  27. and in this corner, fighting off rubber bands with clawless paws, marvin the heavyweight maine~~~


    hey I can’t wait to hear what useless stuff the hubby bought.

  28. Ooooo…that is a creepy looking house.

    Your redbud is so pretty. Mine has finished blooming, but my dogwoods are just getting good and started.

  29. that is a creepy house — it looks like one from a sci movie I watched.

    Welcome to the mean mama club. I know I was in it for much longer than I cared.

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