Confessions, Confessions

I have a favorite fish.

I went to the fitness center on Friday morning at 8am. I tanned for 10 minutes then left. I came straight home, saddled up Scooter, and took an hour long trail ride. When hubs asked if I went to the fitness center, I told him yep and left it at that…..I do not think that was a lie, he never asked me if I worked out.

There is a really odd girl who works at a place I frequent. I suspect she is a local blogger too so I must not get too descriptive. Sometimes I purposefully take Wee One with me so I can be distracted with his busybodyness and not have to speak to the odd girl.

I was a bit lazy last week in the house-keeping and no one seems to care except me.

I used to like weekends but I realized they are more work for me.

In the early mornings at the fitness center, there are 2 really, really old guys who work out. My guess is they are pushing 80 years old. They are so cool! They always give me support and they are always in great moods despite being old.

I fantasize about running away, getting amnesia, and becoming someone else.

I want to shop online. It is getting harder and harder to keep the urge at bay. I think I need a support group for this.

Last Thursday at school, Wee One said a really bad word. I washed his mouth out with soap at home and I think I felt worse about it than he did.

I rock Wee One to sleep every night. He sleeps in his own bed all night when I do.

Last night I used nearly a whole bottle of 409 scrubbing my kitchen after hubs filleted fish. He cleaned them outside but brought them in to cut up for cooking today. Ew. I hate, hate, hate the smell of it.

Saturday’s catch

Scooter munching on the new green grass


Thursday afternoon and evening, the wind blew super hard.

Despite the foot of flooding rains, somewhere this dust got blown up. It was a spooky feeling day, I was glad when the sun finally set….the above is the sunset.



I want one………the four-legged kind.

I am done with the 2-legged kind.



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26 responses to “Confessions, Confessions

  1. spiffy1

    Now this is an interesting group of ramblings that really has gotten my curiosity aroused.

  2. jo

    What a potpourri of great stuff and photos.
    About those 80 y/o’s…they single? :-p

    So did the school notify you about the bad word with a note or a call ? What do they do these days ?
    I ate a lot of soap in my youth…against my will, of course. But to this day, I’m usually able to formulate a sentence without swearing if I think about
    You know a lemon and some baking soda can kick an odors butt 🙂

  3. Aniin BG. My, you are restless. Must be spring fever. 🙂


  4. dickiebo

    Blimey, Ramblin’, who did u tan?
    If I were you, with your hubs around, I wouldn’t want to get too attached to that ruddy fish! “Dinner calling!”
    (PS. I didn’t know that Injuns had to tan!) Silly. silly Dickie.

  5. Love the sunset shot.

    Tell your husband I also put a fish on the barbecue last night.

  6. Poor WeeOne I’ve heard that after taste of soap really is yucky! He’s so cute I can’t imagine anything bad coming out of his mouth.

    Yeah, it doesn’t look good for Buffy and Marv does it? Oh well they can be just friends. Buffy is such a diva Marv is better off without her.

    About the fitness center. I believe men are on a need to know basis. You only tell them what you need them to know.

    I didn’t ride yesterday but I groomed 5 horses, clipped their legs as it is so muddy right now and their whiskers. They look 10 years younger. I think I will do that to myself, will I look ten years younger?????

    Take care of yourself BG, I’m worried about you.

  7. I like the fish but I agree they don’t smell all that great. I think it’s great that the old guys are out there keeping fit. They probably have to go in pairs so the wimmens don’t spook ’em off:)

  8. spiffy1-just honest confessions….better than going to the confessional and doing penance

    jo-not sure if the old dudes are single or not, I think they are really OLD retired military

    Brian-yep, I agree.Spring Fever

    dickiebo-heck yeah I tan 🙂

    DM-what kinda fish?

    MM-Marv can be a jerk so they are well suited! ah, no worries about me, I am doing fine.

    Linda-ew. cooked fish is even worse..

  9. a favorite fish, but not the kind that gets cut up in the kitchen.
    since we are confessiong: I would probably use clorox clean up — and I would probably splatter in on my favorite shirt.

  10. Oh, a four legged baby……………..

  11. pamela-dishwasher detergant….very dangerous stuff for good blouses and shirts

    callie-lol, they are so cute! foals are a lot of fun but also a lot of work

  12. You know – rocking Wee One is no big deal. When he is 10, he’ll be going to sleep all by himself and you’ll remember holding that sweet little boy and smile.

  13. I’m worried about you too, faking amnesia and running away sounds like stuff brewing to me. If you ever want to talk about it, you know where to find me.

    I thought that Marv and Buffy sounded quite suited to each other, but I doubt the house would be standing afterwards.

    Sorry Wee One had a problem. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with those issues anymore. I’m done with two-legged babies as well. And the way the economy’s going probably the four-legged ones too. that will really break my heart.

  14. I love the shot of the sunset! That is amazing. I am sure that I tasted many different kinds of soap as a kid. lol

  15. That’s right you didn’t lie he did ask if you went to the fitness center and you did. No question of what you did there right lol. Nobody here cares about the house either. Although if the kids rooms get too bad hubs starts griping, seriously does he have hands can he bend over and pick stuff up, yes i think he can.

  16. karmynR-I know! I want him to grow up but then I dont..

    risingrainbow-the econ is in a resession…I do not care what WA says! your babies are one in a million, we’ll all miss out if you shuld have to quit

    jc-wee one got off easy with some handmade notsosoapy stuff. NExt time he gets LAVA soap

    Anne-ha! men cant seem to get their brains to work that way… least MOST of the men I know.

  17. Good morning. 🙂

    Chilly start to the day, possibly records lows tomorrow morning.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  18. What a precious little foal! I have always wanted an appaloosa.
    Your washing Wee One’s mouth out with soap reminds me of that movie, The Christmas Story. Have you seen it?
    The dust storm picture is very spooky. We have had strange weather this spring in Arkansas. Lots of wind all weekend and cold, cold, cold. Was 28-degrees this morning.

  19. Awww sweet babies!

    I love it when my kids come in handy like that,regarding the weird girl.
    If I lived near you,I’d suspect it was me,lol

  20. wow, i didnt know they powdered a baby horse’s butt just like we do our children.

  21. Wow what a mish mash of great stuff! I love the sunset and the foal. The fish you can keep. Ewwww!

    Over from David’s. Great post.

  22. Good confessions! I wouldn’t have mentioned that I didn’t work out.

    Yeah, fish do stink, but I like to eat them.

  23. Kat

    Hey, Its me…Kat. Just letting you know I changed my web page and my email…come see me!!!

  24. Oh, the fitness center sounds wonderful! And tanning will make you look good just as well as a work-out could!

    Running away and reinventing, yes, it’s a fantasy of mine also.

    I still often rock my youngest boy to sleep at night. I miss it when I don’t. (Which is why I could never really run away!) I rocked all my boys, well into toddlerhood. Good memories 🙂

    Weekends are often my hardest days!

  25. brian-been chilly in the mornings here too but nice when it warms up 🙂

    arkansassongbird-haha! I thought about that movie while he was sitting on the counter w/ the bar of soap in his mouth!

    lael-oh no, this chica is an odd one…I can never understand what shes saying and I can understand just about ANYONE with a lisp, accent, drawl, mumble et..

    gino-nice powder blanket, eh?

    crazycath-thnx for coming by! David always has great peeps he links, I owe him.

    giveitatry-lol, ew after smelling them in the bucket, then helping haul off their guts, then smelling them cook-no thanks! Ill take me red meat…

    kat-holy crap

    kila-I knew I was not alone in that feeling. I like the fitness ctr, I can walk fast on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes, read the paper, tan or tan, do the treadmill, then read the paper……….super laid back place and I am not motivated to do much other than the treadmills and the sit down bikes…IM LAZY

  26. Love the picture of Scooter! And the foal! I would love to bred my mare, but I am doing so many different things with her right now! One day I will!
    The soap probably didn’t taste that bad! When I was a kid it tasted awful, not anymore!

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