Wild Bites

I survived the preschool zoo trip.

It was sunny, chilly in the early morning but it warmed up quickly. The wind blew 40 mph, yes, 40 freakin’ miles per hour. The trip was still fun!

Four little monkeys….

 This was the view from our lunch table-really.

My little group which included the 2 teachers, 2 parents, and 5 kids, sat at a picnic table across from the lions exhibit to eat our sack lunches. We watched the zoo keeper put out huge meat chunks in the tiger and the lion pens. Then we watched the Big Cats eat……I could not help thinking that the big portions of meat were possibly horse flesh.

Macabre thinking I could not help.

Me, ” does that lizard bite?”

I walked into the laundry room, started the washer, and heard the answers to my question.

Nahhh” hubs answered.

I doubt it has teeth.” Bubba added.

Wee One, “touch it. You touch it Bubba.”

30 seconds goes by.

I hear, “OUCH! that damn thing does so BITE!”

Hubs asks Bubba, “are ya bleeding?”

Bubba, “no but look at the mark it left!”

Wee One giggles, “haha! my lizard doesnt like you.”

I think the lizard will be paroled from his coffee can cage tomorrow.

I just finished reading Double Cross by James Patterson. It was great!

Now I am reading, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. So far it is pretty good.

Stupid people are burning with this gusting hot wind. Wild fires are abundant and hubs has been fighting fire all day. He is cranky, tired, and still out working. He had some damage to one oil lease. It sucks because all we smell and see is smoke everywhere, home or anywhere else.

Not much else going on….D offered to be my designated driver on my birthday since it lands on a Saturday this year. I may just take him up on that offer. 



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23 responses to “Wild Bites

  1. That picture with all the ‘monkeys’ is so cute! Glad you survived your day and made it home with everyone intact. That would’ve made me a bit nervous eating so near that lion, what if he had liked the looks of your lunches better then what he was getting?! :o) You’re right it probably was horse meat. Sigh………..

    That lizard thing is pretty. Sorry Bubba got bit.

    We will start having the grass fires here as soon as it dries up a bit. Some people don’t have a clue and start them on windy days here too. The poor fire fighters go right from one to the other. Kids start them too with lighters.

    Supposed to be 60* tomorrow!! Yippee! I’m going riding come heck or high water!

  2. we got the same lizards here. and yes, my son got bit. lol

  3. spiffy1

    Hey, it’s springtime! I’m rejoicing.

  4. I would think about horse meat as well. That would be enough to ruin it for me. Although the little monkeys getting their picture taken is cute.

    I knew those lizards can bite. lol I’ll bet Wee One was proud of himself.

  5. kaylie has a zoo trip on thursday and Keith and daddy have a museum trip tomorrow lol. He said he wanted daddy to go and I said yea that’s fair I had to go with Kaylie lol

  6. I love field trips!

    Wow, that is some wind! How annoying!

    Cool lizard!!

  7. oh the monkeys are so fun at the zoo (:

    I’m with Bubba… I don’t want any old lizard to nip me!!!

  8. Aniin BG, Happy birthday in advance. That’s number 25 right?

    That’s a big lizard. 😀

    I don’t think the meat was horseflesh, because the slaughter of horses was halted recently, or so I read.

  9. Kat

    We have had soooooooo much rain all winter and so far this spring..and now that its “yard cleaning time”…not a drop in sight..I think we’re going to have the same smoky problem here this year too….YUK

  10. Lizards bite? LOL, We’ve now got your 40 mile an hour winds!

  11. Detest lizards! Detest fire too! nough said!

  12. Aww,I love Wee One in that top photo!

    That’s a cute lizard too

  13. Yes that snow the deer were in was horrible. They just couldn’t get around to get away from predators or get much to eat. So sad but I guess that is just nature. I feed mine wildlife grain and they love it. They all look really good and they have 400 acres to run in plus what else is around us. The old matriarch of the herd gets first pickings and drives off the other ones till she has her fill. Sounds like me!

  14. Glad you all had fun at the zoo. The little monkeys are too cute! We just went to the zoo this past Friday and it was alot of fun! There are some amazing animals there! (but I do believe it was mating season!)
    The biting lizard! That cracks me up!
    We have a neighbor that doesn’t think about burning either! I have seen him lite a fire and then leave!

  15. Eating in the company of lions – seems both right and weird. I’d have a hard time thinking about what their fare is as well.

    So far, folks are respecting the windy days and not burning. I hope they remain patient.

  16. Did you actually get to see the animals at TZ this time, or were they all “temporarily vacant for renovations” like every time I go there??

    Oh, and I didn’t know lizards bit either, but eww.

  17. The zoo trip sounds like fun! Although, I cannot believe you have people burning this time of year, what idiots.

    I haven’t read anything in a while, I’ve been napping a lot. And the biting lizard is funny!

    My birthday falls on a Friday. I will be enduring a dress rehearsal for a dance recital and entertaining what family arrives to see it. joy.

  18. eraseddreams

    The zoo trip looked like a lotta fun! I love to go the zoo! I’m not sure how I would feel eating right across from the lion’s cage though *LOL*

    Sorry to hear about all of the fires– that sucks big time. I hope that they’re contained soon.

  19. Ok the above comment is me– didn’t realize that one of my friends was *still* logged in WP on my comp! *L*

  20. MM-glad its finally warming up! I bet your deer love you for it..after seeing that photo, I would BET on it

    gino-haha! Wee and Ive both held the lizard and he hasnt bitten us

    spiffy1-Me too 🙂

    risingrainbow-yeah…it was neat to see the big cats eat but nonetheless….probably horse meat

    anne-lucky you

    kila-yeah, the wind is still blowing…

    pamela-ya just gotta know how to pick it up

    brian-yes! 25 is right!

    kat-its dry here despite the flooding we had

    callie-ew. sorry about the wind

    linda-lizards are neat!


    kdwhorses-oh yeah, lots of creatures sharing their love while we were at the zoo

    seamus-I hope your neighbors do not burn. it was cool and notsocool eating near the dining big cats

    burg-more exhibits were open this time..polar bear, big cats

    pinky-happy-b-day! at least youve got family coming to the recital 🙂 be happy about that

    christy-okay! they are calling for rain today. maybe that’ll help the air ’round here

  21. I love how Wee One knows he is on camera! He is clearly a happy child!! I’ve noticed that the guys who make comments about “No teeth” or “He may have rubber teeth” do so confidently but otherwise allow someone else to find out. Sorry, Bubba. SCOOTER IS SO COOL!!!!

  22. Katie

    I went to the zoo too – last Sunday!

    Tough about the idiots and the fires…

    I like lizards 🙂

    The books sound great.. I just finished one of Ludlum’s.

  23. MManning-Wee is a *ham* Scooter is cool isnt he? hes in the barn tonite, its storming

    katie-hows the zoo in MT?

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