Lately, I’ve been feeling like a zookeeper.

I like things kept easy and simple, no fuss.

Instead, my creature family seems to keep increasing.

Hubs got crickets and spiders to feed to Wee One’s pet Six-lined Racerunner lizard. So far the reptile seems to be eating them and doing fine. It has not bitten anyone since it latched it’s jaws onto Bubba’s finger. They say these lizards can run upwards of 30mph. It has not tried to get away…..I am sure it’s biding it’s time for the ‘big escape’.

Wee One understands we’ll have to eventually let the lizard back out into the great wilderness, he seems okay with it. I also informed him, his lizard had a blue belly which meant his lizard was a male. Wee One said, “okay, lets find him a friend” umm…..no. That will not be happening.

JIF peanut butter, the lunch of champions.



 I am happy to report that every horse I’ve seen lately looks as unkempt as mine. Petty I know.

Bubba’s baseball season is really shaping up into a good one. He is 3rd batter and holds the record on his team for RBI’s. Last year he held the record for homeruns during his summer season.

Bubba arrived home from his tournament 1 hour ago. He needs his uniform clean and ready to go in the morning so here I sit at 10:10 pm, desperately want to get some zzzzzzzzz’s (been up since 4am) but no, I’m waiting on the wash.



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23 responses to “ZooKeeper

  1. jo

    Awww…what sweet pics. 🙂
    Jif is the best..period.
    I’m so glad I survived the lizards and all of God’s other creatures my kids thought belonged in the house.

    My cat Calvin died early yesterday and I have been in a such a funk…he had been ill awhile….seeing Wee and the Jif brightened up my my life 🙂

    Hope you get some rest !

  2. Jiff PB rocks!

    nothing else even comes close since they stopped making Reeses.

  3. Add a BUNCH of years to that pic with the Jif peanut butter and that would be me!!!! LOL!

  4. Kat

    OMG…a lizard in the peanut butter…thats just too damn funny!!

  5. I eat Jif with the spoon, too! Great pick me up.

    Roly-polies, that’s what I have to deal with. Not lizards, they are too quick for Miss Pinks, but she’ll sneak in roly-polies.

    Sorry you’re up so late, but at least your son is doing super awesome! YAY!!

  6. I’m a Peter Pan fan. Hubby has Skippy and I have my Peter Pan and never the twain shall meet, or however that line goes!

    I lived through the iguanas and ferrets. I loved the ferrets but hated feeding the live crickets to the iguanas. UGG…

    Go Bubba! Sorry you are up so late doing the uniform though. Too bad they couldn’t at least have two pair of the pants so that you’d have a spare. I remember washing the football pants with all the mud and grass stain on them.

    My horses look pretty shabby still too. I work on it all the time but they just have soooooo much winter hair from our bitterly cold winter that it just takes a long time to get it all out. I did take the body clippers to Buddy a couple days ago and clipped off the pee stains on the side he lays on. NEVER get a white horse, too much work!

    Wee looks so cute with his creature! No girl friends eh???? How come Mom???? lol!

  7. I’d feel like a zookeeper too with all those critters. Actually, I probably would have passed on the lizard. Do the poor crickets crunch when they are …….a ……..consumed. Oh, the thought, guess that’s why I’d a passed on the lizard.

    It’s defintely a tough time for spiffing up horses, hair’s flying all directions and the supply is never ending. My barnful definitely look unloved between the snarled manes and patchy hair.

    Bubba does quite well in sports. You much be proud and glad he has something like that to focus on.

    Maybe you could teach Bubba how to wash his own uniform. Give yourself a little help not to mention a much needed break.

  8. I agree with Rising, why can’t Bubba wash his own uni?

    That is a cute lizard, we don’t get them that big down here.

    I think summer is finally here, no more cold mornings. I get unkempt when I’m chilly. 😉

  9. leapen lizards, lol I don’t think I would want one though i would take one over a snake anyday

  10. Congrats to Bubba for doing well in baseball. We are a big baseball / softball family, so I know how it goes with scheduling and laundry.

  11. Wee One looks so proud holding his friend:)

  12. Your horse is gorgeous and to me looks normal for this time of year… I recall living in a zoo…on a farm in NE for 19 years… It was amazing what came into our home – er I mean zoo. ☺

  13. Well, my daughter has had a betta fish, multiple hermit crabs, water frog, and whatever else she picks up in the yard and puts into her plastic container. Sometimes like last night she had a very large earthworm in there and weird looking bugs.
    We have never had a lizard, but I should not say never, because you just never know!
    I know I have been brushing every evening during there evening feeding. I just wish it would warm up where I could bath them and really get going on it! But it has not!
    Good job Bubba!

  14. It seem slaundry is something we always have to wait on.
    My horses are scraggy too.

  15. jo-the lizard has been set free 🙂

    gino-we used to like Reeses too

    seamus-really? cool!

    kat-boys are fun

    pinky-roly polies are popular here too

    MM-no lizard babies for us

    risingrainbow-ew. the hair this time of year. Bubba needed to go to bed, it was a school nite and they were testing in the AM

    brian-FL lizards are kinda small.

    anne-lizards are kinda cool,,

    NM-tide is my favorite uniform detergant

    lael-he nearly cried when we let him loose

    kathleen-that photo wasnt Scooter. thinking about culling my herd

    kdwhorses-thats a lot of pets!

    celeste-I want a front loader washing machine…

  16. Just wait until that thing escapes and is running around the house…Ick! My horse are as just unkempt looking. It’s that time of year.

  17. Boy, Wee One sure looked happy holding that lizard. I once brought one in on my back by mistake… I did the happy dance and snatched off my shirt… oooh… I still feel chills just thinking of it. We have lots of lizards around here and every once in a while they get inside…

    Congrats to Bubba and his team… Baseball is my favorite sport!! And I love Jif..

  18. You aren’t alone–I’m often waiting up on the wash!

    As for being a zookeeper, LOL, my oldest boy has often said he wishes his entire bedroom was lined with cages and aquariums!

  19. Blue belly means male.
    Yellow belly means they’re cowardly.

    If only it was that easy to tell Lounge Lizards apart from one another. 🙂

  20. We have a whole family of lizards living on our fence and in the wreath on my front door. They eat mosquitos and they’re useful. I like them more than my dog who only eats my window screens and licks his own butt.

  21. dedicated, you are. (I remember doing similar duties)

    It is kind of cute lil reptile.

  22. Ah yes, WEE ONE has many cool ideas! Go Bubba! Barngoddess: You’ll get around to Scooter’s coast and you’ll both feel better! My best to Freddie too!

  23. P.S. Spelling correction: “Scooter’s Coat” (although I know people must love him on both coasts who visit here!

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