Rock Star

Wee One is an aspiring Rock Star.

Since Bubba acquired Guitar Hero for his XBOX360, my family has been enthralled with it. Me..notsomuch. I want a Wii. They look like a lot of fun besides they require you to get up off your *ss to play….


Wee One’s lizard has been set free. You should have witnessed his take off when the lizard realized he was free. I bet he ran close to 20 mph.



 All the pretty horses are enjoying the new green grass.


The cattle are enjoying the green grass too. This bunch is best friend L’s neighbors.

Late Friday evening, I watched the 2nd half of The Stepford Wives (1975) movie.

Wow-way better than the remake with Nicole Kidman that came out a few years ago! Yeah, I know, the original is always the best…just like the book is always better than the movie. But, I was suprised.

Kitty caught a hugely pregnant mouse. Marvin did not even wake up while all the commotion was going on with the mouse. He is useless as a cat. Kitty rocks.

Wee One is out of school the next 2 days because his school building is having some important and much needed maintenance. I wish the Fitness Center had a daycare!




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26 responses to “Rock Star

  1. Wee One looks quite content. Maybe you have a budding musician there. Oh, sorry, you said he’s a rock star already. How could I have missed that, of course he’s a star!

    The lizard got sprung sooner than I expected. How did Wee handle that?

    I think Marv is the perfect cat. He’s about as arrogant as they can get, if I’ve guessed him right. I’m pretty sure there’s a law of nature somewhere that states arrogance is the number one characteristic of a cat. Mousing is just an option.

    Daycare at the fitness center would be good. Maybe they have a suggestion box. It won’t help you with this week but might get them thinking.

  2. lol wee one and his guitar is so cute. My kids try to play the real guitars along with their songs and it makes for a nice headache lol

  3. Just think, it could be drums that Wee is interested in! So much louder then guitar! I’m glad the lizard got his freedom. Just tell Wee that it’s back with it’s family.

    Go Kitty! My two catch these little tiny moles and bring them in and award them to me. Yuck.

    I gave you an award on my next to last post. Enjoy!

    They have a daycare at DIL’s gym and it is so handy. It’s like $2.00 for the whole time she is working out and the kids really like playing with the other kids.

  4. Kat

    Mini brought up her guitar hero game this past week while she was here on spring break. There is a setting in it to where more than one person can play at a time…should use 2 guitars for it, but she used a regular game controller. (HOW…I do NOT know!!) She played lead guitar and I played bass…and we were in a “band” and the next thing I know we had been through the whole list of songs and bonus songs and had sat there playing for HOURS!!! We had alot of fun last week…I am missing her terribly right now!!!

  5. Marvins a guy. People give him food, what more can you ask for? 😛

  6. Way to go Kitty!
    She saved you a ton of trouble!
    I haven’t seen any mice for a bit but
    I’m sure I will soon.
    I love the green grass:)

  7. Kitty rocks. She also looks so sweet in that picture, dreaming little mouse catching dreams.

  8. DaBich

    A Wii! My daughter has a Wii, even *I* tried it, and man, it’s a blast….and guess what? You can even go BOWLING on it! lol

    Wee one is adorable.

    Brian is right, Marvin is a male cat, what do you expect?!?!???

  9. DB, you know me so well. 😀

  10. gino-congrats!

    risingrainbow-Wee was okay w/ letting the lizard go, but now he wants to catch another. Marv is VERY arrogant and crabby. too.

    anne-haha, a nice headache….no thanks!

    MM-thank you for the award! Kitty is a much better ‘hunter’ than Marvin. I do not think Marvin can even smell come to think if it.

    kat-how cool! sorry your missing her 😦

    brian-ha. your right. Marv gets all he wants to eat but so does Kitty and she still hunts.

    lael-Im glad those babies were never born-ew

    ranchette-Kitty is such a sweetie….

  11. jo

    Awwww….that’s it, lol. BG, you need your own photog. studio 🙂

  12. We’ve been through the Guitar Hero thing.. Not me either. I think it’s boring after a while, but my husband can play it for hours on end.

    I hated that Stepford Wives with Nicole Kidman. I thought it was a real waste of time. I’d like to watch the old one again.. I watched it a long time ago, but I can’t even remember when it was.

  13. I’ve been wanting to get a Wii for exercise, also. Let’s chip in together and share 😉

    There’s something for you at my place.

  14. We just got a Wii last Wednesday. What little I’ve gotten to play with it, we LOVE it. It is fun because it is interactive… or at least the games we have ;p I look forward to having a little free time to play with it as soon as I get 1. moved 2. finished with a current order I’m working on and 3. caught up with all of my journal/e-mails from being gone for 2 weeks! We weren’t actually planning to buy one last Wed, but they are scarce and we walked into a place and laughing asked if they had any Wiis. The guy said, “Yep, got 2!” And since we had been trying to find one since around Christmas, I said “SOLD!”

  15. jo-ha, I wish!

    Burg-I want to see the original SW movie from the beginning to the end in peace. what I watched fri nite was great


    astaryth-Ive been wondering where youve been lady!

  16. I don’t think I could handle the noise of “rock star” these days. Kudos to you, so glad mine are grown up! Eew! a pregnant mouse! Ick! Glad the lizard found his freedom, probably will get eaten by a hawk or something.

  17. I LOVED Stepford Wifes back in the day!

    Congrats to the lizard….hopefully he won’t become Kitty’s lunch!

  18. I am so not a video game person but I even like the wii…carnival games is my fav.

    Love that the green grass is coming.

  19. Rebecca

    I bought hubby Guitar Hero for Christmas. We ended up taking it back because my idiot self didn’t know he needed another instrument to play it besides the actual game.

    I am not a video gamer either. He’s tried and I have NO interest. I’d rather watch tv, read or sleep. + )

  20. Our Labrador, Reagan squishes those giant pine tree roaches that gather on our patio by stepping on them with the force of his 80 lbs. of weight.

    It’s not on purpose. He’s just horsey and jumpy and killing roaches is the only benefit to his bad behavior.

  21. Wee One does look like he is having fun! Kiddos to you for letting him play it! I do not think I could handle it!
    I think spring is finally here 80+ days and humid! Oh and rain every day to every other day!
    Marv is too funny! Cats live by there own rules! We serve them, they do not serve us! And I am sure if you asked him he would say he was “letting” Kitty get the mouse-so Kitty would look good! LOL!

  22. There is nothing more pleasing then a snoozin’ kitty.

    My previous cat would crawl in bed with me and snuggle. The Contessa won’t.

  23. I hit submit oops.
    Wee One looks quite satisfied by his endeavors.
    I don’t even know how that works – buy it seems everyone has one but us.

  24. callie-it isnt too loud but IS annoying..

    RLL-the lizard is long gone (we hope!)

    kelli-Im not either, but I think Id like the wii

    rebecca-Im not a gamer, Im clueless about them normally!

    ewbl-ewwwwwww good dog tho

    pamela-contessa sounds like Marv, he rarely wants to cuddle and it is on his own terms…hubs says he acts just like me

  25. Marvin’s just the silent cheering squad! 😉

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