More Ramblings Of Randomness & Awards

* I negotiated a better interest rate on my Capital One Mastercard this morning-go me!

* The Powerball is up to 125 mil. Oklahoma Hot Lotto is almost 3 mil. Tickets are bought and I am feeling lucky today.

* Went to Wee One’s preschool end of the year parent/teacher conference. Good reports. He is already enrolled and ready to return next year, same place, same teacher. He’s a happy boy.

* Marvin has been hunching on Kitty-WTF? both are neutered, spayed.

* My house is really clean-go me!

Orkin Man came today. It is 82 degrees, warm and muggy. I cannot get the bug spray smell out of my recently trimmed nose hairs. It’s supposed to severe thunderstorm later, maybe the rain will take away the smell. Doesnt seem to bother anyone but me.

* My tan is looking good. My fat #ss notsomuch. I guess the 10 minute jog on the treadmill and 10 minute tanning sessions at the Fitness Center routine needs adjustment.

It annoys me that there arent many stay-at-home mothers, who have lives other than their immediate families and homes.

Wives and mothers are allowed outside interests the last time I checked. It is not a written rule all mothers must turn into frumpy, boring, uninteresting, people who’ve lost themselves.

I know gas prices are up and everyone is feeling the drain on their wallets. But, there are things to do and see that are free or little cost or close to home.

I am tired of practically begging for my non-employed friends to get off their asses and:

a. saddle and ride their horses

b. go shopping/lunch/movie (or any 1 of the 3)

c. do something fun other than housework!

Theres more to this whole story but, frankly, I need to stew about it a bit more before I can truly vent irrationally.



Some days I just love Marvin and cannot get enough of him…then there are days like today, when he gets on my nerves.


I am feelin’ the love. I’ve received 2 awards.

From MidlifeMom.

From  Kila.

Thank you ladies!



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29 responses to “More Ramblings Of Randomness & Awards

  1. Kat

    Congrats on all the good one and the awards…good luck with the lottery tickets too!! Marvin is so damned cute its not funny.

    I’m having problems with the stay at home stuff myself. Granted I am errand running myself half to death…I can’t mow grass because the mower isn’t starting for some reason…I don’t have a green thumb and planting has never been a specialty of mine. Alot might be from the fact I am still feeling alittle crappy and head achy from the dental surgery, and eating is still a big issue, and I’ve only been S.A.H. for 9 whole days now…feels like an eternity…LOL

  2. HA! Marvin’s got that “hump you” look in his eyes!!!! LOL!

    Just nothing like a hot muggy day to “enhance” the very smell you want to be rid of! Good thing it’s not SHUNK!!! 😉

  3. jo

    Total yay-ness to you ! Hope ya win the lotto…then you can visit your home state and buy me a cup of coffee 🙂
    I’m going to see the grands tomorrow…. 🙂

    By the way, how the hell do you negotiate a lower interest rate ? Seriously ? I’m open to suggestions as long as they don’t involve scissors and the CC’s.

  4. kat-staying at home has it’s ‘perks’ but its kinda mundane….

    seamus-haha! marv is hunching on Kitty right now-hes a perv

    jo-I called Capital One and demanded them to lower it 2 points or else I was going to transfer my balance onto a NEW account with 0 interest for 12 months! they agreed immediately BUT I have always been a good borrower w/ them so they damn well BETTER!

  5. I gotta say I love Mad Marvin even if he is a perv. Hope ya win it all and invite us to join you somewhere to celebrate!

  6. Hooray for all the good news at the top!

    “I need to stew about it a bit more before I can truly vent irrationally.” LOL!

  7. Yeah you on all you got done! My house looks like a tornado hit it, but my garage is cleaned out and I have made a dent in trimming trees, etc around the house! Housework is tomorrow!
    Poor Marv, maybe he is just showing his dominance/terroity! LOL!
    Man he sure does look pissed off in the pic! I just love there expressions, you diffently know what they are thinking!
    Well, I wish there were SAHM’s in our area, but they are a dying breed!
    Congrats on the awards!

  8. “Wives and mothers are allowed outside interests the last time I checked. It is not a written rule all mothers must turn into frumpy, boring, uninteresting, people who’ve lost themselves.”

    LMAO!!! I know one like that.. I had to just sever ties with her because her behavior annoyed me so much. She wouldn’t even go out to dinner with me because she said she’d feel bad.. She needed to be there to “cook dinner for her husband” who was a real shithead. I was like, “uh, Howdy Doody can’t make himself a damned bologna sandwich for one night?”

    He didn’t like me anyway. I’m too lippy. Me?!? 😛

    Evidently he couldn’t.

  9. You must have the magic, how’d you get that Capital One interest reduced? I’ve got a couple from them I’d love to try that on! 😉

  10. I’m going to have to try that, 2 points is pretty darn good. Good for you!

    The horse pic is gorgeous, is that Scooter??? If so he’s looking like a young handsome thing.

    Marvin looks to be in a mood!

  11. Aniin BG. The Florida Lotto is up to $38 million, not that I ever play. Interesting article I read this week about many Powerball winning numbers are from fortune cookie numbers.

    Marvin is simply trying to be the boss. You know, it’s a guy thing wanting to seem to be in charge.

    Get out there and rock this world.

    Love ya. 😀

  12. Good for you working on your Capital One card. I hate Capital One. I’ve got a couple of them and I’ve payed them off and then they try and charge me an annual fee of $60, so I cancelled one and tried to cancel one other and they waived the fee, but it will be back in a year and I’ll have to go through the whole process again.

  13. You are on a roll girl! Go get ’em! I applaud SAHM’s but I agree they don’t have to be shlumpy-dumpy looking or acting. Yes, there are so many things you can do with your kids, they need to just get out there! I too get disgusted when they have horses and just leave them standing in the pasture cause they can’t get off their be-hind and get out there and ride. One of my friends just retired and is riding even less then when she was working. Sigh… You sound like you are feeling better so I am happy! Can’t you just see me doing the happy dance? Marv, you naughty boy, but Noodles sometimes does that to Munchkin too and they both have been ‘fixed’. Go figure?

  14. Marvin is my boy, a true feline soldier. I pray that his gait is strong and his instincts remain keen.

    I appreciate the general optimism of your post. I have struggled recently with obtaining the proper balance. Thank you for your contribution to the Internets 🙂

  15. Linda-Marv IS a perv, haha

    kila-what can I say?

    kdwhorses-my friend ET sleeps until noon

    burg-gasp, YOU mouthy?? nahhhh

    ponygirl-I just called them up told them I was ending my account and switching to a new company for 12 mos 0 interest unless they lowered my interest, they did it.

    risingrainbow-they tried only giving my 1 point interest but I held my ground

    brian-yeah, I think Marv has a dominance thing going on….

    callie-they like those annual fees dont they??? but I like the FIXED interest

    MM-if I had another horse to ride, Id ride every single day!

    johnnypeepers-Marv has no feline instincts…he can barely hunt down the food bowls…

  16. We have 5 male/fixed cats inside and they are constantly ‘at it’. 🙂
    Love the lower interest rates- I have tried, but my hubby is better at holding his ground- I cave to easy.
    I work and my hubby stays home, but we are busy constantly with one thing or another. Neither one of us has a chance to get frumpy-thank goodness.

  17. “…turn into frumpy, boring, uninteresting, people who’ve lost themselves.”

    It isn’t just the SAHM’s. Seems like a lot of society has turned into this. Sheez-I always thought having a personality was a good thing!!!?

  18. Marvin looks bugged by the Orkin smell, too?

  19. Marvin is still my boy though, because he has heart. I can tell a lot about Marvin by looking into his shiny little eyes. It isn’t his fault that he was forcefully domesticated. Had he not been enslaved, Marvin would be prowling the countryside for pesky rodents and vermin. I think Marvin is true soldier worthy of every man’s respect.

  20. I would go for the tan though lol, I don’t know about you but I sweat when i tan so that has to burn some calories lol

  21. Marvin looks mad,lol He must kow you’re talking about him!

    I hope you WIN that MOOLA!
    Can you imagine???

  22. So glad to be back to check in on you. Looks like you’ve got lots going on with attacking Capitol One and getting a tan!

    Now, about Marvin … he can get by on looks alone!

    And about wives and mothers, I think the era has finally arrived that they can now “think” on their own. That’s progress!

  23. I will have to stop today and get a lottery ticket too. We dont play often but I like to sometimes.
    Good on Capital One.

  24. Katie

    lol.. you think you have problems? After years of being gelded my boy Sackett started humping… now he’s in time out and I have to build him a new pen this weekend.

    I quit asking peeps to do anything because
    1) they generally say no
    2) then they whine cause you stopped inviting them!
    3) or… They want advanced notice but… still cancel.

    So I hang out with my horses or go hiking with my dogs and my camera.

    Congratulations on your smart move with your credit card!

    I adore Marvin!

    I want a tan… and a few others things too…lol…

  25. Happy b-day to ME!

    jcarroll-omg, FIVE? how to you keep the peace w/ all of them? my 2 fuss all the time

    BEC-I thought so too

    pamela-hes bugged because he was scolded for hunching….bad marv

    jp-Marv has it made!

    anne-I use the stand up bed and it doesnt make me too sweaty

    lael-Marv is cranky…like his mama

    SL-i was busy earlier in the week…now Im feeling lazy.

    kelli-I didnt win 😦

    katie-oh no! whats Sacketts deal?

  26. Happy Birthday to you. How many whacks this year? 😉

  27. Brian-THANK 29 haha add 10 years to that 😉

  28. dickiebo

    My friend. I regret to have to inform you that you have been successful in our prize draw, and as such, you have been tagged. Please see my site for full details. I do believe that an apology is in order, so……..Sorry!

  29. Well I wish we lived closer. I need someone that wants to be with me to do lunch and whatnots.

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