Give Me Red Meat

Yummy grass Scooter says.

I had a good 39th birthday on Saturday. Best friend L and I got away for the entire day, no kids tagging along. We went to Bridle Creek. D came over early evening and wished me a happy b-day. Hubs took me out and I drank my dinner. Oops, I mean I enjoyed grilled shrimp and several top shelf cherry margaritas.

Definitely the best birthday I have had in years.


I tried to get some photos of Marv but he wanted to play instead.

I dislike doo-rags with a passion but I cant help to think Wee looks cute in his. I am biased……..


More damn smoke!

Wee One and I just arrived home from washing my car when we spotted this huge plume of smoke.

Last week we were subjected to a burning, then 5 days of smoldering from an old trailer house that a land-owner down the road disposed of. Nasty! Isnt there some EPA laws against burning that crap?!?!


My friend Dickiebo over in England tagged me with a MeMe. Dickiebo rocks btw if you have never been over to visit him.

A. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
B. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
I left out the last 2 rules because I am a rule-breaker!
Here goes:
  1.  I am a very big carnivore. I crave meat. Red meat. I cannot live without it.
  2.  I really like Sponge Bob SquarePants.
  3.  I am much more comfortable with animals than people. Horses, dogs, and cats in particular. People suck. 
  4.  On average, I take about 5-10 photos a day.
  5.  I am an admitted caffeine addict. 
  6.  Next time, I will marry for MONEY.
  7.  I have people-phobia. I do not like to touch other people and I especially do not like others touching me or being in ‘my space’.

Most of that blather is probably things y’all already know. I’ve kept very few secrets here on The Res.

Enough of this nonsense. I have a horse to ride!



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20 responses to “Give Me Red Meat

  1. Aniin BG, glad you had a whacking good time on your birthday.

    Love Wee One, he ROCKS!!!!!

    Have fun riding. 😀

  2. Oh I like your blog – got to it through Dickiebo’s. Your part of the world looks so spacious and idyllic.
    Incidentally I’ve got a sneaky fondness for Spongebob Squarepants myself!

  3. Happy B.Day! My answers for the meme would/could be much the same as yours EXCEPT I wouldn’t know Spongebob from LouBob:)

  4. jo

    A belated Happy Birthday ! Glad it was fun !
    You’re right of course about Wee being adorable in the doo-rag.
    I go to Dickie Bo’s through here…and he has a great place ! Actually, I visit most of if not all the blogs you link….you have good taste in people :-p
    We had 1700 acres burn this week 5 miles from my house, but I am with the grands so didn’t have to put up with it.

  5. Glad you had a good birthday!

    and you know what? I love Spongebob too. It is about the only cartoon I can handle.

  6. glad you had a good birthday. I don’t like doo rags either but he does make it look good doesn’t he lol

  7. Happy belated birthday, so sorry I missed it!! Glad you had such a good time and I checked out Bridle Creek and it looks great. Can you take your horse there if you are staying in the cabins?

    If anyone can make a doo-rag look good it’s Wee! He would look good in anything, he’s just a sweetie even if he does say fart at school sometimes! Gotta cut a guy a little slack sometimes. lol!

    Great list. Sponge Bob is okay, my grandson loves him. Has all the pj’s, under grundies, sheets, you name it.

    Hope you had a good ride. I actually rode three times last week. That’s a really good week for me until I get the boys home. Also got tennis elbow from using the shedder blade so much this spring. Can you believe that and they still aren’t all shed out.

  8. Kat

    Wee’s doo-rag is adorable…I like it too. Happy Belated Birthday…I’m glad you enjoyed it and had a good time out!!

  9. LOL. love your memes! Wee One is too cute!

  10. Happy belated birthday!
    Wee one does look cute in it, but I agree that do not look that way on grownups!
    Woo Hoo horse riding!
    We woke up this morning and it was in the low40s! I guess it is one last cold front before summer!?!?!? That is why I always carry a jacket in the truck! It is East Texas and the weather can change in 5 minutes.
    Scooter looks great! My old man is still shedding, but we are almost done!

  11. Me too,me too me too,on the last one!
    I am also very territorial,lol When I’m old,I’m going to sit on my front porch,in a chair with a gun,telling people to “Get OFF my property!” Heheheheh

    I love Marvi’s huge hairy paws and yes you’re right,Wee One looks adorable in that doo rag. Your boy always has such a nice smile on his face for the camera:)

    Glad you had a great birthday,it sounds perfect to me too!

  12. Brian-I had a spanking great b-day 😉

    AD-SpongeBob is awesome 🙂

    Linda-gasp…you do not know who Sponge Bob is? oh my!

    jo-wow, thats a lot of land to burn up…….:(

    karmynR-it is the ONLY cartoon I watch. All the others arent any good! Besides, SpongeBob always has a meaning behind his cartoons

    anne-I swore my kids would never wear them…

    MM-Scooter still has some stubborn spots. My ride was heaven. Yes you can bring your own horse to the trails/cabinns/arena. We have MANY horse friendly places to ride in OKLA and we dont have to scoop our poops either. I know you’d appreciate that!


    KDWhorses-it was COLD this am here too

    lael-Wee One isnt always so happy….he has his moments!

  13. Happy belated birthday. Hmmmm….I’ve never had a cherry margarita…sounds really good.

    I think Wee One looks adorable with the dew rag.

  14. When you said you didn’t like touching or being touched the thought that crossed my mind was … HUGS! ha ha ha ha

  15. Barngoddess- Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Just love that Marv!

  16. dickiebo

    Awwww shucks, thanks Ramblin’ for playin’. Must say, until I read the comments above, I thought that SpongeBob Square Pants was a diaper!
    Touching? Own space? Guess I’d be in trouble there. Even my ol’ mate, Don, often looks at my hand on his arm, muttering, ‘We gonna get married or something?’ And he’s a bloke!!!
    39? Yea, in 1976!

  17. I always love your photos!

    I like SpongeBob, too.

    Replacing DH with an animal sounds good to me.


  18. Rebecca

    Happy belated birthday. Good to know you had wonderful shrimp and something tasty to wash it down with.

    I agree not a doo rag fan either. ICK.

    Money is a good thing. I need more of it!

  19. Meat is good, very good.

    Wee looks like a very cute bad ass in the doo rag! Hard to pull off a combo like that, but he does it well.

    Happy Late Birthday!!! No, go ride a horse.

  20. I didn’t know it was called a “doo-rag” but you’re right it’s cute on Wee!

    Marrying for money might be ok as long as there were no restrictions on spending it. lol Having it and being told NOT to spend it would be the pits.

    Happy Birthday!

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