No More Raisins! & The Book Of The Dead

Wee One is officially on a break from eating raisins.

He loves the little boxes of them.  I buy them by the case. They also keep Wee ‘regular’.

Ummm…..a bit too regular when paired with kiwi-strawberry juice.

Wee One and I took Bubba a SubWay lunch before the baseball team’s bus left the field for an away game Monday afternoon.

From the back seat I hear, “Mama, I gotta poop again!”

Me, “oh come on. Cant you wait until we get home?”

Wee One, “nope, thats too long. I may poops myself.”

Taking into consideration we are 15 minutes or more from our house I pull out of the baseball field and head towards town.

Wee One, “go to the library! it closest and I want a book.”

Good point Wee One. The bathrooms are always clean and never busy like GitNGo.

So while we were at the Library, I checked out an old book by Greg Isles, ‘Mortal Fear .

 I do not think I’ve read it, I will not know until I start it.
The best part of our PitStop, was when an old lady returned, Book of the Dead (Kay Scarpetta, book 15) by Patricia Cornwell .
I cannot wait to start reading it!
I received this book as a birthday gift. John Sanford’s newest paperback, Invisible Prey .

I bought a new Coach bag with my birthday loot. I’ve been wanting it badly. I plunked down the cash for it.

I still have a favorite fish.

Wee One has Preschool Graduation this Saturday and a cookout/picnic afterwards. They attend school until the 23rd though. It is going to be a family event, I may need to pack along my flask with some Jose Quervo in it….

Bubba has the record for RBI’s so far this year. He is really smacking that baseball! He is also doing a damn fine job covering 3rd base. Go Bubba!

No School for either one of them this Friday………….help.

Hubs new 3/4 ton 4X4 was delivered yesterday. It is his work truck. I do not think he needs Chrome everywhere imaginable, OnStar, XM radio, BlueTooth, and a Computer module in it!

But he has it……….so not fair.

Shhhh.  I secretly think the 2008 Chevy and GMC trucks are super ugly! I do not care how fancy smancy they are on the inside or how powerful the vortec super motor is…………they are uuuuuuuuuuugly.


I still have a favorite cat.

Marv has been awful lovey these days since I am rarely home. This last month has been super hectic. I keep thinking things are going to ‘calm’ down but they seem to only be getting busier.

My friend ET has gotten herself a job.

So now I am riding solo once again. Of course, I probably will not be alone for long because she changes jobs like normal people change their underwear. 

ET just started getting out of bed before noon to ride. I had to beg her to get her ass out of bed before our kids got out of preschool so we could get some riding in without kids. The few times we rode, we had a blast. Her boyfriend has a job but not one that makes a lot of money so she had to go to work part-time.

Gah! I need a new friend to ride with.

I enjoy riding alone but sometimes it is nice to have company…….someone Scooter and I actually like.



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28 responses to “No More Raisins! & The Book Of The Dead

  1. Dollar General’s bathrooms is the secret to my family’s regularity. 🙂

    Aside from the poop, everything else about this post was fancy. Fancy reading, fancy new truck and a fancy new purse that’s so fancy, it makes me want to drive to Oklahoma just so I can get a picture taken with it.

  2. Just a comment about hubby’s truck. Of course all the toys are necessary you silly woman. No man asks for directions so On Star is necessary. The radio is a gimme and Bluetooth… well goodness me. Men respect the fact that it is not safe to drive and hold a cell phone at the same time. Just look at all the women who do it and the trouble they cause.:)) A computer, well OK, maybe that is a bit spoiled. You are right though the Chevy’s are butt ugly.

    PS. I got your website from Pamela, The Dust Can Wait, and decided to visit.

  3. Everybody ought to have XM radio.

    I consider any truck made after 1995 to be ugly and sissy-looking.

  4. BG you crack me up! Poor Wee, when you gotta go, you gotta go! Been there myself!
    Love your new purse!!! :o) Have a contest when you get tired of it! heehee!
    I like my XM radio, never know what I’m going to want to listen to but it’s mostly country.
    I had to ride alone one day last week, I like riding with someone better. We rode today and it was really bitter cold. I had three layers on. We didn’t even go to the river and let the guys play, just too cold.
    Hubby is pulling into the drive way with a Dairy Queen Blizzard for me. No wonder I can’t lose any weight!!!

  5. I am lucky to have my sister to ride with most of the time…but she isn’t always as dedicated as me, she’s a bit of a fairweather rider, ha! 😉 And, she works retail so sometimes she’s closing and can’t ride. Love the new purse….I splurged on a Coach a couple years ago. Yours looks great for spring!

  6. dickiebo

    Can I have the job, please? I love Scooter and …………well, you, of course! lol.

  7. DaBich

    Oh! I missed your birthday, hope it was great. The Coach bag is gorgeous!
    I so remember doing the sports things with my two girls. Softball and basketball. Then it was dance. Fun, I tell you =D
    Ford trucks pre-2000 are the best looking ones there are. (Hubs has a 1999 F340 Diesel duelly). I’m not prejudiced LOL

  8. Aniin BG. I agree that all GM products are ugly.

    The Coach bag is gorgeous, Rose is salivating. 😉 I hadn’t taken you for a girly girl. 😛

    Weather is great, lows in the upper 40’s and then highs in the low 80’s. No rain, this is the fire season, but light winds.

    Have a great day and have fun reading.

  9. I love raisins, but we all had to back off in our family for the same reason. Best bathroom? Sprint Mart down the street, always clean!

    New books are great, I need to go get a few.

    My cat tore a hole in my foot, so I’m not loving her right now, but Marv looks like a good tummy snuggle would do him good.

    Hope you find a new riding buddy, but if not, enjoy the little moments of quiet before the mass descends upon you! HUGS and hop you have a good one!

  10. Kat

    I love the Scarpetta books, found her first in hard back at a second hand was a steal. My husband is the batroom inspector of WV…between him and my daughter, they have seen everyone and we can pass everything on the road except a bathroom…LOL

  11. I’m a Dodge truck person. Love my truck! Love my Coach bags! You chose a very pretty one, very nice.

  12. Wee one and he is potty now! LOL Been there and down that! When she says she has gotta go, she has gotta go!
    Great new purse and books! Always good to get something for us for a change!
    Marv-still looking good, I think he may want his tummy rubbed!
    Hope you find a good riding partner! I have a good friend and me and her just have a blast together!

  13. Why do kids do that? I swear my daughter has to poop whenever we got to a store. Drives me crazy.

  14. Wee One is too funny!

    I can see why you have a fave cat.
    Those big feet and sweet belly are too

    I love,love,LOVE your bag!
    You’ve got great taste!

  15. nifty truck, but isnt OnStar mostly for people who get lost a lot?

  16. I wish I could go riding with you!

    Enjoy your new bag 🙂

  17. Raisins and kiwi, I’ll remember that combination. Smart kid, that Wee One, knows his momma will complain less about the side trip when it’s too the library. He’s already working you! lol

    I can see why Marvin is your favorite cat. He’s definitely a class act.

    I didn’t know that Coach purses came in anything but very expensive leather.

    I don’t much like riding alone either. I guess because I do so much of it but I would rather ride alone that with someone that I didn’t really get along well with.

  18. Ouch…I love my Chevys. LOL on the “extras” though. My hubby has all the bells and whistles in his work truck too. Even the computer-although I have to admit I like being able to surf the web while he is driving down the road-LOL.
    The new suburban even has the camera for when you back up-the kids love that.

  19. Invisible Prey is good

  20. Rebecca

    I have my heart set on A PRADA bag. I need a few hundred bucks….and I simply don’t have it right now. I’ll be in debt all summer. MEOW

    I want Marvin’s life. I wanna roll around lick myself and have other people feed me.

  21. jo

    Hey ! Back home, internet working, power finally came back on…was trying to comment last evening…forgot what I wanted to say.
    Anyway…great post, great pics, as always.
    And you’re right about the truck :-p

  22. You have books by three of my favorite authors. I’ve read all the titles and liked them all. I hope you find someone to ride with. If I were your neighbor, I’d volunteer!

  23. Ive read everyone’s comments! things are crazy here plus we had a tornadic thursday-gah! I shall be around to answer and read everyone soon. 🙂

  24. Hope all is well after the tornadic Tuesday. I love that bag- hubby would kill me – a purse isn’t supposed to cost 2 arms and 1 leg.
    Yes- new chevys are girlie- I would love an older Dodge or Chevy.. what happened to the days when trucks were for driving and half the fun was getting lost?
    I would ride, but I live in the wrong state 😦

  25. Eww I don’t like raisins. I love your new Coach Bag! I to think the new trucks are ugly. Your Kitty is so cute! Awesome on Bubba’s baseball RBI’s!. If I had a horse and I lived closer to you I would go riding with you!

  26. I was getting ready to download my picture
    so that with your favorite fish, and your favorite cat, you could post your favorite commenter, too.
    bwaaa ha ha ha ha.

    Wish I knew how to ride. I’d just hitch myself on one of your tornado’s and come on over to visit.

    Enjoy your books.
    (ref raisins. I found out that whole wheat fig bars and mango juice do the same)

  27. ann

    Yeaaaa for Bubba! Glad Wee One found some place to poop! It is indeed miserable to have to go to the rest room and none is around!
    Loved the photos of the animals!

  28. I agree on the UGLY trucks.

    I need someone to ride with.

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