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A relative of mine is running for chairperson of my Chippewa Tribe. I am very happy about this development. Joe McCoy For Chairman.

Like all Nations, mine is not without it’s own complicated problems. I read the newspapers sent to me from my tribe (The Sault Tribe Of Chippewa Indians) to keep up with my Tribe’s news but I am disheartened when I read/hear about the turmoil and self-serving going on within our council and all that involves. I hope now is the time for it to change.

Wee One before we left for his preschool graduation. He was so excited!

Hubs, Bubba, Best friend L and her daughter Roo all attended the ceremonies.

Wee One and his best friend Joseph.

These two are like 2 peas in a pod!

We went to the cookout/picnic at Wee One’s school. Best friend L and her daughter Roo came along too. The burgers were delicious. We had a very good time. I think we were one of the last ones to leave!


I ran across these nice looking longhorns Friday afternoon while surveying the super-cell thunderstorm wind/tornado/hail damage from Thursday evening.

 Luckily, my area was spared. It was very close, very close. I cannot help but wonder how long our luck is going to last…


On a sad note, best friend L’s horse barn burned down to the ground Thursday morning. It was an electrical fire. None of her horses were inside. She lost everything except for 2 saddles.

L does not have any hay, feed, saddlepads, bridles, bits, brushes, halters, lead ropes, or lawn mowing equipment et. and so on.

The insurance guy has already done his job but now Lisa has to rebuild. I feel awful for her.

There just arent enough hours in the day anymore. The weather has been beautiful since our last round of storms and I am getting a lot done outdoors.

Today I am planning on sneaking off on Scooter for an hour or so.



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25 responses to “Res News

  1. Wee One is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…
    Love your pics, it’s so dang green there!
    I’m glad you were spared. That’s very scary stuff.
    Very sorry to hear your friends barn burned down, but thankful that no one got hurt. I hope she can replace a lot of those things. Get your friends to start cleaning tack rooms and get her back up to speed on horse equipment!
    That’s what I love about this country. People really go out of their way to help their fellow man (most of the time anyway 🙂

  2. Sorry about your friend, but thankfully she didn’t lose any horses. I love the longhorns! Congrats to Wee One. He’s growing up!

  3. Wee is quite the dapper young graduate! Hope you stay out from under those storms.

  4. so cute in his cap and gown

  5. Sorry about your friends barn. She was lucky not to lose a horse though.
    Love Wee One’s flame shoes. I want a pair!!
    Oh the Rez…we can always hope for change, but it never seems to come. Once they get in office, it seems they fall in line with the rest of them. Same problems, Different Rez…

  6. Rebecca

    Sorry about the barn, that really sucks. Prayers are with them!

    Wee one has such a cute smile.

    I want more hours in the day that offer me more DOWN TIME > /

  7. So sorry to hear of your friends barn burning down. How good though that none of her horses were lost in it. We lost one years ago in a barn fire. Horrible.

    Wee looks so cute in his graduation cap and gown! He and his buddy look like they could think up lots of interesting things to do together! heehee!

    Beautiful pictures of the longhorns and the horses. Nice to see the green too!

    Glad you were spared the storms. We’re still in flood mode here in Maine but most rivers are receding.

  8. Wee one looked beyond adorable.
    All the pics are great.

  9. Aniin BG. I’m sorry to hear about the barn fire. I hope she gets lots of help to rebuild.

    Great pictures as usual of Wee One. 😀

  10. Never get tired of seeing those “longhorns”
    always amazing that they don’t get neck aches from holding all that ivory up there.

    (Hey — I no nothing about horses. What did you think about that filly breaking both ankles at the derby??)

  11. jo

    Hey…your cuz is cute 🙂
    So sorry about your best friends barn fire…very glad no lives were harmed, and hope y’alls community can pitch in to help her.

    I envy the cap/gown on Wee ! Grandson Z goes straight to first grade…no cap/gown, just a party at school. He has been mainstreamed in first grade except for 15 hours per week in his Autism class !

    Hope this is a better week for you !

  12. ps.
    sorry about your friends barn. I saw in the news this morning that a local elderly couple were severely injured wee hours today when fire broke out in their house. They were trying to save their “stuff”
    Made me think about all the “stuff” I would lose.

  13. Kat

    Wee looks so handsome in those pics…he’s growing up entirely too fast…make him stop!!

  14. ann

    I love that look of pure delight on Wee One’s face in the picture with his friend. Yeah, I bet they can think of some things to do…LOL

    Sorry about your friends barn. Hope she soon has all that behind her… So glad no horses were lost.

    Your part of the country is so pretty! Hope things improve within the tribe.

    I enjoy all my visits to your blog!!

  15. Wee One is just too cute! Kindergarten graduation is here on the 30th of the month!
    Sorry about your friend’s barn, I agree with Mikey have friend’s clean out and help restock her barn. Thank goodness there were no horses in there.
    Nice looking horns!!!
    I did get to ride Angel today, but had to wait for the rain to stop!

  16. dickiebo

    Great photos, Ramblin’.
    How disappointing – Chairperson! I would have hoped that the person would be a ‘Chief’!’
    Very sad about the barn. Losing everything that was in it is like losing a part of your life.

  17. Preschool graduation, how adorable!

    (Hmm, now I wonder if my youngest will have a kindergarten graduation? He’s attending a different school than his older brothers went to.)

    Hugs to your friend L. I’m sorry for her loss. Hopefully she can find help with rebuilding quickly.

  18. I do envy those of you who get to ride. I miss those days of saddling up just to go into the mountains and do nothing but look. The horse liked it ’cause he got to eat all the good grass. I, too, am sorry about your friends loss and I agree with Robert that many folks will come to her aid if they know about it. I never tire of looking at beautiful countryside like you posted.

  19. somethin’ screwy goin’ on w/ WP dammit!

  20. Those longhorns are cool. What do people do with longhorns? Silly question, but I do not really know cattle that well.
    Sorry to hear about your friend’s barn. That is sad but thankfully no horses were lost.

  21. I love the flames on Wee’s shoes. How cute are those?

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s barn. Glad her horses were all safe.

  22. Rebecca

    ok so where ya at?

  23. Glad to hear you are all ok after the bad weather. It has been a scary year weatherwise.

    Wee is adorable. (as always)

    I hope you and Scooter have a great ride.

  24. Hey BG 🙂

    About the tribe problems, that is a direct product of Euro/American intervention. The tribes had it together for the longest. Once greed, vice, and materialism was introduced it was downhill. The holocaust of the indigenous peoples of America is the crime of the centuries. I know that is neither here nor there, but the broken spirits and heartaches of today are swept under the rug and blamed on immorality and weakness.

  25. Sorry about double posting. I was looking for your e-mail on your site to ask you a question. I was wondering if you would be interested in contributing to my Project: Human Barrier Deconstruction. Given your background and experiences, I think you could provide valuable insight. If you wish to write a short piece, or have any questions, please let me know.

    Here is one of the submissions.

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