Sh*t Fire And…

Like normal, things are busy and chaotic at my house. Exactly the opposite of how I like things to be. Between the end of the school year goings on and the weather knocking out our electric for hours at a time, I cannot seem to get caught up on anything. Did I mention I am reading a really, really good book?

I have not had much computer time, which makes me cranky. What little spare time I have had, Ive been reading like the addict I am. Ive written very little here.

I read all of your comments and think witty replies in my mind but do not have the time to peck it out on the keyboard.

However, I am not ready to give  up my blog just yet……..

waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa I sound like a big whiner.


Hubs, Wee One, and Bubba like to watch Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. Sometimes I catch bits and pieces when I can. I think Sig, Caption of the Northwestern is hot. He is not drop-dead gorgeous but something about him is smokin’ sexy.

Hubs got out the hair clippers Tuesday evening.

Wee One and his curls ran for cover. He hid out in Bubba’s room with the door locked being silent as a mouse.

Hubs buzzed off all his(hubs) hair, then shaved his head smooth. His curls are gone and his face is shaved clean too. Hubs looks like a stranger! He says he is much cooler with the warm weather with his new look. 

For now, Wee One’s curls are safe.


Wee One and I made a drive out to ET’s parents house after school one day this week. On our way, we drove into a huge herd of steers. Apparently, someone left a gate open and the cattleguard was filled in with sand. So, like normal, the dumb cattle had to race out the open gate and were standing all around blocking the road.

I slammed on my brakes and waited for the herd to disperse, parting the pavement like it was the Red Sea for Moses.

Wee One was reading his insect book from the library when he looked up to see why we’d stopped.

I hear, “shit fire and save the matches. stupid cows.” from the back seat of my car.

I look in my rearview mirror and say, “what did you just say?!?!”

Wee One says, ” I said shhhhhhhi.”

I interrupt him, “nevermind. I heard what you said. Who says that? that is a cuss word

Wee One, “Daddy.”


Me, “no more cuss words.”

Wee One thinks for a minute then he asks, “do I get the soap when we go home?”

Me, “no, do not say anymore bad words or you will.”

Then Wee One goes into all the words he can say that are not bad words but close enough. I hear him saying to himself, ” I can say dang, darn, shoot, freakin’, frackin’, jerk, butt, jackass…..


 I cannot get the voice to activate on my webcam-grrrrrrrr.

In this photo I need a trip to the liqour store or a sledge hammer to beat my POS computer to smithereens with.

The laptops screen is fading out and acting weird so I am depending on my desktop for everything these days. It sucks.  

Scooter needs a shave!


 The Crabbies.

Both were wormed this week and not very happy about it either. Freddie has only been here since last October, I suspect his last owner didnt care a whole lot about his health.

I worm Scooter on a strict schedule mainly because of his age.

Older horses can easily be brought down by parasites. I use both ivermectin and praziquantel in a paste from the horse vet. She has a one dose that is higher than is available in Zimectrin Gold, another paste wormer I have found that works great for the Old Guy.

Despite the stormy weather, Scooter and I have been out on the trails. His arthritis is doing excellent and he has not been sore or lame. The snakes are out so I have been keeping my eyes open. I put out some Snake-Away around the barn, I found a gigantic snakeskin when I was switching about some hay bales. I do not keep any feed in this barn so I should not have any rodents. Getting suprised by a nasty tempered snake isnt my idea of a good time.

Ever faithful Marvin. He is always waiting for me by the door when I come inside. While I am outside, he perches on the chair and watches me thru the parted curtains.

He loves me~!



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27 responses to “Sh*t Fire And…

  1. First off…. ((((((((hugs)))))))) and Smack. The good kinda smack btw. 😛

    Don’t give up your blog, you need this outlet. I shudder to think what would happen to Oklahoma if you couldn’t blog.

    Maybe a new volcano… Mt. Barngoddess blowing her top. Save us Auntie Em! Save us.

    You remember when we first met and you refused to send your picture to me? Now you’re posting web cam shows and everything. 😆

    Love Wee One’s curls, don’t ever chop them off. If NFL players can have long curly locks so can the cussin’ little boy I love.

    Diane brought home a new kitten yesterday, he’s called Vincent and he’s orange on top and white below. Tucker and Punkin don’t like him, big surprise, but he’s a purring machine and loves to cuddle.

    Hi Barngoddess,

    This is Rose. Thank you so much and I’m tickled pink that you’re enjoying my novel. Much more to come.



  2. I agree with Brian! Don’t shave the curls! Dear Husband shaved off my Wrecking Crew’s curls, and I about cried… he looks like a big man now, not my little boy. *sigh*

    Does the snake stuff work? We have a few here in the Southland that I am pretty near fed up with.

  3. not the curls not the curls. awwwwwww. Sorry bout the electric, happens at my dad’s house everytime the wind blows it seems like.

  4. Shaving the curls will just make Wee grow up way too fast. Good luck at the roping!

  5. Katie

    Sounds like life BG! 🙂

    Funny Wee One!

    Busy as you always are. Reading a good book sounds like fun. I need to worm here as well. Although I did shave Sackett’s whiskers off. I’ve been riding as well.. 🙂

  6. I shaved whiskers off my boys this morning. Well, four of them, my little rescue pony won’t let me anywhere near him with the clippers. He would go right up and over if I pushed the issue. Someone really did a job on him, I’d like to take a 2X4 to them! (that wasn’t a very nice thing to say was it) (But I meant it!)

    I am so glad hubs didn’t take the clippers to Wee! When I first saw the picture I thought those were Wee’s curls cut off! That is a hoot what he came out with! My grandson is into the bu*tt words now. Everything is ‘stinky bu*tt’ – Bu*tt face- well until his mother gets a hold of him! Thank goodness for mothers! BTW Happy Mother’s Day!

    I didn’t ride to day but did groom. Buddy has the Hershey squirts so needed the ole’ bu*tt wash! Gag! Now I’m talking like my grandson….. What is it about the changing of the seasons that causes that???? I have him a probiotic but that doesn’t even help. The trials of horse ownership. Thank goodness for rubber gloves!

    Don’t even think about giving up your blog! We will not allow it, we need our Res fix! We will revolt!

  7. do not give up this blog or a lot of people including yourself will be very unhappy.

  8. Snake-Away
    I thought you were kidding for a second. Really?

    I guess if we had copperheads and cottonmouths I would be buying it in bulk.

    Yeah… Wee one won (the curls game)

  9. dickiebo

    Marvin loves you? I don’t like the way that he watches you, ramblin’. Watch HIM!
    Give up your blog? If u do, then I’m going to, too! I guess I’ll just mosey on to pastures new!

  10. I like your new haircut!

    I shave my boys down once a month simply because I don’t know any other clip style other than buzz cut.

  11. jo

    Really enjoyed this post..and the awesome photography. You have such a beautiful face ( saying that as a mom of 2 girls, 39 and 43 )
    However..I’m mainly here right now because we are getting news reports of awful tornado activity in OK…..y’all ok ?

  12. Happy Mother’s Day

  13. This looks like a good post, I’m going to have to come back and read it all. Yes, I’m admitting that I’m just stopping by, but it is for reason!


  14. I looked at all that hair and thought that must be too much to belong to Wee! Glad to know that I was right.

    My hubs shaved his beard and mustache off once, long ago (actually right after we were married). I made him grow it back. He didn’t look like anyone I knew. It felt weird with a strange guy roaming around the house. Especially with his weak chin, I really didn’t recognize him. lol Poor guy puts up with a lot from me.

    Snakes! Yikes! I wouldn’t like that much!

    Glad to hear you’re getting in some riding time with Scooter. I’m sure that helps with keeping his old bones moving well.

  15. Geez, I forgot to ask……..are you all right there? I heard on the radio this morning about more tornados there in OK and I immediately thought of you.

  16. Good Grief! I thought my family was the only ones that said, “Sh*t fire and save matches!” Too funny. Marvin always looks so PO’d. My girls both need shaves! Glad to hear that Scooter is still doing well. Happy Mother’s Day!

  17. My boys can throw good tantrums thanks to their dad!

    I hope all the bad weather and tornadoes have left your place alone!

  18. Kristin

    NO, don’t give up your blog!
    Also, Sig is the hottness. Don’t know what it is about him but ‘mmmm yummy, take me to Alaska.

  19. Barngoddess: You can’t give up this blog or you’ll start a riot! This one cracked me up! Wee One!!! I have him beat. I had the audacity to come home from baseball as a kid and ask my European parents (do not try this at home) what SOB meant. They looked at each other like one of those Quiz Shows and banned me from hanging out with my pal Alan!

    Scooter looks so good and Freddie! Marvin! They’re all so faithful. And hubs…just remember Andre Agassie BG!!!

  20. Hi there!
    Long time no see… lol… I laughed at this post because I’ve experienced some of this “vocabulary” now that my children have been going to public school for a while.

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately, especially to tell you “Happy Mom’s Day!!!”

  21. Hee Hee “shit fire and save the matches” Tell Wee One thanks for my new phrase!

  22. Hi all! we are about to get MORE severe weather-grrrr I need a break. Fear not, I am not going to stop the Res blogging….several of you are right, Brian especially, I need an outlet. Hopefully after this round of weather passes, I can post.

  23. Kat

    Hubs got me a digital camera for mothers day…I hope I can take and post some beautiful pictures like yours…thats my favorite thing about your blog…

  24. jo

    BG…I am so damned relieved you finally checked in !

  25. Out of the mouth of babes!
    I shaved our horses last week! wHat a great feeling!
    Do not give up on your blog! I know what you mean, the past 3 days I have had no computer time. I really shouldn’t be on now, but I am taking a few minutes to catch up with everyone!

  26. hi there! I miss ya! I am back!! I need help with my blog….hop on over and tell me what you think! Thanks!

    Oh btw I had a very hard time setting up my webcam to!

  27. WeeOne would look so much older without his curls.

    Hope things are getting calmer there.

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