Wanted: A Third Arm

There is no following her in this fierce vein.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream 3.2.82, Demetrius speaking of Hermia

bezhibayaash: ojibwe word for tornado

This is a photo of the F4 Picher, OK Tornado. It killed 7 people Saturday. It’s been reported that mail from Picher residents has been found as far as Eureka Springs Arkansas.


Mother Nature has been kicking our Oklahoman @sses here lately. I took this photo yesterday evening while we were under another tornado watch. We were lucky this time around-whew. The last 2 severe weather outbreaks have been to the NE or SE of my area.


The flies are biting and I’ve been spraying down the horses, Freddie. The hot, humid weather seems to make the expensive fly spray evaporate rather quickly. This morning was a bit cooler and the air drier, the flies seem to have taken a short break.


Hubs fell off the holy roller wagon Saturday evening and drank a beer, then he skipped church to help his father Sunday morning-sinner!


Bubba is thrilled school is out for summer next thursday. Wee One is sad, he wants to go to summer school he says.

Hey Wee One, Open the gate!”

Wee, “huh?”

Me, “Hey, give me a hand! Open the gate for me please.” as I am standing in the blazing, hot sun leading 3 horses.

Wee One, “there goes a lizard!” Then he is history.

Sometimes I really could use a third arm.


We’ve went to the round up club’s events the last few times at our local arena. Our arena is within riding distance from our house, jusat over a mile (I think!) Hubs visits with his kinfolk in between their competings. The boys have been enjoying themselves. Bubba likes working the steer pens (ick) Wee One likes to lounge on Scooter’s back getting a good view of the events. We havent entered any events/games. Scooter is officially retired.

I am off to finish my chores and wait for that third arm to sprout……..



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17 responses to “Wanted: A Third Arm

  1. Aniin BG. I’ll give you the shirt off my back, but a third arm? That’s kinda difficult. The weird thing is the morning of the Picher tornado there was a large article in our paper about the SuperFund site.

    The weather down here has been dry for nearly a month and fire season is in full swing. We had a cold front come through spitting a few drops of rain a couple of days ago and lows in the 50’s. Highs though are climbing back into the 90’s, 95+ by the weekend.

    We’re doing all right and taking things one day at a time. Diane is back on her meds and feeling much better. So much so that she brought home a kitten a week ago tomorrow. His name is Vincent and I posted some pictures on my blog.


    amiigwecg niijii

  2. Girl, you figure out how to start growing that third arm there, and you will be a millionaire! (I’d buy one! Maybe two- have a spare? LOL)

    Sure glad that weather missed you. Hope it STAYS like that.

    Keep safe out there….

  3. Lol, wish I could help. That tornado pic is unreal! Dang I’d be scared. Love the pics, all of them. The gate, lmao. Been there done that. Kids have the attention span of a flea. Never mind you’ve got your hands full, there’s a LIZARD!!

  4. Two of the seven were my hub’s family.. One was a family friend… His family is absolutely devastated, especially since they just lost someone a few days prior to the storm.. You can add to that one more killed Monday in a freak accident.

  5. Man that picture of the tornado is scary! We have been getting some of the same weather here, more than likely the same storm systems! This morning here it got black and came a flood! Glad you all are okay.
    Girl, if you event a third arm please let us know! Gotta love them! I agree with Mikey the attention of a flea!
    School is almost out here, May 30th is Kindergarten graduation!
    Who Hoo Summer!!!!
    Oh man, no events, bummer! You need to enter up girl, what fun!

  6. Oh my school is out next thursday? It seems just like yesterday I was reading that Bubba was starting the first day of school. You know when you aren’t in school anymore the months go by so fast! I remember being younger and those 9 months seemed like forever and a day. And then the 3 months you were out of school seemed to whiz right on by. Why was that?

  7. Kat

    WOW…tornadoes…that would scare me crapless!!! We don’t deal with alot of those around here…its rare if we catch a tip end or something..I feel for you…hope you have some valium for those times!!

  8. I agree with the above- the tornadoe would scare the pants off of me…
    If you figure out the 3rd arm thing, my hubby & I would love on. So, keep us posted. 🙂

  9. Katie

    I hope your weather improves! So sad and scary reading the news, hearing about the terrible tragedies….

    Your comment about you hubby made me laugh! 🙂

    I’m still riding bareback every weekend – great thigh master! 😉

  10. That is a very scary picture. But – the one of Wee-one makes it all okay.

  11. I’m glad your area has been safe.

    I love the third photo, of the horses.

    No lizard picture?!

    Time goes fast. Seems like Wee One just started school!

  12. I have extra butt –
    short arms, tho. giggle.

    darn thats a fantastic picture of the tornado.
    I’m feeling guilty about wanting to storm chase… but not so guilty that I’ll change my mind.

    I think I told you my brother lives near Tulsa and I’ve seen his “Fraidy hole”

  13. Aniin Brian-Ive seen Vincent, he is a beauty! glad things have been going better for you 🙂

    mrsmom-Ill patent it asap….but Ill give my friends a discount

    mikey-haha, attention spans are short around here for some damn reason

    burg-how awful! Saturday I am taking a huge box of clothes and baby items over to B-ville to donate. I heard the 3 were 21,21, and 19 yo. horrible!

    kdwhorses-summer is right around the corner!

    susan-lol, your right on w/ that!

    kat-no but Im thinking about telling my MD on tuesday I need a xanax refill….

    jcarroll-we have a cellar but I usually go over to my in-laws, they have a safety room

    katie-I need more bareback riding for sure!

    karmynR-they are frightful when they are killer ones like Picher’s.

    kila-haha, that lizard saw Wee One and took off

    pamela-Bubba is fascinated w/ tornados too so dont feel bad, they cannot be helped 😉

  14. Oooh when you get it,would you get one for me too!?
    I love those photos of wee one. He’s at such a great,if unhelpful,age!

  15. I would love one of your third arms!! I could use it! I would also like a pair of eyes for the back of my head!

    That tornado was huge! It’s so scary! I hope the weather stays clear in your area!

  16. dickiebo

    Now lissen, Ramblin’. I don’t like this criticism of dear hubs. So I have taken the liberty of publishing some good advice to you and all your female, feminine-type, horsewomen. You will find it at the usual place; http://dickiebo.wordpress.com/
    Please ensure that you are sitting comfortably when you read it!

  17. dickiebo

    It’s called; “For Our Womenfolk”!

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