Slooooow Turning Wheels

Scooter, “ Hey, no fair. Where’s my yard privilages?”

Me, ” you have 30 acres, go mow them”

Freddie, “yeah!”

Freddie is a pretty darn good lawn mower.

Gas has hit $3.65 a gallon here in Oklahoma. These days, I am trying to make my trips into town to a minimum. Which sucks! Because then I am stuck with 45 minutes or an hour to burn and nothing to do…..except spend money. I HAVE been packing along a book and reading in a shady spot, but damn, I could really use this time at home. It’s a no win situation.


The wheels of Justice turn ever so slowly.

But, at least the damn things are turning.

Over 2 years ago I posted about an Unsolved  murder of a 16 yo girl in my area.

This was not locally to me but a small town not too far off. I worked with people from this town and I knew ‘of‘ the people involved on a hearsay basis.

I heard recent rumors that this murder was going to be solved and by golly, I was thrilled to see this week’s papers! We have quite a few ‘unsolveds’ in my county. Hays’ murder weighed on my mind because I felt Law Enforcement knew who murdered Hays and did not give a rats ass because the suspect was already incarcerated and Hays was somewhat of a ‘lost soul’. Okay, maybe not all of the investigators felt that way….but the real people in charge had bigger fish to fry.

From the Pawhuska Journal Capital :

Eleven years may seem like a long time to wait, but the Osage County Sheriff’s Office feels like it finally got its man.

Since Amy Lee Schlock Hays, a 16-year-old teenager from Hominy, was killed in the summer of 1997, Ty Koch has been working the homicide. He was an investigator for the sheriff’s office back then, and has since risen to the ranks of sheriff.

Koch arrested Jeffrey Scott Garrison, 39, last Friday for the crime, and Garrison has been booked into the Osage County Jail with bail set at $1 million.

“Looking at our evidence, we hadn’t really gathered anything new, I just felt like we had enough for probable cause to issue an arrest warrant,” said Osage County District Attorney Larry Stuart. “I have looked at this for a long time, and I believe we have DNA evidence that links Jeff Garrison to the crime.”

The arrest affidavit claims that investigators were able to recover DNA evidence at the scene of the crime that pointed to Garrison. A hair was found at the scene of the crime by investigators, and mitochondrial DNA from that hair was tested and found to be consistent with a sample from Garrison, according to the court affidavit. In an interview, Garrison reportedly denied ever having been at the location of the crime.

According to court records, the decomposed body of Hays was found in an abandoned motel nearly 11 years ago. Hays was identified through dental records, and a strip of an American flag was found wrapped around her neck. An aluminum flag pole and the remains of the flag were found at the scene, the abandoned Velma’s Motel in Hominy. An autopsy by the state medical examiner determined the cause of death to be asphyxiation due to strangulation.

Hays was last seen on June 17, 1997, and two witnesses reported that she was either walking with Garrison, or he was following her, according to the arrest warrant.

Garrison had arrived in court for a hearing on an unrelated drug count, and was arrested for the 1997 murder at that time.

All I can say is I hope he gets the big fat Death Penalty. If Garrison was following her, he was planning her murder.




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22 responses to “Slooooow Turning Wheels

  1. Aniin BG. It’s good to see some lawmen still take their oaths seriously.

    Premium gas right now is at $4.05+ and diesel is around $4.50 a gallon! I know, Ann would say so what with gas in England over $10.00 a gallon, but still.

    There is no supply shortage of oil or gas though. It’s mainly the speculation markets combined with the weak dollar.

    Hope you have a great weekend, I have to work tomorrow. 😦

  2. dickiebo

    Everything comes to he who waits! Nobody has the right to take another’s life.
    Brian is right. Petrol here is £5 per gallon.

  3. jo

    I’m so glad he was arrested. Cold case solving seems to be *in* these days.
    Gas here is 3.99. Propane is 3.09. Ouch and dbl ouch.
    Hope all your bad weather is gone now…was seriously worried about y’all !

  4. mikey-about time too.

    Brian-yeah, some do 🙂 omg I will choke at $4 a gal!

    dickiebo-amen to that! holy smokes, gas is outrageous over there…….how do y’all get around???

    jo-I was so relieved the DNA panned out in this case! there was so very little but it looks like it was just enough, woohoo! gas = empty wallet 😦

  5. So glad that cold case was finally solved! That poor girl deserved some justice and now maybe she will get it. We have an unsolved murder case in a town near here and it’s been over 25 years. The high school gal just went out jogging and was found dead the next day. She was ‘the girl next door’ nice girl. It’s been on Ameri*cas Most Want*ed several times over the years. They don’t even have a suspect. This was in a small town not unlike Mayberry RFD! I so hope this case is solved some day too. I guess if Mar*tha Mox*ley’s case can be solved after 25 years there is always hope.

  6. Hooray for the Sheriff. These *&^%$#@!!! pedators have too many bleeding hearts on their side. Where is Judge Roy Bean? My daughter was approached by a known sex offender while she was delivering papers. I am not a violent man but if killing was legal we would be short one predator. All they did was arrest him, slap his hands and let him go. Grrrr.
    I like your pictures. Never have figured why animals have a field of rich feed and still want to eat across the fence. Have a nice day.

  7. Justice is good!
    Our gas is $1.25 a litre or 5 bucks for one of your gallons. THAT sucks bigtime!

  8. I may start riding my bicycle to work / ouch Ga$.

    I wonder how many others he has killed in the past 11 years? Well, glad they have him now.

  9. I’m the donkey that has to do the lawn cutting around my house. Just call me ‘Freddie Part Two.’

    It can’t always be a CSI episode where the bad guy gets caught in 45 minutes or less but I’m glad that eventually the pieces of sheet out on our streets do get rounded up and punished.

  10. Glad it was solved! I thought my goats would do some lawn trimming, but they prefer hay. What’s up with that?

  11. MM-I think I’ve heard about the unsolve din your area! Id hate to be the LE investigator, it’s haunt me for not being able to find her killer.

    TD-omg! that’s awful!! I can say ONE thing good about OKLA, weve been changing our SO laws (slowly) to be a lot stricter. I wish ALL states would follow suit. I am all for parental justice in cases where their children are victims!!!

    Linda-why is gas always so much more in Canada?

    pamela-for some reason, I think this was an opportunity killing for Garrison. Everything fell into place and he used his plan, definitely thin he planned it, even if he only took 5 minutes to do so.

    EWBL-huh? whatcha mean it doesnt work like CSI?!? joking, I know how long DNA and forensic evidence takes to process 😦

    callie-Ive always heard goats prefer weeds! you must have a good lawn.

  12. Scooter is miffed! Of course Freddie sure didn’t mind to rub it in his face! LOL!
    Glad justice is getting served! I know there is a special place in Hell for those people!
    I hear ya about gas and diesel! It is crazy! I have quit going to church on Wednesday, only on Sundays. And I do not just go and do! Tomorrow after church we have several errands to do on the way home. You have to do that now days!

  13. scoter is a good mower. gas is $3.69 here today

  14. Jen

    wow…glad it was solved.

    Poor Scooter!!

    How ya been?

  15. I would love to see 3.65 here for gas, Indiana top price so far in our area is 3.95 although I did get $30 bucks worth this morning for 3.88 a gal, 7.somthing gallons barf.

  16. Solving a cold case and lady justice being dealt is good news. Congratulations to your LE.

    My horses are eating machines…they do great as lawnmowers.

  17. Gas is $3.89 here.

    Glad to see justice starting to be served.

  18. I’d say so too. I’m glad they got the guy!
    I hate to think of these creeps getting away with their crimes.

    Could you send your grass munchers up here? I need my lawn done;)

  19. Love to chat w/you. Could use your help! Please logon JAC’s site as private.

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