I just finished reading The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx.

I was smack in the middle of reading an awesome horror novel by a new writer, Joe Hill (maybe more about that awesome book later)……when a good friend gave me THD to read.

I randomly thumbed thru the book and had to read it right then. I finished THD in 2 days. Staying up well beyond my bedtime to read.

THD is not a book for the faint-hearted.

I cannot really say I ‘enjoyed” it, something not right about ‘enjoying’ someone’s mental and physical anguish even if they are a crazed rockstar. However, I am glad I read THD.

I have always been a fan of Motley Crue and especially Nikki Sixx. 

Sixx is a very talented song writer….not to mention the hottest guy in the band.

Anyways, all I can say is –wow. Messed up.

All proceeds Nikki Sixx earns from this book go to a CovenantHouse charity for runaway kids.

Now, I am back to reading, Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill . A super horror tale so far!

I told everyone to take a damn nap and let me get some housework done. The cats were the only one’s who listened. wtf?

Marvin’s diet isnt going so well.

Earlier today, he was looking out the window by the kitchen sink and spotted the local feral cat cutting thru our lawn with a ginormous rat in his/her jaws. Marvin freaked out at the sight of him/her. I was wondering if he was freaking out over the feral cat or the dead rat (it was a big one!).

I said, “hey marv, thats what real cats do out in the big bad world.”

Marvin gave me a go to hell look, swished his tail and sauntered off leaving a huge tuft of hair in his wake for me to vacuum up. grrrrrr

Freddie needs to be on a diet too….

Lots of new foals around. They are so cute!

Things have been just plain busy around The Reservation these days.

* Bubba’s started his summer league baseball, had a double-header last nite out of town, we got home at 11:30 PM ON A FREAKIN’ SCHOOL NITE.  Frack!! We won, Bubba played awesome. 2 runs, 5 RBI. Next game is home on Friday.

* The pool is ready for us to swim in. I havent been in it yet, it still smells a bit chloriney (is that a word?) hubs is checking the PH this afternoon durning a drilling break to see what it may/may not need.

* Bubba has a weekend job working at the roping arena-all weekends. Yipee for me! Between that and his 7 lawns to mow, he should be a busy kid.

* 8th grade graduation is Thursday afternoon. Wee One had better behave or else.

* Hubs has been working sorta long hours. They are drilling 2 new wells at one of his leases and he has to be there with the rigs. Once I almost thought I missed him but he called me for the 12th time that day and it went away…….that was meant to be sarcastic.

 * Wee One takes 3 prescription pills for his allergies (chewables) in the morning. He sits at the counter with his breakfast and juice every morning and takes his meds. Yesterday morning, it was crazy around here at 7:15 am. I was loading the washing machine and talking to hubs on the phone when I came out of the laundry room and caught Wee One tossing his medicines down the central heat/air vent a foot away from the stool he was sitting on. WTF!?!?! Now I am back to standing over him while he takes his meds. Frack!



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28 responses to “THD And WTF

  1. Wow! That does seem like something interesting worth reading. I loved Motley Crew “back in the day” and can’t imagine the stories he has to tell.

    I laughed at the comment about Marvin’s diet not going so well. He’s “chubby,” huh? lol!

    I love the foals!!!

  2. Jenny

    I have picked up Heart Shaped Box and almost bought it twice when something else caught my eye and I put it down. It’s good, huh?

  3. I’m with Marv, my diet isn’t going so well either. I ate so many frosted brownies tonight my teeth ache.

    Adorable mom and foal. We’re planning to go see the new foals at a friends farm on Saturday if the weather is good. They are standardbreds, not my fav but the foals will be cute. All legs.

    Wee is a hoot! How does he think up this stuff? Great way to get rid of meds, I must remember that! lol!

    Got to go out and give Buddy the ole’ Brazilian Butt Wash. Thank goodness for rubber gloves. The vet can’t do a farm call till July 9th. We are just so hard up for vets, they just don’t want to do large animals when they can be in their nice warm office with temperature control! Can’t say as I blame them but it makes it hard for us horse owners. I may haul in if things don’t clear up.

    Just had a birthday party for D. I’m pooped. They were wild with excitement and I’m ready for bed after chores. I’m too old for this stuff, wait till you see the pictures!

  4. Me ‘n Marv! We’re cool!

  5. jo

    I’m glad it was a good book and not the weather that kept you from blogging !
    I still think you need your own photography studio.
    Re : hubs…I really, really get the sarcasm 🙂

    Is Bubba gonna be saving up for anything special ?
    How long will Wee have to be on allergy meds…is it seasonal, or year round ?

  6. I put my cats on a diet after you first started Marv’s. Neither of mine have forgiven me yet but their definitely looking trimmer. Wish I could say the same for me.

    Wee One’s being sly about his meds. Smart Kid, but I already knew that. Frustrating when you’re doing something that’s good for them and they’re resisting. I know……been there. lol

  7. I feel for ya, nobody takes a nap here when I want them too either

  8. Kat

    Someone gave that book to my daughter as a birthday gift..I read some pieces of it and it was pretty disturbing….ewwwwwww

  9. pavel-long time! foals are the best. I saw Motley Crue in ’87 (?) at the Joe Lewis arena, they ROCKED the house!!!!!!!

    MM-oh, poor Buddy! I hope he feels better asap. We have tons of vets here and they are always very busy, it sucks. I am looking forward to the photos

    jenny-yeah, I am into it! it was worth the $5.97 at Wal-Mart for a good read.

    Linda-I bet Marv would like you 🙂

    jo-Wee takes the stuff all year round 😦 Bubba needs to be saving for his vehicle!

    risingrainbow-I went to the MD today and I lost 6 pounds woohoo!! kids always think we are being mean when we are really just looking out for them.

    anne-its frustrating

  10. kat-yeah, its pretty graphic, I was into it. Funny how he was that way, I never would have imagined. good book

  11. Marvin always looks like he’s saying,”Go to hell”….LOL…..Oh naughty WeeOne, tsk, tsk, tsk….THD sounds like an interesting book.

  12. I’m missing the regular entries you used to do, but hey, I realize how busy your life must be with those boys of yours.

    I just can’t do too many horror stories. I get scared.

  13. I’m sorry — but I’m laughing. I remember trying to do that to medicine as a child. Heck – I remember hiding under my moms bed so she couldn’t find me and make me take it.

  14. Aniin BG.


    *I was wondering where all the smoke from the west was coming from*

  15. callie-THD is good but I am an 80’s child, graduated in ’87 so I was all about big hair and rockNroll bands…..Marvin is a snot, he and I get along great 😉

    donnaW-I miss blogging on a reg basis! I love scary, horror, murder mysteries. I cannot read anything like Harlequin Romance, that is torture for me…..I KNOW you like John Sanford! he is a great writer, I like his Kidd novels too.

    pamela-and here I thought you were such an angel…..not really hahaha

    brian-yep, that’s be moi!

  16. Ooooh thanks for reminding me!
    I need to get that book for the kid’s birthday,oops,lol. I don’t think I
    have enough time now.
    I like Motley Crue too. I saw them
    last year,they kicked ass!

    Marvy looks mad,lol. I can just see him stomping off:)

  17. You know, not too long ago my dad and I heard someone play a song co-written by Nikki Sixx, and my dad shockingly had never heard of him, but I knew he was from Motley Crue. We googled him. I did not know he had a book out. Thanks for the tip!
    Poor Marv, missin’ out on the ginormous rats! What’s a cat to do?

  18. Didn’t know about the book either, glad he is giving to a organization. I grew up listening to Motely Crue, Poison, etc. Man Brett Michaels was hot!
    Man Marvin looks ticked off! He diffently has a “tude!!!”
    I know the end of the year is crazy! Thank goodness next Friday is the last day! Of course it is Kindergarten graduation, I am sure I will need some kleenex! I am so ready for summer and having my little cowgirl home! It is nice not to have such a strict schedule as when they are in school!
    Oh my, Wee One is being naughty! I guess he wanted to see what would happen to the meds if he did that! LOL! Good luck!

  19. lael-Motley Crue rocks! lots of good memories when I hear them….

    PG-I was very suprised when I read THD, talk about messed up….

    kdwhorses-its great all proceeds are going to a charity. we have 8th grade grad today…I whope Wee One isnt a pain in the hiney!

  20. Guess what? We be getting rain! Glory be. 😉

  21. Marvin looks like he was chillin’ hard. I liked the horsey pics too. I was a big fan of the Crue in the 80’s. I haven’t read the book, but I read reviews of it and it is incredible that any of the cats are still alive between the massive amounts of coke, smack, and the whiskey injections. I heard Tommy Lee has hepatitis – ewww!

  22. Katie

    Hey BG!

    Alright Bubba!

    Was lovely to see the shots of Wee One, Marvin , Scooter, Freddy and the rest of the horses.

    I had to read back to catch up. I hope your friend is recovering from the shock. I was happy to hear that no horses were harmed.

    Slowly moving into the cabin … I need to fence the yard for the dogs but the rain keeps a coming – already some flooding in a few areas.

    I’ve been reading when I can’t get outside too.

    Gas hit $3.79 here…. hay is tough to find it sounds like…

    Have a great weekend!

  23. 8th grade graduation–wow! I’m freaking out becuase my oldest will be in 6th grade next year and moving up to the Jr High School!

    It’s too cold to swim here yet! Only in low 60’s during the day, and around 40 at night.

    I hope you have a good weekend!

  24. Meg

    Thanks for the tip. I’m always up for a book about someone else’s druggie days.

  25. jo

    BG…how are y’all doing with all that bad weather today ????
    Stay safe !

  26. You know, I’ve seen that book, but haven’t yet picked it up. I didn’t know how well I would handle it, because, I, too, love Motley Crue (and like you, couldn’t say that I would enjoy reading about someone’s anguish and addiction) although, it would be interesting to see Nikki’s insight on things.

    I know it doesn’t exactly help you, but I took a nap today ;0) Even if your kids didn’t ;0)

    I’m TOTALLY envious that your pool is ready! We’re getting ready to take the cover off of ours after church tomorrow! *hugs*

  27. I agree, Nikki Sixx is by far the best looking of the group.

    I really love the last picture. It looks like it belongs in a calendar!

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