A Complete Wash-out

Stupid weather!

This holiday weekend is turning into a rainsoaked one.

When we arent dodging tornados, we are sweating our asses off because it is hot and very humid. Wee One sounds like a broken record, “can we go swimming now?” “can we go swimming now?” “can we go swimming now?” The skies are heavy with dreary, gray clouds……..I want the sun. I need the sun!

I am glad our AC works great….otherwise, I would be in really bad shape.

(1st swim of the year photo 5/20)

Bubba had a double-header yesterday, he won 1 and lost 1. Not too bad since it’s the 1st loss of their season. They were playing against kids 1 year older too and got beat by 2 runs.

Wee One made a friend during the 8th grade graduation ceremonies. We did have awesome front row seats until Wee One started throwing pebbles into the kids down on the field-gah! Wee One is sucha  brat! I wanted to strangle him…..well, not literally but you get the idea.

Bubba getting his diploma. He received 14 awards, 11 of those were academic ones. Go Bubba!

OMG, I cannot seem to grasp he is a high schooler now……

Scooter loves to eat.

Scooter’s arthritis has been acting up since the weather has turned hot and humid. I guess the humidity is what is bothering. I have not ridden him in nearly a week. He is not lame but he is stiff so I am taking it easy with him and not riding him at all.

Not a good photo because I was in a rush to take the picture.

This is a baby snapping turtle. The kind that get HUGE and will bite off people’s body parts! It wandered into our front yard from the pond out back (I guess).

Anyways, I was rushing to get the photo because the little guy STUNK like he was dead-EWWWW. It wasnt dead but smelled horrible, I cannot imagine what the ginormous adult turtles smell like…

You can bet I scrubbed everyone’s hands, germXed them, and cloroxed the ONE spot inside the house where the turtle touched-EWWWWWW.

The turtle was gone this morning.

Marvin has taken a liking to Wee’s monkey……..at least he doesnt chew holes!

I hope we see the sun soon………



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28 responses to “A Complete Wash-out

  1. Go Bubba!!! Good job!!!
    We wondered about you and all the tornados. Be careful woman!! It’s wild where you live!

  2. I was thinking about you and the tornados again too. Glad to hear you are still OK….hope it stays that way.

    It looks like the ph on the pool got right, I’m sure that Wee One is happy. Sounds like he was part of the entertainment at graduation. Those things are so boring they could use a bit of Wee to lighten things up. lol

  3. Yikes! I have seen one of those snapping turtles before, during a reptile demonstration. They are scary!
    Does humid weather typically make a horse’s arthritis act up, or does it depend on the horse? My horse appears to get more stiff in the fall, when the days are warm and the nights start to get cool. I will have to watch him this spring and summer and see if I notice anything regarding humidity. Luckily, we don’t have a lot of it here.

  4. dickiebo

    Been thinking about Scooter’s arthritis. Are you sure that’s what it is? Couldn’t be, could it, that you are placing too great a weight on him? Only asking! (Evil chuckle!)

  5. dickiebo

    PS. I deleted my ‘Thought For The Day’ on PMS. Too many threats!!!!

  6. Yeah Bubba!!! You must be very proud and rightly so!!! That is quite an achievement! High School here we come, next will be drivers ed! (now that I have spoiled your day with the drivers ed comment….sorry!) Bubba seems like such a well rounded kid with his academics, sports, youth group, home activities, again I say you should feel very proud!
    Buddy’s arthritis is acting up a bit too. Going down a hill seems to put more stress on his knees and he moves very slowly.
    I have been worried about you guys with all of the tornados going on. It seems like every morning when I turn the tv news on there are more that have hit.
    Stinky turtles! Ewwwwwwww!
    Go Wee! You always give me a chuckle for the day!

  7. Aniin BG. No sun today, but that’s ok, we’ve had a few days of rain. Feeling very lazzzzzzzzzy today.

  8. I am sitting here looking out the backdoor at the rain. I guess this Memorial Day we will be in. We have the pool open but the kids only ventured in once and I have yet to do it, still too cold for me.

  9. first swim of the year. wow not even close to warm enough for that here. blah. plus side is if it keeps up I won’t have to turn on the AC lol

  10. I was wondering how you fared with all the tornadic activity. I watched them live on Cable weather. Unfrickenbelievable!

  11. We’ve spent the whole weekend trying to get one friggin’ spot in our yard level so we can set up the pool. I need the pool like you need the sun. Hope you guys have been safe!

  12. Watch it……….Those highschool years will go fast!!!
    Congrats to Bubba!

  13. Crazy weather all over this Memorial Day weekend. Hope you all stay lucky!!

    Congrats to Bubba-man those years went fast didn’t they?

    Ha-Wee One’s monkey looks like my dog’s monkey. He loves that thing.

    Sunshine and warmth-we need both!!

  14. At least you didn’t get hit by any tornadoes. That is always a good thing. Sounds like you have some good boys.

  15. I agree on the weather, it is hot and humid here. We must have missed the rains you all get there. It clouded up yesterday and looked like it was going to rain but never did!
    They do grow up so fast! Savannah has Kindergarten graduation this Friday and then I will have a 1st grader! Doesn’t even seem possible! Good job with all the awards!
    Have you ever tried any supplements on Scooter for his arthitis? I have used some on a horse that has to have his hocks injected and it really seems to help. Our vet also recommends keeping them at a healthy weight, as the extra weight will cause problems.
    Marvin and the monkey! LOL! Marvin looks happy!
    Hopefully you all get some sun!

  16. We have the same pool!! I can’t wait to put it back up for the summer!! It’s 90 degrees here already!

    I love your wee-one and tossing pepples into the crowd. I think that he would get along great with my boys!! LOL!!

    Hopefully your weekend stayed sunny! We managed to stay real hot and humid. Gotta love humidity.

    Kids just grow up way too fast! High School!! WOW!! Congrats Bubba!!!

  17. jo

    BG..I am so relieved y’all are ok. Lately, every time I hear Oklahoma on the news, I hold my breath and run over here !
    It was 77* yesterday….29* last night. All I can do about the weather is bitch….sigh….

  18. ann

    My neighbor across the road put up a pool like yours today. We’ve had a couple of hot days. We got the sun for the holiday! Glad you missed the tornadoes.

    Congrats to Bubba!! and to you… good job well done… high school will go fast!

    Loved your photos … even the stinky little turtle.. ha ha

  19. Kat

    I bet you are so proud!! I know I am of Mini.
    Its still alittle too cold for swimming here. We’re waiting patiently…LOL

  20. Much as I hate to say it … we could use some of that rain here. We’ve got the heat and humidity, but nary a drop of rain!

    Sorry your weekend was a washout!

  21. Congrats to Bubba!

    (I almost strangled a child just tonight!)

  22. The rain keeps passing our house. Meanwhile I’m stuck watering my plants and paying the damn water bill for the privilege.

    Congratulations to Bubba! My oldest will be a high-schooler starting next year.

  23. We live down the street from the cesspool we call a bayou. We get a lot of stray turtles in our yard. I always know when one wanders in because our stupid dog goes bat sheet crazy barking at them and trying to corner the poor things. I know, what a brave Labrador to use all 85 pounds of him to protect us from a turtle the size of my hand.

  24. Aww noo,you take to that kind of weather like I do. I feel your pain:(

  25. Oh my, those are beautiful golden curls on Wee One’s head. Way too cute!

  26. RedNeckGirl

    Great pics. I wanna go swimming too!!!! We’ve has some cooler weather but it’s supposed to be getting up there soon!

    Hope all is well!!!! Hugs and Love!

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