Something To Smile About

Scooter has a freezebrand. Now that the microchips are becoming popular, I hear more about those but I still am a huge fan of branding. A brand is out there for all to see and cannot be messed with…well, I suppose it can but not very successfully. Some horses are tattooed, mostly racing stock. This is going somewhere I promise.

Last week my friend thwarted her neighbor’s horses being stolen. I can’t go into any details I am privy to. The investigation is still ongoing and the perps are still incarcerated in the County jail, not only on horse thievery but on Federal Indian Nation warrants (it was Indian land where the crime occured). Also: possession of a dangerious substance with intent to distribute (meth), motor vehicle violations and the driver of the pick up truck was driving on suspension (idiots!).

Needless to say my friend doesnt wish to broadcast herself being involved in the big bust. It was her neighbor’s good fortune my friend had a dental appointment that morning and stayed home from work.

Have I mentioned that cattle and horse rustlers can still be hanged in Oklahoma? I know this for a fact from when I had a horse stolen in ’90. It isnt practiced because the laws are vague when challenged, dammit. I’ve written about that horrible experience of having a horse stolen here before. It is an awful feeling. I recovered mine but there are hundreds that are stolen and never find their way home.

These people here Stolen Horse International do an awesome job in aiding in the recovery of stolen horses and also help with tips on how to prevent it.


Enough times I find myself whining or complaining when I should not be. So, I am going to list some good things going on right now instead of b*tching about what isnt.

* Yesterday, Wee One and I were getting ready to go swimming, I came out of my bedroom wearing my swimsuit….more like a swimdress to cover up my fat *ss. Wee One exclaims, “Oh mama! you look so pretty in your suit!” Before you ask, YES his eyes have been checked! Love is blind, no?

* I paid off one of my charge accounts in full this week. Now my only debt is my Capitol One Mastercard with a balance of under $200. I suppose hubs (aka the money police) is worthy of his title The Money Police. If I could just not use my MC….

* It looks like we are going to Northern Michigan the end of July to visit my family! I am beyond thrilled about this!!!!!!! I havent been home to N.MI in nearly 2 years. I am so excited about our trip despite the fact that we have to drive and it is a very, very long trip.

* I have been doing a good job of saving $ on gas since school is out. Rain and nasty weather have canceled Bubba’s last 2 games and his practices (the field is too wet). Next week Bubba is off to football camp and then he has a baseball tournament (there goes my gas budget!).

* Wee One’s first reading group starts next week at the Library. This year’s theme is insects-exactly what Wee One loves. We are looking forward to it.

* I’ve quit being so obsessive about my house being clean. I have slacked off tremendously on being freakishly anal about it. I think the crazy medicine my MD has put me on has helped but it makes me sorta tired when I’d rather be manic. Suprisingly, no one seems to notice I am only vacuuming every other day except me.

* Wee One and I baked a cake this morning, he is ready to frost it now. I hope this gluton-free cake mix tastes better than the last one we made….it looks good.

* Today the sun is out!



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14 responses to “Something To Smile About

  1. What a sweet compliment from your Wee One! 🙂

    That would so suck to have an animal stolen. Surely the technology exists to implant GPS trackers or something. The brand is a pretty obvious thing though.

  2. Around here lately, horses aren’t worth enough for anybody to steal. LOL.

    Thanks for the positive report of your goings-on.

  3. I’m a bit behind on my reading… Why are the microchips coming out? Good thing those horse rustlers got thwarted.

    Paying off credit cards always makes me feel elated. I’m usually walking around feeling much taller for weeks since the burden has been lifted. I can’t wait until October when all our cars will be paid off and we can concentrate on paying college loans.

  4. Great post as always BG. Wee is such a dear boy to say such a nice thing to his mom! (no one tells me I look good in a bathing suit anymore! ha!)

    Yikes that is awful about the almost horse theft! I would absolutely die if someone took one of my guys, although who would want them, they are spoiled rotten. I didn’t know that that was still going on. I would think hanging would discourage it, maybe they should make an example out of a few of them, that would stop it fast!! lol!

    My guys don’t have brands or the chips. Will have to look into the chips.

    Have been riding every day even if it’s only for 45 minutes. Good for my head and good for Buddy’s conditioning. I take Kipper along too and they bite at each other the whole way! They never do that in the pasture. Go figure!

    That is so exciting that you are going to get to go home and see your family! There’s nothing like family!!!

  5. seamus-yes, Wee One was so sincere too! it was all I could do to not laugh my *ss off. Poor kid.

    donnaW-horse prices are down but these horses had out of state buyers waiting-they should be prosecuted too!

    NM-I changed my wording, MC arent coming out or being taken out, it just takes a scanner to use them so I prefer branding. Wow-awesome on the car loans.

    MM-every one knows who Scooter belongs too so I am not too awfully worried about him! lol, Kipper and Buddy are like kids in a car……..pick, pick pick

  6. All our horses are microchipped. It’s Louisiana State Law. In order to have a coggins blood test run the horse/mule/donkey has to have a micro chip or a tattoo. My TB has a tattoo and no chip. A lot of people from Texas look at me funny when I sell them a horse and say it’s micro chipped. Here it’s just another thing that we do.

    We haven’t had any horse thefts here in a long time. People were stealing cattle though. Horse prices are down and cattle prices are up!! So, people here have been branding cattle like crazy.

    Your wee one is so cute! My boys say sweet things like that too. Yesterday I was trying on some clothes and I tried on a skirt, it was poofy and kinda funky looking. My 2 year old said, “You are a ballarina!!” My six year old said, “No mom, I don’t like that one!” I am so glad to have the fashion police for children!

    I hope they find that horse!!!!

  7. Aniin BG

    What a great list. 😀

    I do hope you have a great weekend and give Wee One hugs from me.

    Love ya

  8. jillfraser


    Amazing that people steal horses when they are practically giving away off the track tbs.

    I’m from We have lots of tips on training and are a community built around horses. Would love it if you came by and posted your horses!


  9. Katie

    Lots of lovely moments BG! I think you are beautiful myself! and Wee One so darn cute!!!
    Congratulations on your upcoming trip to MI! I’d love to go. Congrats as well on paying off your card — a wonderful accomplishment.

    Housework can always be found…lol.. I’ve loosened up as well.

    I saw gas went up 10 cents today to 389.9 I’m moving to my cabin in another week, which is closer to town actually. So after that I’m going to be limited to riding my bike to work ( 6 miles each way ) or riding my horse to explore…lol…

    I want to save my money throughout the next year. Not driving a car will save me 180.00 – $200 a month on gas alone.

    I saw the sun today as well!

  10. risingrainbow

    I gave up obsessive house cleaning lots of years ago. I don’t think anyone really noticed but me. Now I think about all that time I wasted being obsessive when I could have been doing something fun like riding my horse. Never again will I go back to obsessive………..too many horses to ride. lol

    I don’t even want to think about my fuel budget. Just the thought is enough to give me heartburn.

  11. Glad you friend’s neighbor was there, scary!
    I gave up on keeping my house clean a long time ago! I do vacuum every other day! I have to do that between the coal from hubby’s work and the dust here! There is more to life than cleaning all the time! Especially this time of year-I stay outside with my four legged babies!
    We got yesterday, Woo Hoo!! Our library’s reading program starts on the 11th. She is very excited. I am glad they have programs like that for them. And it is not far from our house, which is great with the gas/fuel prices!
    Congrats on your accomplishments!
    Have a safe trip home!
    It is sunny here today as well! Of course it will be hot and humid later!

  12. jo

    Just stopping in to say hey…I’m so happy that you’re getting to come back to Mi for a visit…hopefully, it won’t snow in July 🙂
    Maybe I’ll meet ya at the Brewery and buy ya a beer !

  13. catching up. I would hate to have my horse stolen. It would break my heart.

  14. good for you paying off your debt. I have the feeling that with a change in party/leadership at the white house, we’re all going to be paying higher taxes. And probably a paying big bucks out to stop global warming. I think I hear the Sun laughing.

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