I’m With Stupid

More tornadic storms too close for comfort on Saturday.

Saturday morning we woke up to rumbling skies which cleared into a very hot, humid afternoon and evening. Early evening all heck broke loose.

For most of the afternoon, I had Scooter either tied up or in his stall because he needed a vaccination booster, the horse shoer was scheduled, Scooter needed a heavy duty bug spray treatment, and a good grooming. Just general ‘horse-keeping’ so to speak. Hubs and the boys were doing yard work at home and at Bubba’s yard jobs.

Bubba had a double-header in Keystone scheduled at 2pm but it was pushed back until 6 pm because of the severe thunderstorms to the South of  us. We had all planned on going until the games were rescheduled. It is over an hour away and 11 pm is too late for Wee One to be out and about. I had planned on going so hubs could stay home but hubs said he wanted to so (I went to the last double-header that lasted until 11:30 pm) I guess he figured it was his turn. I am not a huge baseball fan. Hubs loves baseball so he enjoys it more than I.

Anyhow, I get the family on the road to the game. Wee One helps me finish our evening barn chores and we go inside. I give Wee his bath and dinner and his nite-time meds. I do some laundry and notice Wee One is out like a light, he was pooped out. I glance out the kitchen window looking at the pasture to notice the ominous weather approaching.  Then I see Scooter come galloping up to the barn and Freddie speeding around bucking like crazy.

I thought this was weird because as soon as Scooter was turned out he trotted off to the back 30 acres to eat where hubs had brush-hogged. The grass would be easy for Scooter to reach and he was wanting to graze since I kept him busy better part of the day.

 I step out onto the front porch and hear the tornado sirens going off in our tiny town. Sh*t!

 Hmmmm. Back indoors I go and check the TV. Yep, sure enough, tornados are forming and I could possibly be in th e direct path. Double sh*t!

I go back outside to have another looksie.

Yeah I know. I should just listen to the weatherman on TV telling me to seek cover immediately but I gotta SEE it for myself.

Maybe take a photo like the one below…..yep thats the storm.

I sorta wander around in my long driveway debating on whether to roust Wee One from his deep slumber and dash over to the in-laws safe room or tough it out in the possibly snakey cellar.

Deciding towards jumping in the car and speeding into town to the inlaws I start walking back towards the house when a county sheriff deputy (didnt know the guy, he is a newbie but lives in our tiny town) comes speeding down my driveway off the county road. His lights blazing and siren blaring, Deputy does a u-turn in my drive and hollers for me to get inside or get into a shelter.

Duh! I had already made that decision, guess I wasnt moving fast enough for him.

Only this would happen to me……..

I suppose the Deputy saw me wandering around looking stupid and thought I needed instructions. After doing the U-turn and getting back onto the road, I saw him turning into the goat rancher’s drive way.

Maybe they were wandering around looking stupid in their front yard too.

Truthfully, the Deputy was just notifying people who live on the outskirts of our tiny town. Just doing his job. Enough poking fun at Barney Fife.

Inside I go, mule pack Wee One to the car. Over to the inlaws we race until the coast was clear. Wee One slept thru it all and I had to carry him the whole way-in/out of the car and in/out of the houses. Luckily, Wee One is still about 15 pounds lighter than a sack of horse feed.

Stooooooooopid weather interrupted my relaxing evening. Why did I ever move to tornado alley anyways? It never really bothered me until I had kids to look after-dang.

Of course the whole time, hubs is calling my cell phone wondering what was going on because he heard on the radio about the tornados. Geesh, calling once was fine but 5 times is a little excessive.

I have a love/hate relationship with my cell phone.

I love it because I depend on it so much but damn I hate it when people are always bothering me thru it.

Come to think of it…….I have a love/hate relationship with hubs. Oh, I’m getting nasty so I’ll quit right now.

Marv wants a belly rub.

Bubba won both games. No home runs because he was purposefully walked! So not fair-he was never thrown a strike or even a pitch he could possibly hit. Bubba was a bit disgusted as was the other home-run hitter on his team. The other good hitter was walked each time he batted-isnt there a rule against that some where???

It been thunderstorming since before daylight……..not sure if it ever quit from last night.

Off to do a little sun dance and see it he’s listening.



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28 responses to “I’m With Stupid

  1. Oy vey!!! Your world scares me. I’d be down in the cellar trembling. Whooooo! That is very very scary stuff.

  2. Aniin BG. Bubba should take heart, all the great players were pitched around.

    Glad you’re safe, the weather has been unusual this year for all you guys out there.


  3. Yep, I’m with Mikey, you can have the tornado alley!

  4. jo

    Holy Cow ! I am so glad y’all are ok. Been quiet here…maybe it will get interesting when it’s time for your visit( snow or sumpin :-p)
    Good on Bubba ! And you…for not freaking out in the tornado crisis. It has been one nasty year already !!!

  5. *rubs marvy’s belly*

    I love it when people assume I’m an idiot,lol
    But yeah you’re right he was just doing his job;p
    I’m glad you’re safe!

  6. Those damned tornados! Creepy sometimes! Totally ominous sky in the photo!

  7. What do you do with Scooter and Freddie during these storms???

  8. mikey-yikes, with the snake? (maybe a snake, hubs said there wasnt any but theres always a possibility)

    Brian-yeah, we’ve had more than our share of the sucky weather.

    Linda-its not too bad…….well, yeah sometimes it is!

    jo-Im not a freaker-outter luckily…..Ill take you up on that brew offer when I am in MI!

    lael-haha, I must have looked pretty ‘confused’ I guess. The guys in his early 20’s and looks like a high schooler-poor dude.

    callie-omg-the sky and the atmosphere was soooo weird and spooky feeling. It was like something out of a horror movie. If you’ve ever been in/near a tornado (which I suspect you have!) you know what I am talking about.

    seamus-when its tornados, severe thunderstorms, I make sure the horses have access to the in/out shelter. I do not put them inside the barn incase a tornado or high winds hit the barn. Being loose, they can run away somewhere safe (I hope they would!)

  9. risingrainbow

    Scooter looks great! He must be done blowing his winter coat and now dressed for summer.

    Marv looks great, too, of course. I think that’s his best side, rolling over for a belly scratch.

    You are so “cool” about the warnings, I’d be sweating bullets and in the first hole I could find. Guess you have much more experience so know if you have time to drive to a safe place.

    I sure hope this weather lets up soon and gives you all a much needed break.

  10. Oh My Goodness BG!!!!!! I would have peed my pants!!! I’ll take the Nor’easters and 5 feet of snow any day over a tornado!!!! I was wondering too what you did with the guys during one of those. Guess they are better off out where they can run and not tied up in the barn. Poor Wee missed all the excitement. Barney Fife, that’s a howl. Our minister is the chaplain for the police dept. here and we call him Deputy Dawg! lol! No respect. Marv looks great. Noodles walks every day with me and Dad and is skinny as a rail. He looks all legs. Doesn’t seem to be working for me!

  11. risingrainbow-today is a beautiful day in Oklahoma, I LOVE days like today. But, those tornados suck. I am pretty good about getting the boys safe in a tornado even if I wait until the very last minute!

    MM- lol, Noodles nows the trick and he isnt sharing eh? we have mild winters here, I can dodge a few twisters for that….(sorta!)

  12. SailorMoon

    Man, ya’ll have had the tornadoes haven’t you?!! At least you have a storm cellar. I have wheat fields behind me and cotton fields in front of me and have wondered what I would do with no big culverts close!! We’ve been lucky this year in my part of DFW. Poor Bubba. My daughter hated being walked. I remember one time she hit one that was 2′ above her head!! Showed them!! Our school is out this Thursday. WTH??!! Year has gone fast. My little one will be in 1st grade next year. All ready through kindergarten. Sniff, sniff. And then I’ll have 2 in high school, in the brand new high school. What a wide spectrum. Just wanted to post a minute. Still read ya faithfully!!

  13. Sounds like an eventful day. I love how we can obtain early data from animals. Whether it is inclement weather conditions, trespassers, or ghost spirits in the hall – they know.

  14. my son was also a slugger , back when he was bubba’s age.
    he was about to take his third walk of the game, when he got pissed off at the whole idea, and reached out and hit it anyway, for a double.

    after that, he started trash talking the other pitchers before the game, and challenge their manhoods if he couldnt strike him out.

    after that, they never tried to walk him again.
    and he never stuck out, the whole season, until the all-star playoffs.

  15. Kat

    I’ve told you before..and I will say it again…I would be TERRIFIED living there and hearing that kind of siren…I’m more afraid of a tornado than the “boogey man”…LOL….glad everyone is ok

  16. UGH! I agree scary stuff there!
    Barney Fife-ROTFL! I agree certain things never bothered me until I have my daughter!!
    Glad all is well and the weather didn’t get bad.

  17. Glad the tornado missed you! When the sky is black down to the ground, that’s not a good sign!

    It’s humid here tonight, so I was worried about bad weather tonight, but there aren’t any watches/warnings out.

    Bummer about Bubba being walked at his game! Glad he still won.

  18. The weather sucks doesn’t it. We are under a tornado watch warning or something until 11am today

  19. wow! Scary looking sky you got there. I remember living in Kansas while attending Grad school and nothing like those tornado sirens. (grin)

    Love you big fat belly rubbin cat! He’s gorgeous.

    Be safe!

  20. sm-Ive wondered where youve been!

    jp-I agree.

    gino-wow, he sounds like a helluva ball player 🙂

    kat-tornados arent fun, they are spooky.

    kris-haha, why is it when we become a ‘mother’ we stress over things that never bothered us before????

    kila-WI gets a lot of nasty weather too, I hope you guys get lucky this year.

    anne-yeah, it does suck!

    pavel-you lucky your not in KS anymore 😉

  21. (((((hugs)))))

    Just cause. 😉


  22. rebecca

    send me some rain to cool things off here please~

    congrad to Bubba

    I am begining to understand the love/hate aspect

  23. That would be so scary! I would rather have a hurricane that warns you days before and you can leave. I love the new deputy warning you to get inside. That made me laugh!! I am gald you all are okay! Scary!! I hated those storms while I lived in Ohio!

  24. Barngoddess: You were not being stupid at all, just assessing the calm of it all outside. Yay for Bubba! He must be a home run threat! 😀 Cool! I just knew Marvin would be inside, like a Cool Cat would! Wouldn’t it be great to be “out like a light” as Wee One does! Wonderful to catch-up with you!

  25. We were camping at Seqouyah park when the storms hit, oh joy as if I didn’t love camping enough already..ugh.
    Glad Bubba’s team won, too bad it seems the other team didn’t play fair.

  26. brian-tnx! good morning! hope its a good week for ya 🙂

    rebecca-oh no, the honeymoon isnt over by a long shot…is it???

    andrea-omg, a hurricane? yikes, now that might actually ‘scare’ me.

    MM-glad to see you! I had plenty of time to dodge the twisters….luckily it wasnt pouring down rain yet otherwise I may have moved a little faster.

    kelli-omg! camping in it? those were some bad storms. Some peeps in Tulsa are still w/out power

  27. To experience it just once… that is my goal. But from a safe chasers point of view. Not running from it.

    So you might have snakes in your cellar? what kind? ick.

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