Sum Sum Summertime

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate..
(Sonnet 18 )

Summer, I love it.

Fall is still my all time favorite season but summer is a very close second.

We’ve been getting a lot of pool time this week. It’s been hot and very humid, no storms until late Thursday and Friday.

Bubba will be back from football camp today. He also has a baseball tournament starting later this afternoon about an hour and a half away. Bubba will be wore out…

Wee One’s first reading group starts tomorrow afternoon at the library. I hope he behaves and isnt too loud. He’s been looking forward to it.

I am in a reading slump. After reading some very good books, I cannot find anything good worth reading-frack!    

While Wee One is busy and distracted with the reading program, I am going to try and explore the library for some fresh and new reading material. This may be wishful thinking on my part but I am still going to search the shelves.

I get so irritated at whom ever buys the books for the library. They seem to favor Danielle Steele, Harlequin Romance, and other obscure, boring books. These are books the opposite of my tastes. It would be absolute torture for me to endure a Harlequin Romance novel. I know there are people out there who enjoy this type of reading, it is just not for me. Of course, I’ve given my opinion in the suggestion box……..when it was available. Maybe they didnt like what I had to say.

Scooter still has the ‘droopy lip’ syndrome.

Not the best photo of his hoof. I was trying to show the ‘new natural’ trim I started using on the Old Guy last year. He has not had shoes on since. But, I am not a hard rider nor do I ride over much rough terrain so that makes a huge difference.

A very unflattering photo of Scooter’s *ss. Well, unless you like the gigantic AQHA hips which I happen to fancy.

Scooter was relaxed and dozing by the fence while we were in the pool yesterday evening.

The sun was getting low. We had to get out of the pool and head out to the ropings for awhile. It was boring out there too…..not many people out, it was hot.


Anyone out there own Crocs ?

I mean the real ones. The knock-offs do not even come close to the real deal.

Crocs are a bit pricey. They are unattractive but damn, they are comfy to slip on for a VERY casual shoe. They clean up really easily. I have trouble keeping my shoes clean but my crocs are easily wiped up into good condtion.

I have this pair in black.

I want a pair of these for summer in lilac or sea foam….

I gotta have a pair of these for Fall!



So what do y’all think about Obama beating Hillary? I want to hear what you think about the up coming election this Fall. * everyone’s opinion is welcome and appreciated


Obama scares the bejeezus outta me.





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40 responses to “Sum Sum Summertime

  1. I’m (usually) a republican – and I’m worried.
    What’s that tell you?
    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  2. I love all Quarter Horse parts. Especially their back ends. I’m a sucker for a great big horse butt.

    Re: Politics…Obama, not a fan. John M., not a fan. I wonder how hard it is to write someone in.

  3. Out of the Democratic choices, I’m happy with the Obama. Not a big fan of Hillary, some of her politicking made me second guess her as a leader, not as a woman. John McCain scares me because I think he’s a loose cannon in a traditional Republican body.

    All that being said, I’m not a Bush fan, so anything other than him and I might be okay.

    The pool is a godsend. I love it, love it, love it and I’m SO glad you guys are getting to enjoy yours too.

    Stay safe in the nasty weather you guys keep having and I hope you find a good book to read! Smiles!

  4. I think that McCain has a good chance to win. However, I don’t think either candidate can solve the big problems out in the Bitter Hinterlands. We’re posting everyday about something, today it’s the honeybee crisis.

  5. Aniin BG, very, very hot here, mid 90’s and muggy. Still not really raining yet like it should though, Giant Gnomes non-withstanding.

    I’d vote for Obama over McCain, but the choice doesn’t thrill me.

  6. I hear you about the weather- we have been spending LOADS of time in the lake. (Which makes the dog smell SO bad…lol)

    Scooter has a great @ss!! LOL 😉 Love that lower lip too. Every droopy lipped horse we have met has just been a darn fine animal to be around. You got a good one there.

    To politics…. When Fred Thompson dropped out, that dashed my hopes. Not sure what to do now, but it sure as h3ll will not be Obama (he scares the bejezzus out of me too.)

    Wonder if Fred would be open to a write in …..

  7. dickiebo

    Our people were stupid enough to vote in Tony Blair and he and his Party have irreversibly ruined our country. If Obama gets in, I reckon you can ‘Come and join us, Come and join us!’ in the mire.

  8. I have a feeling we are fixing to become the worst run country in the history of our government! Obama is undoubtedly the worst pick for president! We will probably have to right off God and being proud to be American! All I can say is I am Glad, Proud to be TEXAN! I have no favorites for the election; debating on even voting! Thinking of relocating to Britain or Australia pending the out come of the election! (I wish It was that easy) Suffice it to say Obama – NOT MY CHOICE! I pray, to the GOD he disdains!, that he does not get elected!

  9. SailorMoon

    I am a Hilary fan…(my reasoning is things were fine while the Clintons ran the show) & sorry to see her on the outs. Although..these are Clintons & they have some powerful acquaintances & I keep waiting on some dirt or something to happen to Obama….still waiting. I took hs daughter & her senior friends to see Obama when he was here in Dallas. I didn’t lil one was sick that day so that’s why I was out of work & even able to go. I asked them if everyone was walking around looking like Frankenstein in a trance with arms out saying…must have Obama…must have Obama.

    I don’t understand the attraction to him, I find him creepy looking. I just don’t like him. Daughter keeps asking, why, why. I just don’t. Can’t stand McCain either. His wife looks like a freakin stepford wife. I about died the first time I saw her a few months ago. What’s up with that?? Not sure who I will vote for. Don’t like anyone. Maybe I’ll write in Jim Cramer from MadMoney. Or myself. 😉

  10. Oh that pool looks so very inviting!!! I’m jealous of Wee One floating around in there….

    Good books? Hmmm… I’m currently reading one called “the Historian” which I found in the bargain section and it has been a decent read so far. It’s fictional, but has to do with the history of the real Dracula.

    I was hoping for Hillary myself, though I’m not that optimistic about the ability for any of them to make real changes.

    Enjoy your pool!!!

  11. mad-as a fellow Republican, I am worried too 😦

    kristin-I was sad when Romney left the rae. Not sure how hard it is to write someone in-Imay have to research that! I love BIG butts, on horses of course.

    pinky-our pool has saved me from going insane many times. Obama is just too weak. I do think its a pretty cool thing that weve gotten past racism and he has made it this far. Skin color should make no difference.

    GDB-gawd, I hope McCain wins if not we might as well get used to seeing Oprahs big fat ugly MUG all over politics if her buddy Obama should win….shudder to think.

    Brian-seriously? you do not like McCain? send me a gnome for me garden….

    mrsmom-haha, I sorta liked Thompson too! he is a character…..droopy lip horses are content 🙂

    dickiebo-omg, if Obama wins, I shall be in the same sorry boat as you. Ill bring some extra budweisers for us 😉

    LBM-ha! right on. All that Muslim business and all that business w/ his so called church and preacher have really got me suspicious of him………

    SM-I am laughing over your comment! I thought Mrs.McCain was odd too! but heck, at least she isnt out shouting off her mouth like Mrs. Obama is about the black people…..The 1st lady we have now is a real class act-Laura Bush is a true blue lady. I really am a fan of hers!Im gonna write in Mitt Romney……anyone want to assist?

    pavel-hubs was wanting Hillary too. Im not a fan of hers but shes better than Obama. The pool is great, everyone needs one! Are you reading about Vlad The Impaler? cool story…a bit morbid but interesting nonetheless!

  12. What complete rubbish that “Tony Blair ruined Britain”. (Though he and Bush seem to have ruined Iraq.) Does anyone remember Thatcher wrecking British industry and leaving millions unemployed (in fact 1 in 8 of the working population destitute out of work)? Remember how Thatcher’s Tories were called “The Nasty Party”? Remember the Poll Tax? Who privatized a functional railway system with the result that service worsened whilst subsidy increased? For all his faults (hubris amongst them, he is no angel), Blair reduced adult and child poverty, got people back into work, improved schools, and put more money into public health. Until the Iraq debacle, people were happy with Blair…..except for Tories whining for tax cuts in their usual selfish I’m-all-right-sod-the-workers display. If Britain is so “ruined”, then emigrate. There’s plenty of room in America.

    As for US politics, McCain’s age and infirmity are a little worrying. So is Obama’s inexperience. But he can gain experience whilst McCain only gets feebler.

  13. dickiebo

    Transylvanianhorseman; Spoken like someone who knows not the truth! Blair reduced poverty? You want to check your facts. There are more people TODAY who cannot afford their mortgage or even proper food, than ever before.
    Got people back into work? Who are you kidding? There are more unemployed than ever before – but, of course, Blair changed the system, so that instead of being ‘unemployed’, they are now ‘job-seekers’! Improved schools? Are you insane? They are at their worst ever. Discipline has completely broken down – thanks, yet again to Blair’s Political Crap, sorry, Correctness – as teachers are no longer allowed to discipline children. More money into public health? Do you not read the truth? You can find it in blogs such as Mousie’s, or anywhere else except for socialist papers. Tories saying ‘never mind the workers’? Tories ARE the workers. The chavs live off the State (us) and thus happily vote for Blair.
    And finally, emigrate? I have tried, but am too old, unfortunately. But I can tell you this; our best people ARE emigrating en masse. Fact! Do check it out.

  14. I only have fake crocs and when I was rescuing my neighbor’s tent thingy on my birthday,my feet got wet,lol What did I expect??;p

    I like Scooter’s butt,it’s a good butt!

  15. Ugg!!!!! polictics. I’d rather talk about Scooter’s nice big butt! I do love me a QH butt! I’m always telling Hubby that I have a QH butt.
    I have a pair of Crocs and I love them. I wear them around the house and barn and just rinse them off when they get yucky. I do wear footies under them sometimes. Don’t tell the Fashion Police please! Son and DIL are putting in a pool. I know where I am going to be when it is hot and humid. I told them I was going to buy a th*ong bik*ini to wear when I’m there! HAHAHA! Once again I hear the Fashion Police coming!

  16. PS We brought home Skipper and Nick. Little Bud stays at the stable because I ride with friends there a couple times a week. Also I only have four stalls and the city doesn’t want me to have more then three here. I have four. I get by with having four because Buddy is a special needs horse and I am allowed to have the extra if they require the extra care. You’d think with 400 acres they (the city fathers) would leave me alone.

  17. going out on a limb, but i’m gonna predict obama will lose OK,UT,ID and AZ.

  18. It is SUMMER there!? Where do you live? I’m moving there, pronto! We have nothing but rain!
    I like the picture of Scooter by the fence as the sun is setting….he looks so peaceful.
    Not sure what I think about Obama….we were having a big dicussion about this at work today. My co-workers were making fun of him, that he won’t address the issues and he is just talks a lot of fluff. I didn’t think Hilary would have a chance, not because she was a woman, but because a lot of people found her to be a bit “rough.” Which isn’t really fair, to imply that just because she’s a woman she has to be “soft” and “emotional.” Obama has charisma and Americans like that sort of thing. Kind of like with Bill Clinton. Anyway, I shouldn’t be talking about politics.
    Back to horses. Yes, love them QH hips, too! 😉
    Enjoy your sun and pool. I’ll be here with my umbrella… feeling very jealous….

  19. You know, I think this country is ready for a woman President-just NOT THAT woman. Ughh-I can’t stand Hilary. Obama-gives me the creeps.
    Thank god I am a Republican and don’t have to choose between those two twits.

    I actually feel bad for McCain-he would have made a great President 4 years ago. But of course the current dipshit just haaaddd to run again. I slap myself regularly when I remember that I voted for Bush-twice. The lesser of two evils-is still pretty evil.

    Oh well, I live in a depressed area anyway. We are all pretty poor and it has never mattered who was in office-we stay pretty poor.

    But I do have to laugh(with disgust), Obama came to SD and the big headline was-I care about this state!! Ummm…jackass…have you ever been to SD before? Tell me, in your own words, what the hell do you know about SD? I wonder how long his deeply-tanned white-ass would survive on a reservation around here? Oh, now that does make me giggle.

  20. My mare has the droopy lip thing going on too!! I love it!! And I have the first pair of crocs but in tan! I love love love them!! I wear them to clean stalls, to wash the car, to run to town. I love them. But I think I said that already.
    Seeing your pool put up makes me want to get mine going! I bought a new saltwater filter for it! I hope it works!!!

  21. Got to say, I’m a Democrat, but Obama scares me a bit too, only because he does not reach the working class America, the white middle class that pays the taxes! And sends all the college students that are voting for him to school. He’s part of the elite intelligencia, went to private schools as a kid. Not a fan of McCain either, want to bring our troops home! Just don’t know! Anyway, love Scooter’s ass!

  22. The McCain-Rove black-op propaganda machine will render Obama unelectable. His Marxist roots, Chicago underworld associates, and Afro-centric church affiliation will dissuade Whites (and Blacks) from voting for him. The Larry Sinclair drug and sex scandal will figure prominently. The cover-up murder of Donald Young (the homosexual Trinity choir director), and the 2 other church members killed to silence others who would make Obama’s bisexuality public, will be front page news if the polls show a close match up in November. Either way, it will be a interesting election.

    As far as reading, I highly recommend “Jesus and the Lost Goddess.”

  23. Obama scares me too. It will be interesting to see who his VEEP will be. McCain is wrong time. We needed him years ago not now.

  24. i wishmy brother would start on dad’s pool ugh

  25. Kat

    Tell wee to move over!! I wanna go swimming too!!!!!

  26. BG, I have to giggle at some of the comments, well, between the two Brits argueing and what Peepers just said…….I’m sorry, hehehehe

  27. Gosh I’d love a pool…. Maybe someday..

    I can’t stand Obama.. I think he’s a bit scary too. On top of that I get sick of him hollering about “change” but never really giving an explanation. Not that McCain is any better… I’m waiting to hear the VP nominations.

  28. Obama scares the crap out of me, too. I’ve never been a fan of Hillary, but I’ve actually found myself rooting her on and feeling sad and frustrated on her behalf lately! I never thought that would happen! I can’t imagine her as VP–second place is not her thing! She could accomplish more as a Senator.

    It’ll be interesting to see who the VP choices are.

  29. I’m anxious to see who the VP choices will be.

  30. transylvanianhorseman and Dickiebo-aye! I do not know enough about Britian’s Govt to make an intelligent comment. But, everyone’s opinion is always welcome here…..

    lael-crocs rock, and they never smell! I like the Endeavor style, no holes like the Caymens.

    MM-400 acres should give YOU the say in all land/animal matters. If you pay the taxes then you should be able to do what you wish! lol, fashion police-I stopped caring about them a couple of years ago…..

    gino-I hope he loses them ALL

    PG-Fluff! haha! that is so true. right on.

    BEC-good comment. I am w/ you 100% on that one. “Thank god I am a Republican and don’t have to choose between those two twits.”

    andrea-let me know how the salt-water thing works, were thinking about switching

    callie-welcome ms. democrat! with you, I just dont know…

    jp-wow! someone sure has a lot of skeletons in the closet, no?

    celeste-you are right about McCain

    anne-tell him to get a move on!

    kat-lots of room 🙂

    callie- 🙂

    burg-as ponygirl puts it-FLUFF!

    kila-I do NOT like Hillary but I wa rooting for her too, scary thought on MY part.

    pamela-I am interested too!

  31. How about you and I run the country BG? Think we could get it whipped into shape?

  32. Worry not, the Fashion Police have so thoroughly dunned Crocs that wearing socks with them isn’t going to get you in any worse trouble. Really, those things are so intensely ugly and so amazingly comfortable. I’ve only got the mock-crocs but whenever I wear them, I feel vaguely embarrassed yet defiant in defense of foot comfort.

    Right now I’m reading “Mary, Called Magdalene” by Margaret George. Quite good, although the author has not been very good at describing exactly what it is that draws people to Jesus (the physical person). And not sure how I feel about some of the events that are depicted as happening to the Magdalene. Still, a rather good read. mk

  33. risingrainbow

    Obama scares me too. He is just tooooooo slick if you ask me. Anyone that smooth is just not real. What is behind the facade is what worries me.

    As for Hilary, her flaws are right smack there in front of us but I can’t stand her either. I have never forgiven her for taking all that crap from Bill. If she can’t be true to herself, how in the heck would she be true to us?

    I’m not sure what I think of McCain either. To be honest I haven’t like any of the candidates in the last two or three elections so it doesn’t surprise me to find myself in the same boat again.

  34. Hi Barngoddess, I was wondering if you have been keeping up with the news about one of the grand jury witnesses being killed in a car crash last week?

  35. Kiki-most definitely. I gotta say, just b/c BH got himself killed in a MVA doesnt mean the others who were present while Jarret was murdered should go free. THEY have to answer for their actions OR their non-actions in J’s homicide. I hope the GJ DOES happen!

  36. I hope it does happen too. I want to thank you for putting it on your blog two years ago, when it happened. I know it helped alot of people to be able to talk about it. Everything that you said I agreed with completely! The others out there are just as guilty. They need to tell the truth!

  37. Oh, by the way Obama scares the h— out of me. Seeing him on the news this week over there in the middle east, he seemed right at home with them!

  38. kiki-thank you for your kind words! JC’s case struck a chord in my heart. It was horrible when his body was found.He deserves nothing short of Justice like all murder victim’s and their loved ones deserve.

    Obama-omg, he scares the bejeezus outta me. I am afraid for Country’s future… doesnt look good if he wins the election!

  39. p.s. when I saw the news footage of Obama (osama) over in the middle east I thought the SAME thing!

  40. When I saw how he fit right in and how they were all catering to him, it gave me chills!!! He had such a smug look on his face almost as if he were in ka-hoots with them. Did you feel that way too? I think the American people better take a long hard look at him, and ask themselves if they are alright having neighbors like Osama BL living next to them.

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