Friday’s Ramblings


Wee One’s book reading group went really well. He behaved perfectly (yeah, I was in shock…still am). Wee One’s name was drawn out of the hat and he won a bug viewer! The theme of this summer’s reading group is Insects.

I stayed with Wee the whole time because all the other parents did the same. I was unable to explore the library for new reading material. Out of desperation, I picked up a paperback at the store: Coffin County (Paperback) by Gary A. Braunbeck .

I enjoyed the last 2 horror novels I’ve read so maybe 3 times is good luck.

Hot, humid, and windy all week. After the severe thunderstorms raced thru my part of Oklahoma last night, the winds have calmed a bit. They had been out of the South at sustained 35-40 mph with gusts to 50 mph. I was starting to go crazy from it…..literally.


In the very near future, I am going to make a day trip out of town to Bartlesville. I need to have some jewelry appraised for our home owners insurance. I am hoping my jeweler in Bartlesville returns my calls today, he will most likely be the least expensive. He is familiar with all of the items.

I’ve never actually paid someone to appraise jewelry before, will it be very expensive? Do they work by piece? I am taking 4 rings and a tennis bracelet. I have receipts/certificates on all but 1 ring.

I have not been in the saddle in over 1 week. I need to escape. This weekend isnt looking good either, dang it.

Hub’s family on his mother’s side is having a big family reunion this weekend. He is looking forward to seeing some cousins and family he has not visited with in years. I am not too excited about going except to see them too. There are some people who’ll be attending that…well, let me just say, I do not care a whole lot for and can barely be civil to their faces to save the peace. But, I really like my MIL and I would do just about anything NOT to cause her any upset or discomfort. Ill stop now because I think some of the ‘family’ reads my blog……thought I caught one trolling the other day.

Wee One has caught 2 baby toads. They are scared sh*tless and keep trying to escape. Hes had them for 2 days, I was thinking about letting them loose tonite after he goes to bed and tell him they ranaway while he was sleeping.

Is this mean of me to do?

I kinda like toads and do not want them to die. If they were icky green frogs, I probably wouldnt bother.

Wee One and I have plans to spend the afternoon in the pool.

Does he look ready to you?

Marv, my biggest fan this week. I feel loved. Er, not quite loved but really liked…especially when the food bowls are empty.


I appreciate everyone’s input on how our Presidential Election is shaping up! Very good comments by the way. I am always up for a debate or to hear other’s opinions whether I agree with them or not. That is one of the best things about blogging and also, I must not forget, sometimes the only adult interaction I may have on a daily basis. Hubs is working long hours, Bubba’s teen-age grunts and nods do not count. That leaves me with Wee One’s company 24/7 and he keeps calling me a Bubble Baby…………………..what is that?!?!



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25 responses to “Friday’s Ramblings

  1. Aniin BG

    Diane got some jewelry appraised for insurance, they charged $60 per piece. She sold some old gold and broke even. It was worth it though. Diane also posted again on her blog a couple of times.

    I think you need to put up a PayPal button on your blog with a list of all the books you want.

    We’ll be away this weekend and busy, so I’ll see you Monday. Stay safe, give Wee One a hug from me and love you.

  2. Free the toads! Or they’ll die and stink!

  3. Aniin Brian-have a safe and relaxing weekend. holy crap-$60?!?!?! omg. I dont like paypal I only like cash…..heheheh

    callie-ew. I am against anything stinky. I believe that the mission will be to free them tonite.

  4. jo

    Hey…just got power back on, although it will probably go out again…we are under tornado warning right now, but I had to check mail and blogs real quick before it goes out again !
    Free the frogs !!!!!!!!
    Oh…appraisals aren’t cheap…Brian got a good deal…cost me 80 per a few years ago 😦

    More later…gotta go hide.

  5. “Insects” is the theme of our library’s summer program, too. Hooray for Wee One for being so good!

    I’d have the same thoughts as you do about the toads! Right now we have a turtle in an aquarium that is very unhappy, and I’m afraid he will die. I keep telling my middle son (the one who caught it to be his “pet”) that we should let it go. He cries and refuses. I keep wanting to free it.

    About the appraisals, I think they are free around here.

    I hope you have fun at the family reunion!

  6. jo-omg! stay safe. $80? wow, thats too much per piece, I am still waiting for my guy to call me back. Hes worked on my stuff before, resizing, soddering (sic) and resetting a stone. He was very very affordable, hope he is still cheap…

    kila-oh no! what kind of turtle? we used to catch those ‘paint’ turtles when I was growing up in MI. I think Ill free the frogs/toads tonite….a stealth mission.

  7. I’m ready to go swimmin, I’m ready to go fishin, guess it will have to wait until the mess in my yard or neighbors yard is cleaned up.

  8. As a teacher, I always tell the kids at school it is okay to catch bugs, frogs, etc., and keep them for a few days so that we can be “scientists”, make observations, drawings, and take pictures, so that we can learn more about them. However, I tell them that the bug does not live in a jar/aquarium and that we have to put it back in it’s real habitat or that it will die. They seem to understand that and enjoy the process of letting it go back to it’s “home” as much as they do catching it. Then they can find something else to catch! 😉

  9. dickiebo

    Toads? All you need is some batter, and you’ll have Toad-in-the-hole for lunch. Fresh toads. Lovely.

  10. Yep, ya gotta free the toads. I detest family reunions most of the time but then that’s just me.

  11. Yes, it’s a “painted turtle”. Actually the boys took good care of it on Saturday, and it appears to be healthy and well, which was a big relief to me.

    Do you still have the toads?

  12. I missed the big election discussion. I’m also waiting for a big picture of your front yard littered with OBAMA ’08 signs. 🙂

  13. risingrainbow

    I’m afraid I’d be releasing the toads. But I’d probably tell him they would eventually die in that container. I’m not one for lying cause it always catches up. Hard to teach kids to tell you the truth when you don’t do the same. That’s my thinking anyway.

  14. Lu

    *I think some of the ‘family’ reads my blog……thought I caught one trolling the other day.*
    Maybe that was just me?? Ha!

    Anyhow..have you tried Windle’s? Still if you do biz with one, why would he not do this as a favor, meaning free favor, of course..

  15. No — you wouldn’t be a bad mom. I hope you encourage him to do the “letting them go”, though. Never too old or young to try and be “one” with nature. ha ha.

    My family all know about my blog – and I can’t GET them to read it. I think they are too busy. Maybe I should write something juice about one of them. That might draw them in. (:

    My cat is starting to revert to her nervous twitty behavior that she exhibited when we first acquired her from the animal shelter. I’m at wits end as to what to do.

  16. I’m for freeing the toads too! Better let them go or there might be an uprising for toad supporters! Make an event about it and Wee will get a kick out of it. Take pictures of the release.

    It’s 90* here. Ugg! That’s 40* hotter then yesterday morning! I’m in the air conditioning and happy to be here!

    Buddy fell down yesterday with me on him. Don’t know what happened. He’s okay, just stiff on the leg he fell on, tendon a bit swollen. Was just walking along and asked for a trot and he tripped on one hind foot and down we went. I’m fine, just lame and shoulder is sore. He’s been going great, just don’t know what to do now. Vet didn’t have a clue what to think. Sigh…….wish I knew what caused it. Never happened before. Sigh again……..

  17. Lu

    It will be good to free toads..If they do not drown, they will eat a lot of bugs…I have one in front flower bed, sure need more..

  18. LOL,he’s cute.
    JIggy calls me Baby Hammy..from Maggie
    and the ferocious beast;)

  19. Our reading program starts tomorrow and goes every Wednesday for about 6 weeks. It is such a great thing for the children! WOO HOO Wee One on the behaving!
    Love the toads!
    I have been getting riding in, that is the only way I am keeping my sanity! I have been so darned busy! I hope you get some saddle time real soon!
    Marv looks highly p*ssed off! I just love that cat!
    It has been raining here this morning, I am glad as we need it! I am actually getting to catch up with my blogging buddies!

  20. Checking in with you, hope all is well.


  21. Hi all. been crazy on the Res. My family is demanding my undivided attention. Tons for me to be blogging about but no computer time!

  22. Kat

    I don’t know anything about house insurance plus jewelry…my most expensive pieces I wear on my left hand every day and I have them insured with the jeweler…we’re seriously debating buying a pool with our tax check if it ever comes…LOL

  23. Awwww…. Wee One did good, huh?

    I like his bathing suit!

  24. Rebecca

    I wish i liked horro. I just don’t. I squeal at the sight of blood when my kids at school lose a tooth. Howeve, I LOVE LOVE Law & Order….I can watch episodes for hours on end.

    My head hurts…
    My wallet hurts…and I need pampering.

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