Res Update

Rain, rain, and more thunderstorms coming my way soon.

Yesterday was a windy but beautiful day. However, I was unable to enjoy it because there was too much going on at home and away from home. Hubs and the boys did sneak in a quick swim. Lucky them, my tan is fading!

Tragedy has struck smalltown Oklahoma. I am sure you’ve all heard the horrific story about the Oklahoma school girls shot and killed in Weleetka. 2 shooters, 2 guns, 2 awful murders. No suspects. LE is really working hard to catch the killers but the clues are few.

13-year-old Taylor Paschal-Placker and 11-year-old Skyla Whitaker were gunned down execution type style a quarter of a mile from one of the girl’s homes. This horrendous crime took place in a 25 minute time frame on a desolate rural dirt road last Sunday. This could have been anywhere in SmallTown USA.

LE thinks the killers are local. If they are, I know too well how hard secrets are too keep in a small town. I hope someone comes forward with the info LE needs soon. There is much speculation and I’ll leave it to the rumor-mill message boards.

Kitty has been really playful. Here she is waiting for someone to hold the front door open so she can speed outside which is OFF LIMITS.

Freddie heard me talking to the horse-shoer. My horse-shoer’s wife has a lonely donkey and she likes Freddie, they want Freddie. I said maybe………hmmmm

Scooter strolling up to the barn for another fly-spraying. OMG! the freakin’ flies are awful.

We have our racing turtles for Saturday’s Founders Day celebration. They will be all turned loose immediately after the races. Wee One is excited! Best friend L and her daughter are coming over Saturday morning to spend the day and go to the festivities with us.

The baby toads were sprung loose last weekend-they all survived.

Wee One’s new favorite TV show is the old Incredibile Hulk shows on the SciFi channel. He calls it ‘the green man’ show. Wee wants to go see the new Hulk movie but I told him it was for older kids, he wasnt happy about that.

Things have been nuts around here the past few months. I keep thinking it will all calm down but I am losing faith. I hate being this busy all the time.

Hopefully the rain holds off, Wee One and I are off to see Bubba’s baseball game. I hope we win!




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13 responses to “Res Update

  1. Kat

    Latest crime around here..a woman school bus driver was outside getting her bus cleaned up to turn in for the summer. Her husband comes out and shoots her 5 times on the bus then shoots himself…he is still alive…goes and barricades himself in the house with a 14 yr old…and after police come he shoots himself again infront of the kid and dies. They have no clue as to why this happened. Some people are just “nucking futs!!!”

  2. i hope they find the killers.
    OK aint none too nice to murderers.

    this is a good thing.

  3. Good luck at the turtle races!

    Glad to hear that the toads survived!

  4. Aniin BG. I was going to post about the girls, but then I started to research past cases and decided not to. I was thinking of you though.

    Good to hear from you and I’ll think of something to send you. 🙂


  5. oh turtles lol. I can honestly say I am sick of rain and thunder and storms. We are about to get one now I think

  6. dickiebo

    Slow down, gal. I didn’t and – look what happened to me! Try to remember; If I do everything today, there’ll be sod all to do tomorra!

  7. SailorMoon

    I kept checking & waiting on you to post about the 2 girls murdered. I have been glued almost 8/5 (during my work day!) to my 2 fav crime boards posting & just wondering. I mean wth and wtf?? I keep thinking of the Groene’s & how that was done by someone not even close to being from there. Guess we’ll wait & see. My neighbors got a donkey (their mom wanted one for mother’s day–of all things) & I think I’m getting on their nerves because I keep calling him Freddie!! (They named him Jack, how unoriginal!) “Freddie/Jack” certainly let me know what he thought about my mowing near their fence on my riding mower!!

    Know what you mean about not slowing down..but it is nice not to have get everyone’s butt out of bed in the mornings for a while anyway!!

  8. Opps, I pushed a wrong button and lost my comment so here goes again. I am just sickened by the deaths of those two young girls. I hope they find the killers soon and hang ’em high from the nearest tree! They don’t deserve to have life when they have taken the lives of two innocent children. What would possess someone to do something like that? I will be praying that they find them soon so that they don’t do it to any other innocent children! Please keep us updated as we haven’t heard anything about it here in Maine.

    That picture of Scooter coming up through the pasture is beautiful! That is one to frame for sure! He is just beautiful and looks wonderful. The flies here are awful right now too, especially the big horse flies. I am going through tons of spray on the horses and in the barn. The stupid horse flies get in the barn and don’t know enough to go back out the two big doors and stay on the windows and then I zap them! The black flies are bad too but the fly spray does a good job keeping them off the horses plus they can come in the barn and stand under the fans.

    I remember when my son was young he loved the Incredible Hulk! He would go around the house pretending to tear his shirt off. Once in a while I would let him tear off an old one and he thought that was the best.

    Glad the toads got their freedom! lol!

    Good luck with the turtle races. That should be lots of fun, be sure to get some pictures to show us!

  9. Hope the festival doesn’t get rained out.
    The murders are just awful I saw they released sketches this morning….way too frightening.

  10. Oh my, what a tragedy! Will be praying for those families and hoping they find who is responsible for this. What is the world coming too? Are people that crazy and stupid?! WTF?
    Flies have been bad here as well. I have changed up my fly routine and it has cut the flies by 80 % at least! I am VERY pleased. I use Pyranaha fly spray (yellow bottle)-I spray them in the morning and then I put Simply Fly IGR pellets in there feed in the morning. *it kills the larva in there poop* and then I bathe them twice a week. So far so good, I am very pleased! I checked in to the Fly Predators and was not sure they would work for us. You have to be careful using fly sprays around the predators as it can kill them and several people who have used them said they will not work if you have other livestock around yours.
    Incredible Hunk-man a stroll down memory lane! I remember that along with Wonder Woman! LOL!
    Hope the weather held out for your celebration!

  11. As soon as I heard about this, I thought of you over there. What a horrible crime; I hope they get them soon.

    I hope the weather was good so that the turtles had a chance to strut their stuff!

  12. That’s sounds just horrific. I hope they find the killers soon. We are finally drying up a bit, but there are still so many roads closed and towns closed due to flooding. Love the racing turtles! That sounds like hilarious fun!

  13. I was broken hearted when I heard that on the news about the two young ladies.

    I pray that the killer is tracked down NOW! A monster.

    Do you paint the turtles so you know which is your entry??

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