Back In The Saddle


First off, let me tell y’all, you guys are the BEST! I’ve missed you and I want to thank you for your comments and emails in my blogging absence. Not a day has passed that The Rez, my friends, and blogging were ever far from my mind.

These days, I am busier than ever. If I thought I was busy before……nowadays, my life is just plain nuts. Sometimes, I am not sure whether I am coming, going, or standing still. I will begin regular writing and posting but just not as often as I have in the past. My new goal is now once a week or more frequent should the ‘urge’ strike me when I have time to sit down and pound it out on my keyboard.

Enough blabbering, here’s whats new on The Reservation…..

  • My hair is finally one length, everywhere. I just had it cut a few weeks ago, it took forever to grow my bangs back out.
  • Wee One goes to preschool all day! 8am – 2:30 pm. He loves it. He has 2 new teachers and Wee thinks they are the bomb. His favorite teacher from last year, Ms. J is now in charge of the school (the site’s manager).
  • Scooter is fat and happy. He is feeling better these days. A couple of weeks ago his arthritis was acting up and he was sore. Scooter started a new supplement that seems to be helping very much.
  • Freddie has went on to become a coon-hunting mount! He has a little grey girlfriend and is much happier at his new home.
  • My favorite fancy goldfish croaked…sniff sniff. I think the calicos were picking on him but hubs disagreed.
  • Kitty has gone to a new home where she will be the only cat. I just heard from her new elderly owner, Kitty is very happy in her new quiet environment.
  • Marvin is still as fat as ever…..and crabby as ever.

  • Bubba was homecoming Freshmen attendant. He was very proud! He is also doing good in school and football. Bubba is playing for the JV and the Varsity.
  • We went to N.MI and visited my family this summer. We had a wonderful time. It was so good to see all of my family! I miss them so much. We drove home thru WI, MN, IA, and KS. 

  • We gained a new family member, a 10 month old spayed female Shih Tzu named Harlie. She is very smart, trained, and LOVES to play. Needless to say, Wee One and Harlie are inseperable. Marvin is less than thrilled.
  • Hub’s new wells were successful and work is busy for him which means things are going well for my family.
  • Fall has arrived…despite our 80 degree temps. Fall is my favorite season and I am enjoying it once again.
  • I am still discouraged with our choice for presidential candidates! I like Palin. Hubs thinks she is hot but says he is writing in Hillary when he goes to vote. WTF?!?!?! Obama? I think he is a very big mistake……a very very big one.

Despite my crazy, chaotic life and having to live within a certain budget, what it boils down to, is….my life is pretty darn good. The only thing I ever aspired to do was to live surrounded by horses (well, horse these days for now) in the country, enjoying the outdoors, being able to read and write until my heart is content.

Megwetch to all my friends! I shall be around shortly…….



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28 responses to “Back In The Saddle

  1. dickiebo

    Henceforth, September 9th will be a Public Holiday, being Ramblin’s New Birthday. Welcome back, m’dear. My, you don’t look a day older! lol.

  2. dickiebo

    Crikey. Sorry. October 9th. (A Senior Citizen moment, again!)

  3. Glad to see you’re back! Missed ya!

    Sounds like you have been busy!

    Love the new family memeber! Poor MArvin!

    Look forward to seeing what’s up on the Rev!!

  4. Welcome back!

    A smart Shih Tzu? I didn’t think that was possible. (sorry)

  5. I was thrilled to open up Bloglines today and see that there was an entry from you!! Glad to have you back.

  6. Welcome back… I’m so glad all is right with your world for today… mine is good too! I’ll be back…

  7. Glad your back. I’m with Dickiebo you don’t look a day older so don’t go acting like it.

  8. Welcome back, girl! It’s about time!

  9. What a busy summer! Thanks for the support BG, I’ll get a job sometime. 🙂

  10. dickiebo-ha! no senior moments allowed at the Rez! Oct 9th is a great day 🙂

    kris-Marv bit the new family members tail today and now its kinda straightened out….guess thats what Harlie gets for messing with a huge cat that out-weighs her by A LOT!

    donnaW-thanks! yeah…shes smart for a shih tzu. I think Elvis was smarter but Harlie is housetrained and a good watch dog. She is great with Wee One which is the BEST.

    astaryth-thanks for missing me 🙂

    AO-glad were lucky today!

    Linda-oh my, Ive started using anti-wrinkle creme at nite. All that sun damage….oh well, I am still a sun worshipper!

    callie-thanks…I know 😉

    Brian-you know I am always in your corner! I think you should try writing to make your living. Everyone KNOWS you have the talent.


  11. yeah you are back, so glad to see ya postin again, love the hair

  12. Hello! I’ve missed you!! Great to see you back!

    Sounds like you were pretty close by!

    I also like Palin. A lot. According to the media, you and I might be the only ones, LOL. Obama scares me. I think what we see on the outside is all an act, and not enough people suspect what’s brewing inside.

    Good to have you back 🙂 Glad Wee One is doing well!

  13. very glad to see you again.
    had me wonderin there for a while.

    if i cant live in the OK lifestyle, which was my plan by now, at least i can still get a taste of it here.

  14. Well it’s about time!!! I had just very nearly given up!

    Glad to hear things are well! 🙂

  15. jo

    So glad you are back ! You look fantastic and sound so well. And happy !
    As always, love the photo’s .
    It’s already cold here but will be 70 this weekend. Colors are dull so far this season…I think those 20+ degree temps in early Sept upset a lot of trees ~

  16. I’m with burg, I’d about given up on you too! So glad that you are back.

    Sorry to hear about the goldfish. There’s something so soothing about those fancy ones and their droopy tails……

    Marvin sounds like he’s in rare form. I’m sure he’ll get the new dog properly trained.

    Give Scooter a nice pat for me!

  17. Kat

    I didn’t think you were ever coming back!!! So good to see you!! The hair looks great (I’m having a bangs issue myself) and I’m glad everyone is doing well….you sound so relaxed and refreshed!!!

  18. SailorMoon

    Good to read ya again. I, too, didn’t think you’d ever return!

  19. I met a lady who had a cute little dog — I asked her what it was. She said it was a cross between a Jack Russel Terrior and a Shih Tzu.

    I asked her if was called a Jack-Sh** and she wasn’t very happy.

    If I got a little dog it would probably be a Shih Tzu.

    Glad to see you again.

  20. YEEHAW! So glad you are back BG!!! I’m not writing as much as I once did either but I try to get two out per week. I don’t want to lose the connection I have with so many wonderful friends like you! What a cute new doggie! Poor Marv. He’ll still rule the Res though I bet! Glad Wee is so happy with preschool and that Bubba is doing so well. Give Scooter a good rub on the neck for me, glad the supplements are working. Take care and I will look forward to reading more soon!! xoxo

  21. HI!!! HELLO!!! Glad to see you made it through the “Summer of Change” and that all of you are well.

  22. Gino

    ok, so you fell off the wagon again.

    dust yourself off and climb back on.

  23. MrEthiopian

    I personally voted for a republican in the primary, I just think McCain is not the answer.

  24. I was feeling hunger again. ,

  25. ABC, which announced their intention to put a refueling station everywhere you might want to buy gas. ,

  26. oszukaj ruletkę gra progresywna

    Welcome Back! 7 brb

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