Missin’ You

Hey, I am still kicking. A lot has changed. I am starting to miss blogging…



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13 responses to “Missin’ You

  1. And we miss YOU! Hope you and yours had a great Holiday Season!

  2. We miss you too! I’m glad to see you post and also happy to see that Scooter is okay!

  3. Well golly, you’ve been missed! Happy Holidays!

  4. dickiebo

    The New Year is a-comin’! Up and at ’em, Ramblin’!

  5. Glad to see I still have friends! It’s been a rough year. A lot of things have happened in 2009, most of them tragic. Trying to find out ‘why everything happens for a reason’ has driven me beyond any sense I possessed and has left me hanging by a single fragile thread. Very much unlike myself. Scooter is well this winter, the boys are thriving….I am thankful for that, and of course, friends.

  6. ann

    Hope your New Year is a good one… We’ve missed you!!

  7. hey you! I couldn’t believe my blogline was lit up —

    You’ve had a lot of Blog Fodder — maybe you should do a 2009 year in review. That would take several months.

  8. I’m with Pamela, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you’d posted! But SO GLAD you did!!

    Really missed you when I was in Tulsa but understand the chaos in your life! Sure hope things are getting better. If you need an ear, I am always here.

    Give Scooter a big hug for me and a couple treats too!

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. I’ve missed you, too! Have not forgotten about you. Even talked about you with a mutual friend who lives in the sunshine state. 🙂 Hugs and all the best to you and your family in 2010!

  10. dickiebo

    I’ll bet you didn’t think that we were all here just waiting for you to return, now did you? Well, we were! You don’t get rid of us that easy, matey! lol.

  11. wow! I am feeling the love! Things have been really awful of late, I was needing the boost-thank you friends 🙂 Ha, Pamela, you are right on that one…several months of fodder rehashing it all probably isnt a good thing for me right now though. I am ready for 2010!! It is going to be MY year, I just know it.

    Always crackin’ that whip arent ya Dickiebo?

  12. Lu

    Glad you are back…you have been missed!!!!

  13. jo

    Hey BG! Soooooo happy to see you back!

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