Much more of  this winter weather and I am going to act like a smart bird and fly South. The weatherman is saying we will be getting the coldest weather we’ve had is 12 years here in Oklahoma. Plus, as a bonus: freezing precipitation. Oh joy.

I am thankful I have a warm, comfy, home and plenty of people groceries, not to mention a barn full of hay and feed. Some people are not so fortunate. I met someone yesterday who lost their entire house and belongings in a terrible fire 3 weeks ago. Yep, I am thankful for what I have right now.

I am addicted to Diet Snapple tea, any and all kinds, except peach flavored, made with green and black tea leaves.

Recently, I have taken to cloroxing everything. What I mean by everything, I mean my floors, walls, appliances, counters, doors, bathrooms. I guess it helps that everything is white. In fact, right now I am kinda dizzy from the smell….probably not a good thing. Nothing like a sterile environment for healthy living. The cats arent very happy though and have camped out on my bed. My MD promised the meds would help with all the OCD manic behavior but I do not think they are working.

I am dragging my feet. I need someone to kick me in the rear and motivate me to get my financial aid application filled out. I’ve been accepted but I have a stack (literally) of papers I need to sit down and fill out. Paperwork is not my thing. I need a secretary………….

Off to open a window and flow some fresh air into my lungs.



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8 responses to “Ramblings

  1. Well surprise, surprise…. you’re still among the living! I was just wondering about you the other day.

  2. dickiebo

    News of my death is greatly exaggerated! Hmmmm.
    How on earth have I come this far without Snapple and Clorox? lol.
    Head down, Ramblin’, and get on with the paperwork!
    What’s happened to hubby’s cousin’s horses now?

  3. Spank * Spank *

    I hope that helps. 😉

    Two of our cats love bleach.

    Now go out and fill out the form!!!!!!!


  4. Donna-everytime I read, see, hear anything related to the Mississippi River, I always think of you!

    dickiebo-ah, I am still a hired hand w/ the horses. But only when they are traveling. Ive fallen for one of their beauties named Rambo. omg, clorox, I buy gallons of it….

    Brian-lol, despite the ummmm motivation I havent done it yet! No school tomorrow b/c of the weather….grrr

  5. I love paperwork and would do it for you. C’mon over!

  6. try using hydrogen peroxide. Still gives you that clean feeling without the bleach odor —

    I wish I had just a touch of OCD and Anorexia.
    Cleaner house, smaller dress size. Just seems the way to go. (not to make light of such disorders, however)

  7. kila-how tempting!

    Pamela-anorexia, I wish! once I was bulimic (sp?) so I would be thin enough for Spring Break when I was 17 yo. Not something I liked nor would recommend, starving oneself is much easier than throwing up. **not making light of the disorders either, some people really have them horribly like full blown drug additcs ect.

  8. I could use a secretary too. If you figure out how to get one, let me know. I figure we have about the same kind of budget. If you can work it out, there might be hope for me.

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