Relaxtion Toddy


Evening protocol on The Res after a stressful day.

1 & 1/2 cup boiling water

2 heaping teaspoons honey

1 Lipton Lemon Lift tea bag

1 double shot Seagrams 7 Dark Honey

(over-sized mug required)pour boiling water over the tea bag, let seep, add honey & whiskey

Stir well and enjoy.

Sipping one of these delicious hot toddys before bed time relaxes me and makes me feel a lot better while winding down. It really take the edge off. A hot toddy on a cold winter evening hits the spot. The Seagrams 7 Dark Honey makes the toddy smooth and easy to indulge. This is the smoothest whiskey I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It is pricey, $30 a fifth. Luckily mine was a gift.

Earlier today, after running errands to the Feed Store and Triangle Serum, picking up Bubba from basketball practice and dropping him off at The Roan Horse Arena, I drove thru the smoke shop Trading Post. The only camera on hand was my sorry camera phone, grrrrr. I encountered this beautiful snow white wolf hybrid dog. He was silently stunning to watch. If I thought he would have loaded up up with me, I would have offered him a warm, dry home with endless meals …………but the wolf-dog was skittish. I wish him well.



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10 responses to “Relaxtion Toddy

  1. What a beautiful, beautiful animal. =) Too bad he/she wouldn’t come to you…

  2. I have a friend who rescued a wolf hybrid which was a refuge from Katrina. He’s absolutely beautiful. They say they’re unpredictable but this one is so even tempered and sweet.

    I could use one of those toddies…not only for relaxation but to ward off the cold. BRRR

  3. AnOrbiter-indeed a beautiful creature but leary of humans. I can sympathize with him there, most humans I am leary of myself.

    jenny-I would make you one of my medicinal toddys to get you warmed and in good spirits 🙂 I promise one big mug will spread warmth all the way to your toes! I have had the pleasure of knowing 2 wolf-hybrids and a ‘pet’ wolf. I must say, they are loyal and gentle animals, at least the one’s I was lucky enough to spend time with.

  4. dickiebo

    Get out of it! You and Jenny make me laugh. Why don’t you do as we men do? Admit you are drunks!!!! lol.

  5. Phaedra96

    I think seeing that would have given me the cold chills. What are the chances….might give the hot toddy a try-weather here stinks. Need to fill the water tank. Fun, fun.

  6. dickiebo-ha, yes you pegged me right, I am one of those on rare days…….very rare but needed 😉

    phaedra96-white wolf omen? I hope it is a good thing. I may speak to the Shaman about it soon. Cold weather = miserable stuff, Im ready for spring time

  7. He is beautiful, thanks for sharing. Snow on the ground by you?! A hot toddy sounds good. My hands have been cold all day!

  8. What a beautiful animal! Too bad you couldn’t tame him, I’ve heard they make very loyal pets. Saw one today at the humane society, part wolf & part whatever. In pretty bad shape but they will fatten him up and work with him, I hope he gets a good home.

    That toddy would probably put me out for two days! ha-ha! Sounds good though! I think the honey really must make it go down easy!

  9. kevin

    A beautiful beast- would do well to avoid most of us- wish I’d been told that myself years ago.

  10. kila-yeah, I thought I lived in the ‘somewhat south’…..

    MM-bless you for your volunteer work! those abandoned and misunderstood animals are better off for you 🙂 MM you are an angel.

    kevin-seems we are kindred spirits. I am much more happy and comfortable amongst God’s creatures than my own race. sad but the honest truth.

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