Farewell Louis

I will be delivering college financial paperwork to the campus after the boy’s dental appointments in Tulsa next week.

 I have read a gazillion mixed reviews on the net about this product. Can anyone out there help me with the decision to trade my extra Chi for my very own new InStyler® ? Since my budget is limited Ive found an opportunity to swap. But returns, even on new products, isnt an option. Gimme some help please. I have heavy, arrow straight, hair that requires a salon touch to keep me blonde-headed if thats of any help….. my hair is in good shape, little breakage and quite healthy, all one length. 

The front entry way is NOT the place to leave your crap. Especially 3 pairs of boots! Oops. those would be my crap, good thing I’m the damn maid around here. I desperately want an enclosed front porch for storage. The back door &  laundry room does not cut it.

Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics is still actively scouting Bubba. My mensa member, athlete, and moody teenager will be 16 yo on Friday. Bubba already informed OSSM he was not attending due to the fact of NO sports teams at their brainiac school……yeah, we’ve done everything in our power to persuade Bubba to take this wonderful academic opportunity. Bubba loves sports and being on a team more than anything…..despite the fact he is brilliant and scores off the charts academically, he refuses to consider and leave High School in our rinky dinky rual ranch town for this once in a life time chance…..sigh



I have a quality handbag/wallet addiction. This last year I have put the brakes on it, not willingly, but out of necessity. Louis Vuitton being my all time favorite. These bags are worth their high price. One can almost always get their return in cash back with the right market. Needless to say, I am saying farewell to this little mono bag I’ve had for awhile. The bag I am selling today is smaller than I normally like to carry.  I have a wonderful neverfull tote in the same monogram that I love but still……….someday when I am flush again, I will replace my handbag collection.  I need cash now, Bubba needs to pay for his letter jacket.  I hope the old gal shows up with her cash soon.

another wistful sigh.

I feel good having my ancestors watching over me and my home.



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9 responses to “Farewell Louis

  1. My daughter has an InStyler. She says she likes it but that it causes more static electricity than her Chi. I think it’s just the time of year when static is worse. If you have an specific questions you want me to ask her about it, let me know.

    If it weren’t for Pell Grants I wouldn’t have found it as easy to go back to school. What are you going to be studying?

    Bubba seems to know what he wants, but what an honor to be asked to attend a school like that!

  2. I wonder if he could play sports somewhere else if he went to OSSM.

  3. Go Bubba Go!

    I feel your pain about needing a “mudroom”–I so longed for one also with my 3 boys and DH and all their wet and muddy stuff!

  4. I was just whining the other day to Hubby that we need a mud room sooooooo badly!! When people come to visit all of the boots and shoes are right in the kitchen with the coats thrown on the love seat in the foyer. And of course now with snowmobile weather the whole kitchen floor gets covered with stuff!

    I have never used that hair product but my niece uses the Chi. I get it for her at the beauty supply. It’s the only reason I’ve kept my license is so I can still get stuff there.

    I’m having horse issues again. Sigh…………..Prayers and thoughts would be appreciated! :o)

    Go Bubba! Wow! That is a major thing to be asked to go to that school!!!! Major!

  5. A much belated Happy New Year! Did not know you were back! 🙂

  6. its too bad he can’t go to that school and they arrange for him to play sports at one closeby???

  7. I would keep the Chi and skip the styler. I have some clients that I have had to “untangle” from it!
    Will He be happy with No sports? And horse prayers going out!

  8. Lu

    I can relate to mud room, especially right now..
    as for the school in OKC, cannot say I blame Bubba…let him be young for a short time, then he can go to college and experience a lot. and be ready for it..being intelligent will help him in door of a fine college and staying home now can only make him well rounded which it seems he may already be…
    Glad you are back…you have been missed!

  9. I need a new mud room. The old one is buried in mud, of course, and lots and lots of boots. LOL

    It’s a good thing you told me who Louie Vitton was, after the earlier post, I was left wondering. Can you tell all I think is HORSE.

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