I am so tired…..

The job….is okay. It’s not my type of gig, when the contract is up, I am speeding out the door. C ya.

BossLady is a workaholic and definitely one cool chica, kinda like her.

Did I mention I was exhausted?

Some day.

Not today.

I will tell.

I just want to pack a carry on, jump on a flight to the FL Keys and never look back.

The husband promised he wouldnt sue for child support but I am not thinking so……

sigh, please happy times ahead.



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7 responses to “Tired

  1. dickiebo

    Looking at your last post, and then this one, you have me mightily confused, Ramblin’!!!

  2. Margaritas! We need margaritas!

  3. dickiebo-I am confused meeself. Anyhow, things are okay on the res, just stressful and busy, I need a break from my family.

    Jenny-hell yeah!

  4. (((((((hugs))))))))

    We’ll meet you there. 😉

  5. Happy belated birthday to Bubba! What a smart kid! I wish I had had half his smarts when I was in high school!

    Glad he got his letter jacket, that’s real important to a teenager.

    BG I wish I could whisk you to the Keys for a few days of relaxation with the kiddos. We are going down next week on a convention so part work, part fun. I hope it warms up down there or I am going to be disappointed!

    What a great birthday party for Bubba. I love how people came in cars and on horseback, that’s the way to live!

    Take care of yourself and TRY to get some rest.

  6. I so understand. Email me, I’m here for you. Could even meet you somewhere for a weekend. ((((Hugs))))

  7. I’m with Kila, email me if you need an ear. I’m a good sorter………

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