Ummmm Still Waiting. Updated

Marvin is worse than one of the boys sometimes. Let me work!

Everyone was sent home from work/school by noon in preparation to the huge winter storm advancing on Oklahoma. I just came indoors from doing my evening chores. Sleet pellets have started but nothing serious. The scanner is going crazy tho. Funny, doesnt seem to be slick yet….

I should have stayed at work, a lot to do…

3 day weekend ahead……yeah.

Stocked up and ready for the storm. I put Scooter in the small pen with the big loafing shed so he can go in/out as he pleases. He does much better with his arthritis if he can roam around than being shut inside his stall. But of course if it gets really icy I’ll fret he might venture out and slip..then go put him inside. Silly horse. Silly horse owner.

I hope the power doesnt go.



Friday-well, the damn storm is still raging on. Pamela, I think your on to something with the Weather Gaods being angry with us in Oklahoma. This weather is really bad. The photo below was taken early this morning……


Power hasnt flickered, all is well for now…….I think a hot toddy is on order now.



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9 responses to “Ummmm Still Waiting. Updated

  1. Brian

    Hope you stay safe as always. 🙂

    Florida is really warm.

  2. It’s raining steadily here. I hope it doesn’t freeze.

  3. Winter storm, fun. 😉 Hey, it’ll make for pretty blog pics if nothing else. Stay home and safe. I’ll be flying this weekend from Florida to Wisconsin and back–hope we fly OVER the storm and it doesn’t affect my flights!

  4. Oklahoma has really pulled in the wild weather this year. It’s like you guys angered the weather gods or something.

    hang in there.

  5. jo

    Michigan hasn’t been horrible this winter..YET. Not great, but much better than last year~

  6. Well if it’s the weather gods Oklahoma isn’t the only one to tick them off. There are lots of parts of the country having big problems with weather.

    Luckily we aren’t one of them.

    Hope Scooter stays safe and warm…….and I so love Marvin………..he’s just my kind of cat.

  7. Marvin looks so regal sitting there by the computer. Noodles likes to do that too but he tries to swat things on the screen! Yikes! Not good!

    Our winter hasn’t been too bad yet. We have to fly this week so I hope it stays clear. I just hate coming in in a storm.

    Wee looks cute out there in the snow!

  8. Well Well Well! I decided to check some of my old links, and fearing you were still not blogging, imagine my surprise and pleasure to see you gracing the blog o sphere again! So glad you are back. I hope your bad fortune of the past year is behind you. I’ll keep sending you good wishes.

    So glad to see you back BG!

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