Looking Forwards

I love scary, thriller, gory, horror, you name it movies. The scarier the better.

I am the same way with books…….

I am totally psyched about catching this new flick, the-wolfman. Two of my favorite actors are in it, I hope it is as good as rumor says.

Work isnt too bad. I worked all alone today in my new cavernous office. It was nice and peaceful. I was productive.

Several people in the area have reported their horses have strangles. NOT good. Horse Strangles is a serious and scary illness. Needless to say, we arent having any visitors in the near future. Horses can be contagious for a month after the illness.

GhostHunters is on. I am half ass watching a rerun.

I am looking forward to this weekend. Best friend L and I and possibly her 18 yo daughter, are going to the ville for a day. We all need manicures and some retail therapy. I cant wait. It’s been forever since we’ve had a ‘girls’ day out.

BIL W is considering selling me his paint horse………..Puleeeeeeeeeeese let him decide YES. He and the paint arent getting on like he hoped. However, I love him.  I am getting desperate for something to ride regular. 

Scooter is officially retired. His arthritis is just too advanced for any more type of regular riding. Wee One rides him around the pastures/yard but that is all The old Guy can do comfortably.

The snow has melted into a giant muddy mess. It’s supposed to rain or ice tomorrow, depending on the temperature. More snow for next week.

I am SO READY for summer!



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8 responses to “Looking Forwards

  1. ann

    and I would settle for spring… LOL

  2. dickiebo

    Summer is just around the corner, Ramblin’, and is coming, especially for you. Promise.

  3. ((((((hugs))))))

    It’s always summer in Florida. Sorta.

  4. I hope you can talk him in to selling you the paint.
    Somebody has the most beautiful paints in a pasture beside the highway here in Weatherford. They’re just gorgeous. That’s sad to hear about Scooter. You’ve given him an excellent life,

  5. I’ll keep good thoughts your way about the paint. I had to get rid of our big grey gelding last fall; he just didn’t get along with my wife. I hated to see him go, but he could have hurt her, so it was really an easy choice. But damn he was a looker! 😉

  6. ann-oh yeah….
    dickieebo-I hope, I need it so badly
    Brian-yep and the ocean beach which I am in love with
    Jenny-I can be very persuasvive! Yeah, Scooter has had a good life, Im lucky I am able to give him a comfy retirement.
    Rude1-well, damn but better than hurt. A lot of good, gentle broke horses out there and many are ‘lookers’ I hope you find one 🙂

  7. It’s summer here! Sunny and 70F today! Loved it. I know what you mean about the snow melting into a muddy mess–that’s March and April in Wisconsin!

    Work being peaceful and productive is a nice change from being home full-time, isn’t it?

    The “scary, thriller, gory, horror” stuff I have to stay away from–my mind comes up with enough of that on its own!

    Enjoy your day out!! Good for you. 🙂

  8. You’re tougher than I. No way could I read that stuff… or hardly see a scary movie.

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