Snowing And it’s Monday Already!

* We have a winter storm warning. Of course snow is falling and everything that was not already covered with snow from the last 2 storms is now covered.

* Did Imention the rains we had the other day? where there is not snow there is mud a foot deep. Sucks *ss like nothing else.

* I have to work today….soon I have to brave the roads. Dammit. Hubs drove the kids to school early, he said the roads were slushy and slick in various spots. Most likely will be very slippery when I get off work this evening.

* Today I have to be pleasant to people. I’m feeling really anti-social and not-so -nice (just my normal state of being). I guess I’ll try a couple of mental exercizes I read about to help people with my anti-social condition.

* My new horse will  be arriving soon! I am sooooo excited. His name is Louis, pronounced Louey. Since Louis Vuitton is my favorite bag designer, it is fate. I do not believe in coincidences! Anyhow, we are supposed to finalize the deal in the next couple days, my work and the horse’s owners (BIL W) work being an obstacle we are working around.

* I am worried about my first love Scooter. He has been a only horse (child) for several years now. I am not sure how he will react to another horse being around all the time. I plan on taking it slow for Scooters sake, he tends to be alpha horse in a herd but he has aged a lot since he was with other horses. He still has that mentality. I do have great facilities so I can seperate them comfortably ect.

* If y’all are people who pray, pray Friday comes with lightening speed. 3 day weekend ahead…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



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6 responses to “Snowing And it’s Monday Already!

  1. (((((((((hugs))))))))

    Congrats on the new horse. Nice trade for the bag. 🙂

    Let’s hear it for Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya

  2. YAY! I’m so happy for you!

  3. Stay safe on the roads!

    Perhaps Louis will perk up Scooter.

    3 day weekend? Hooray!

  4. Well, I’m probably wishing my life away but I’ll pray for Friday too. While I’m at it, I’m praying for a dry weekend.

    When Louie arrives give him some pats for me. Then please give Scooter double that amount. I wouldn’t want him to think he’s anything but number one in my book. LOL well, except for Marvin, but I doubt Scooter is worried about the cat.

  5. Yea! I’m so excited for you BG! He is just gorgeous! Scooter may snivel up for a bit but then I bet he will like the company. Will be nice for you to be able to do some regular riding, I can’t wait for spring so I can get my arse back in the saddle!

  6. hey.. friday is here and so am I.

    I hope Scooter gets rejuvenated by having a younger friend. It happens with dogs… why not horses?

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