A New Horse In The House errr (barn)

Louis (Louey) has arrived. He is dirty, muddy thanks to our lovely Okie weather. Scooter is the same despite nearly daily groomings. First on tomorrow’s agenda is Louis getting a thorough cleaning up. He is a doll tho

I’ve got them both seperated tonite and will most likely keep them apart for a few days jusy to see how they get along being turned out together. I am anxious to ride Louis again! He is like a dream, power steering, power brakes…. Louis doesnt look like much being all dirty and hairy but as horses go, he is a good one. Scooter has been a tiny bit snippy but I think he’s getting over it. He’s always been a loner type horse despite being a herd animal. Scooter never has taken much interest in other equines.

Bubba is in Tulsa prom dress shopping with his GF (date) all day today. Bubba’s psyched. His Varsity BaseBall team is going to San Antonio for Spring Break tourament. They are staying on the RiverWalk and doing tourist things.

Wee One helped me outside all day cleaning stalls, washing water troughs/buckets and feed buckets. WO is turning into quite the little cowboy, I am rather proud and suprised at his skills already at just 6 years old.

Tomorrow is my favorite BIL b-day. It just so happens that he and best friend L who have always been friends (20+yrs) have recently started to ‘date’. They are perfect for each other, laid back, taking one day of  horses and coon hounds (their mutual hobbies) at a time.

So, tomorrow we are headed to the Indian Casino for the free buffet and the nickle slots. BIL W should get something special for it being his b-day on Valentines Day. I have my $20 gambling budget-wish me luck, I am NOT a gambler, ever, unless you count my 2 weekly powerball tickets which  csots me $2.

 This is the first ‘date-like’ venture hubs and I have been out on not doctor/school/kid related since his accident. I am looking forward to it.



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7 responses to “A New Horse In The House errr (barn)

  1. I’m so happy you’re back on a regular basis (which is more than I can say :o) ‘cuz I love hearing about things “on the farm”.

    I have a request … if you could … new picture of Wee One. I miss the curls. Seriously. Love baby child curls. And it’s been forEVER since we’ve seen him, I bet he’s grown.

  2. Includes satellite radio, A/C and DVD player for those long rides. 🙂

    Have fun on your date.

  3. Hope you break the bank! Have fun, you deserve it.
    I can’t believe Wee One is 6 yrs old already.
    Are you going to go along to San Antonio?
    Congrats, again on your new family member.

  4. Oh BG, he is just gorgeous! Can’t wait to see him all spiffed up and ready to go! After the year you have had you well deserve something special for YOU! Scooter will get over his snit, there may be some flying hooves for a day or two but my bet is that they will become BFF’s!

    I won $40,000 in play money on casino night while on our trip! I guess it was beginners luck, never would happen in the real world. The funny part about it was the gal I was playing against/with plays all the time and I had never played once before and she was right down to her last chip! I gave her my winnings and she was happy as a clam! :o)

    Glad you and hubby are getting out for some nice date time. Sooooooooo important for both of you. The Hubs and I even after almost 39 years of marriage still plan our date nights even if it’s just to go for a pizza and ice cream cone. (smooch, smooch…) lol!

    Thank you dear friend for your kind words! They really touched my heart! xoxoxox

  5. I can’t gamble either — it just hurts to lose that $

    anxious to hear how the horses bond, or ..not

  6. He’s beautiful. 🙂

    Hope Bubba survived shopping intact, and you had a great time today!

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