This is me tonite. I am exhausted, damn.

Wee One finished drawing his baby possum pictures, now hes chilling watching Sponge Bob.

Bubba’s on a date.

Hubs is hurting and resting on the couch, I tried to give him more pain meds but he doesnt like to take ’em as much as they are prescribed. grrrr. Hubs thinks he can get by but sometimes I worry.

Marvin is snoring from the chair and Frosty is trying to get his picture on the web cam, he was too slow tonite.

Rain predicted for the weekend, wtf. I am riding, I do not care if it is in a monsoon…..well, maybe I do. I HATE wearing a stiff slicker.

Louis has never eaten an apple before, he loves them as much as Scooter! I always cut up Scooter’s apples for him. I was in a hurry before work so I just put a whole apple into Louis bucket. While Scooter gobbled up his slices, Louis was rolling his around with out a clue it was a tasty treat. I took a big chomp out of the tart granny smith then offered it to Louis. After a few sniffs and licks, Louis decided apples were somethin’ special.

Scooter and Louis are getting on better, not so much sniping across the fences/stalls.

What the hell was all that crap about Tiger Woods and that stupid press conference. Like who gives a FLYING f*ck!?!?!?! What a joke, I feel sorry for the poor kids, despite their billions, their father is a perv creepo.

My eyes are getting heavy. I hope all is well out there for my blog friends. Keep thinking, Spring is just around the corner.



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8 responses to “TGIF

  1. I’m stuck on “Bubba’s on a date”! My boys are never doing that, LOL.

    Louis is beautiful. Hope you have a great time with him this weekend.

    Saturday should be sunny and 68F here. 😉

    Tiger who? 😉

  2. Hope you get rested up BG! You have a lot on your plate so try to pace yourself, I know, easier said then done, but try. Bubba on a date?! It seems like he should be running around the res playing and being a little guy! They grow up too fast don’t they?! Can’t believe my ‘baby boy’ is 34 years old! HA! Must mean that I’m old! You know though, I still worry about him even though he is a grown man when he works too hard or has a real stinker of an account that he is working on. I just pray, it helps.

    Louis is so beautiful! Can’t wait to see pictures of you riding him! Poor guy didn’t know what an apple was for?! We’ve had a few like that but boy are they quick learners! :o)

    Hope your Hubs gets some pain relief soon. What is it with men that they think they have to tough it out? Mines the same way, I say just give me ANYTHING to make the pain go away! ha! Especially when I delivered my son, he weighed 10 lbs. 6 oz.! Yikes, that hurt!

    We’re headed back to the lake house today to finish up the inventory. Monday they bring in the dumpster and throw all of our furniture away and anything else that got wet or mold or both. Floors, ceilings, rugs, mattresses, blankets, toys, televisions, you name it. I don’t know if I want to watch or not. We’ll see.

    So glad to have you back in Bloggsville BG! xoxox

  3. i was sure you are talking aboout people untill i saw some pics of animals! you must be truly love them)))

  4. Phaedra96

    Tomorrow is another day and a fresh start. I have to keep reminding myself of that this time of year. I hate hot summers, but I think I hate grey, gloomy, dreary beige days in winter, too.

  5. Well, I’m a few days late as usual. I hope you went for a good long relaxing ride. Too much snow here for riding (it sucks). Plus all my horses are boarded at a friends for the winter since we don’t have facilities for them here yet. They’re okay the rest of the year in the pasture, but I won’t leave them out there in the cold until I get some good protection built for them.

    Damn I wanna go for a ride!

  6. We’ve had springlike weather here. Everything is blooming that shouldn’t be for weeks and tomorrow it’s supposed to snow. :sigh:

  7. Kila made me laugh…

    I understand hubbys aversion to pain killers… but sometimes you just need to rest the poor body. specially after what his has been through.

    Tell him he has my permission.

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