Midweek Bliss-Not Really

Louis is a bit of a spoiled brat-horse. Hubs says Louis and I are well suited for each other…hmmm.

BIL W’s blue roan gelding Smoky (aka jughead when BIL W isnt w/in earshot) is staying a few days at our place. Long story; one I am not happy about. I am not a boarding facility. I do however believe in repaying favors to people who I owe. In my time of need BIL has always been there to help. No way was I going to put up a fuss.

I am glad it’s Wednesday.

Heck, I have only worked one day this week. Took yesterday off but crammed so much into the day I would have been better off working. Does that make sense?

The grass is always greener…

on the other side.














BFF L 41st b-day was Sunday. OMG-I can remember her 16th b-day, most memorable, her 18th was also one hazily recounted between us in hushed whispers. Our kids know we arent saints but neither do they need to know the extent of our wild days.

Luckily, Bubba has been a good teenager so far. I am very lucky. But, of course, he is a teenager. I am not delusional. Screw ups are bound to happen. But, I do have to give the kid credit, so far he has used pretty good judgement.

Wee One is going to be the handful, I can already foresee the future in that one. Every morning is a battle. WO insists on wearing his cowboy hat and faded Carhartt coat to school. He has recently decided Spring is here. We noticed Robins about. Wee One put up his black felt cowboy hat and brought out his straw one……I do have to agree he is the cutest little cowboy around. But, they do not allow hats at school. When his father picks him up at the end of the school day, the first thing Wee One does when he gets into the truck is plaster his cowboy hat onto his curls.



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5 responses to “Midweek Bliss-Not Really

  1. I am loving your little cowboy’s fashion sense. He knows to get the summer hat out now. I fear he may be a little early, though, according to mother nature.

  2. I can’t believe the spoiled brat part. Louis seems like such a placid horse. Hubs must be wrong. 😉

    So when are you going on vacation?

  3. heh, sure wish it was time to get out the straw hat around here! Not for a month or two it seems!

  4. Bubba reminds me of my oldest son. He was such a good teenager. I didn’t learn about his antics until after he was grown. LOL

    Would love to see pics of WO in that straw hat.

  5. I’m thinking precious Wee One is getting it out of his system now, and will be better as a teen. The ones that are little angels and never act up until they become teenagers are the worst (speaking from experience!). Sooner or later, it comes out. Sooner is better.

    Always love your horse photos.

    A spoiled wife is a happy wife. 😉

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