Global Warming My *ss. Hell is Freezin’ Over. Well, At least Oklahoma is Anyhow.

My cats are spoiled rotten.

They are both curled up warm and snug on the bed while the blizzard rages on outside. Marvin needs brushed but he’s gonna have to wait until later. I am exhausted from taking care of the 3 horses all day, getting them ready and stalls prepared for tonite’s even worse weather, 50 + wind, not to mention deadly winchills.

My flowers are covered and protected from the currently roaring blizzard.

Well, one thing to be thankful for, the damn power was only out for 2 hours.   


And Wee One’s Praying Mantis egg pods stayed warm enough for plentiful hatching in 3 weeks. WO is besides himself as an anxious expectant parent. Soon we will be caring for 300+ praying mantis babies……fun.

Last Saturday evening, my friend Vickie treated me to a night out at a live Sylvia Browne presentation in Tulsa. We had a ton of fun…….and just the ‘people watching’ alone was worth our ticket prices(Vick’s treat, I love her !). But, seriously, SB did say some pretty right on things. I have to agree with a lot of her theories and beliefs. I may not totally buy into her whole psychic spiel but she is a very heart-warming and lovely woman in person. I did also meet her husband, he gave me a good positive vibe.

My personal belief is that many of us are ”psychic‘. Some humans  just choose to be in ‘tune’ or more open, sensitive to our environment that allows us to channel the energy. I can cover a whole realm of information, ideas ect. But I think y’all get it 🙂

Gawd, this blizzard needs to cease, NOW.




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6 responses to “Global Warming My *ss. Hell is Freezin’ Over. Well, At least Oklahoma is Anyhow.

  1. Stay warm and keep your loved ones safe.


  2. I think some people have more discernment, that is for sure.

    Cats were psychic. heh heh

  3. Love the kitty pics. I just want to love on both of them. Marvin looks content with his new bud!

    What are Wee’s plans for 300 praying mantis? There is a plan, right??

    How long are you to have that third horse, BTW?

  4. Hopefully that was the last of Oklahoma snow for this winter!

    The Praying Mantis project–fun! My oldest boy and I did that a couple years ago!

    Agree that some folks are definitely more “in tune”. There is so much more for all of us to learn and take advantage of.

    • Julie

      Tim & I were talking and both agreed that you in Oklahoma have had more snow storms there than we have had here in Northern Michigan. That is weird! Our weather continues to be mild, low 50’s and partly sunny the rest of the week! Mornings are nippy (below freezing) but it warms up quickly.

  5. I think you must have gotten our cold weather too. We had very little snow and the temps have been warmer then normal. Little artic air came in this weekend but is gone now.

    The kitties look so happy and warm! My two snuggle right in with us at night when it’s cold. The only thing is they both stay on my side and I can’t move! Oh well, I love having them there.

    I’m back to blogging after taking a few weeks off after Skippy had to be put down. Still am in shock but life has to go on and each day gets a bit easier I think. I think. I can say it does and maybe that will convince me. :o)

    I think some people are just more in tune with what is going on around them. I have had a few instances that I just ‘knew’ something and sure enough it was right. Not into the crazy stuff at all but there is the gift of discernment.

    300 praying mantis eh?! What is Wee going to do with 300 praying mantis?????!!!!!! What a hoot!

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