Memories From Long Ago

All the hullabaloo about ‘Good Friday’. It’s a damn sacred Holiday for some people, leave it alone dammit. Weird coming from me eh? Lots behind that, am I still on the agnostic fence? a follower? I need more meditation on that whole subject. 12 years of parochial school kinda screwed me up a bit, not to mention a million other things.

Fond memories of painfully slowly going thru the Stations Of The Cross (Via Crucis) while trying to understand the Latin meanings and not stepping on any of the Nun’s Black habits. One memory sticks out like a bright ray of sunshine. It was a bitterly cold Easter Holiday so I was dressed in my downy warmest. I had ski mitts filled with feathers. The weekend before a tiny rip appeared on a sledding trip at Huntly’s Park. As our group solemnly paced the Stations, I would pluck out the downy feathers from the ripped hole in the mitt as we went along, leaving a faint but obvious feather trail behind me. At Station 11, my least favorite (it is the Station when Jesus is nailed to the cross), my mother noticed what I was doing. I was promptly given a solid arm pinch along with her stern ‘your are in trouble’ just wait until after mass look. Needless to say, I was picking up feathers while my mother waited at the confessionals for her chance to speak with Monsignor Kaminski.

Good memories.

 Here’s hamster man in my new office. He was pooped on this photo day, he’d been up fishing since before daylight. they caught a mess of fish over Spring Break. I have cool stuff in my office he can play with. My office is big and roomy with an extra large desk, decent Dell PC. Having an awesome IT girl on speed-dial helps. I love the abundance of square feet but I would trade half of it for a window.

Bubba is officially a legal driver-yikes. He’s been driving Wee one to school and WO loves it. It makes Wee feel ‘big’. So far Bubba is a safe driver. I have put the fear of  hades into him should he remotely screw up behind the wheel, especially where the cell phone is involved.

Hermit crab bath time.

All of Wee One’s pets are thriving. Everything from the red-ear slider turtles, to the hermit crabs, to the fish and even the ghost shrimp. WO is a nervous nellie waiting for the praying mantis’s to hatch-oh joy.

I am drawing the line to rodents-no gerbils, rats, ect. EW.

Scooter is miffed over Louis. Despite the fact I’ve been giving Scooter the most attention. This is a before spring grooming photo, Scooter looks much bettter today.

Louis is a keeper.


Big Easter Holiday plans ahead. Egg coloring + hunting + dinner. Wee one’s excited, his enthusiasm is refreshing and makes me smile.



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8 responses to “Memories From Long Ago

  1. ann

    So good to hear from you… can’t believe Bubba is driving.. and WO looks like he has grown so much. All the pets look good. Hope you have a very Happy Easter!

  2. Well, Good Friday and Happy Easter to you and yours 🙂 Easter has always been a favorite holiday of mine.

    Congrats to Bubba! “Driving privileges revoked with the first ticket or accident! Same goes if I ever see you without your seat belt on!” LOL Oh, I can’t wait. Convenient to have your own taxi service!

    Good luck with the hermit crabs! My boys had those, and gerbils. Gerbils actually make great pets. Or I could mail you a gecko 😉

  3. dickiebo

    Not considering opening up a zoo, are you, Ramblin’? lol.

  4. Happy Easter (current memories) 🙂

    Not much going on round here.

    Love ya

  5. Looks like Wee is going into the zoo business! What a hoot! It’s good for kids to have pets to take care of. We had all kinds of things too when our son was that age, even iguanas which I liked as long as they didn’t poop on me!!!! One used to sit on my shoulder while I was cleaning the floors!

    Go Bubba! Glad he is a safe driver, Wee would tell you if he wasn’t I bet! lol!

    Louis looks real good. I like that picture of his eye and your nails!

    Must head up to the stable to see the boys. Seems weird only having three. Grooming seems to go much faster now. Nick still is on stall rest from the shots in his back, another week or so and he will be able to go out. Poor guy. Will be bringing them home in a few weeks, got new mats all put in the stalls yesterday and will turn the water on this weekend. Have all the windows open to get some nice fresh air in there and need to wash all of the feed buckets and auto waterers.

    Take care my friend. Take care of YOU!!! I know you take care of everyone else.

  6. I remember those stations of the cross too. although I’m not certain I had a least favorite. I can see your trail of feathers. Made me laugh knowing the “sanctity” of the procession. Can only imagine the look you’d have gotten if a nun had discovered it.

    Bubba officially licensed. He must be proud. Good for him. I can envision WO proud too he gets to go with his big bro. Special memories there.

    WO does sound like he’s working towards having a private zoo. For me the rodents would be easier than the creepy crawly leathery skin kind of critters.

  7. so.. the w/e has come and gone (twice) ha

    Sorry I’m so late at getting around.

    What a wild assortment of pets! Do you “Play” with the hermit crabs… or what?

    We have a frog I hear croaking in our fish pond — I think it is black.

  8. latisha wiggins

    wanting to know the where abouts of the house you used to live in in response to your story back in October of 1996. curious to know if its in or near Pawhuska. I am the sister of Joannie Goodwin who was murdered in Pawhuska in September of 1996. Just curious about the house..

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