As Luck Would Have It…..

Y’all know I am an avid reader. I love to read and am an admitted addict. Recently I have had the opportunity to share my love of reading with a local literacy group who helps adults that cannot read or have limited reading skills. Even though by nature I am definitely not a people person, I am enjoying sharing my love of words to a certain couple of individuals who struggle with an ability a lot of us take for granted. And, the best part, I can do it while I am working! even better 🙂

In all honesty, my job is pretty cool. I have my own huge, private office (altho I may have to share it one day with another part-timer but not anytime soon). I like everybody I work with, 2 co-workers, 1 boss. My boss rocks. She is totally cool, doesnt freak out or put demands. She actually says “Thank you” and that she “appreciates” the work getting done……even though it is my job to do said work. My boss is totally flexible and does not play games of any sort, she is100% honest and up front, no guessing or head games. I realize just how fortunate I am to have had this position landed in my lap like it did.


Wee One (AKA Hamster) has proven to have excellent riding skills. He will literally spend all day long in the saddle without complaints……well, except for last weekend when he rode Scooter around for an hour bareback while WO wearing shorts. He was not happy about his hairy, itchy legs! haha, it’s that time of the year. All the horses have nearly lost all of their winter hair. With constant brushing and trimming their summer coats are starting to glisten.

WO’s Sea Monkeys are growing fast-they are kinda cool. Even I had some as a kid. I ordered mine from the back of a Godzilla comic book when I was in the 3rd grade. I bought WO’s Sea Monkey Kit for $5 at Wal-mart and put them in his Easter basket.

I think our praying mantis’s egg pods were duds. They havent hatched despite our careful care. I plan on contacting the company for a replacement or refund. I did charge it to my Capitol One mastercard, they are awesome about getting merchandise refunded or replaced.

Wee One’s baby chicks, all 13 of them, are thriving. Hubs gathered up the materials so BIL W can build their coop and pen. Right now they are living in the baby chick hutch, which is nice and roomy for them as well as warm and dry. It has a light and good ventilation but it needs cleaned and the cedar bedding replaced every few days which I am getting tired of doing. WO does a good job of feeding and watering them twice a day but he is too small to get the hutch cleaned, so that is up to me. I am not a chicken fan. One of the white ones is mean and pecks at me.

It has been raining since Friday. Louis needs to be ridden. He and I are getting along quite well but he does need some tuning up. I do not like the fact that I havent been able to ride him since thursday. I cannot even do any type of ground work because of the pouring down rain. I need some sunshine!!

We have already had to mow our lawn 3X this springtime. Everything is green and fresh outdoors. I am happy winter is over.

Our $1200 flat screen TV caught on fire 2 weeks ago. WO and I were home alone one evening. Hubs and Bubba were at a baseball game. I was packing for an out of town work trip, WO was in the living room drawing and watching the NICK channel. I walked thru the living room to get something out of the laundry room and smelled something ‘off‘. I just thought it was WO who had his Easter basket out sampling his candy. I continued on into my bedroom and was folding clothes when WO runs into my bedroom and says” call 911, the TV is smoking and making a scary noise! I’ll get the fire extinguisher and wait by the front door!” I run into the living room, see the screen is black but sound is still coming, also I hear a horrible electrical static coming from the back of the TV where black smoke is starting to billow out. Needless to say, I unplugged the TV and unhooked everything. I knew BIL W just got home from work so I called him and he rushed over (he lives at the end of our road sorta).BIL W took care of the rest. Grrrrrrr that TV was not even 2 years old!

People-do NOT buy TV’s from Sears. The last TWO we bought from there did not last past 3 years. Just a bit of advice from a burned customer.



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7 responses to “As Luck Would Have It…..

  1. Aniin BG,

    Freaky about the TV! We’ve had bad luck from WalMart with microwaves, but not with other stuff. Everything these days are designed to fall apart quickly.

    I’m glad you have a good job, mine is driving me crazy. I can’t stop stressing.

    Life is good otherwise and the others are well.

  2. thats scary. does it have to be turned on to start a fire?

  3. Always enjoy your updates; Wee One totally rocks 🙂

    Sea Monkeys are still the “sure thing” for a pet, LOL. Bummer about the Praying Mantis eggs. I can’t remember where we got our kit from. I know they can take several weeks to hatch. Good luck with the chicks!

    Scary about the TV. Glad WO was there to save the day! Was it covered by any warranty or insurance?

    Have fun at work 😉

  4. Your boss sounds great. I can’t even imagine a boss that’s not a game player. Pretty darn cool

    Wee looks so good in that pic. just like a natural for sure. When and how did he acquire “hamster” as a nick name?

    Sorry you’re not getting to ride. The rain is killing my plans too. Showing this weekend so it will probably be sunny since I have a roof to rely on. Mother Nature is just not kind to us horsey folks needing our fix. LOL

    As for Sears and a fire in the TV, I think I’d be filing a consumer complaint. That sounds very dangerous and less than 3 years for any appliance really sucks if you ask me.

  5. Phaedra96

    I will not buy an appliance(or anything I want to last longer than a week) from Wal-Mart and have not been in Sears in years because of their crappy clerks and personel. If I want to be treated like garbage, I could have a talk w/ex! I need a new microwave-took it ten years to bite the dust-and will go to a reliable appliance sales, the same place I purchased washer, dryer, fridge, stove. Hope you have a warrenty but, knowing Sears, it expired last week!!

  6. Checking in, thought I had commented on this post, a mind is a terrible thing to lose! :o(

    Glad you have a good work place!!!! That just makes life so much easier all the way around. I feel so badly for people that hate their jobs or have really miserable people to work for.

    Baby chicks? Yay!! What fun! Wee will have a blast with this project! Sorry about the praying mantis eggs.

    That would have scared me to death to walk in and see my tv on fire and smoking! I will not be buying one from Sears, I need a new one for the lake house as the other one was ruined in the flood.

    Hope you have had a chance to ride. I haven’t yet as Lil’ Bud doesn’t have his front shoes on yet and our carriage trails have a lot of rocks. Have been taking Kipper for walks with me, we walked for 3 1/2 miles yesterday, WE BOTH NEED IT!

    Hope all is okay, take care and I think of you all often!

  7. Happy Mother’s Day BG!!! xoxox

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