All About Me


Welcome to The Reservation.

I am a 41 yo Native American woman (Chippewa-Saulte St. Marie tribe), married to a handsome redneck, living in Oklahoma.

 My husband and I have 2 great sons. They are so lovingly referred to as Bubba (our 16yo) and Wee One (our 6yo).

I am a waster of my higher education.  I was raised as a Catholic and schooled (grades 1-12) in a private Catholic school.

I was born and raised in Northern Michigan, all of my family lives there, I visit as often as I can.

I migrated to Oklahoma in 1989, I love the state of Oklahoma.

 My horse is 31 yo Scooter aka (The Old Guy and a 6yo Tobiano paint named, Louis.

I have loved horses my entire life, my earliest memories are of horses. I would most certainly perish if I could not be in the company of equines. 

My best friend in the whole world is L. lovingly referred to as best friend L.  she also moved to Oklahoma with me back in ’89.

 I like to have an occassional drink or two or three. I  have a potty-mouth. I like to hunt but not fish. I also take a million pictures with my camera, I enjoy the Great Outdoors. For the most part, I am a republican. I love to read, and I read ALOT. I watch very little TV.    

I basically live in the middle of no-where so my computer is my connection to the world.



7 responses to “All About Me

  1. Jamie Boyson

    Hey Lori,
    How are you doing? I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Doing great here in Texas. Busy with work, Raylyn’s school and ballet. Same ole stuff. Doing great other than my stupid allergies…:-(((( Oh well, part of life. Great to hear from you.


  2. Aniin BG,

    Love the picture!!! ((((Hugs))) I am so happy for you my best friend. Love you!!!

  3. Jamie-great to hear all is good down TX way 🙂

    brian-thnx! your so sweet. I have many kinks to work out over here at the NEW res..

  4. Lovelovelove the pictures! Wonderful! I am wishing you lots of peace and calm at your new reservation spot! D 🙂

  5. Diane-since everyone is always asking, I thought I’d post my picture…….and I couldnt leave out the animal family members either! I am loving WordPress…..blogger hated me anyhow,ha!

  6. Hubba Hubba! lol 🙂

    How’s the new homestead? I promise I’ll put some pics with my post this weekend!!!!

  7. I love it! you better put up some pics….or else 🙂