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Friday’s Ramblings


Wee One’s book reading group went really well. He behaved perfectly (yeah, I was in shock…still am). Wee One’s name was drawn out of the hat and he won a bug viewer! The theme of this summer’s reading group is Insects.

I stayed with Wee the whole time because all the other parents did the same. I was unable to explore the library for new reading material. Out of desperation, I picked up a paperback at the store: Coffin County (Paperback) by Gary A. Braunbeck .

I enjoyed the last 2 horror novels I’ve read so maybe 3 times is good luck.

Hot, humid, and windy all week. After the severe thunderstorms raced thru my part of Oklahoma last night, the winds have calmed a bit. They had been out of the South at sustained 35-40 mph with gusts to 50 mph. I was starting to go crazy from it…..literally.


In the very near future, I am going to make a day trip out of town to Bartlesville. I need to have some jewelry appraised for our home owners insurance. I am hoping my jeweler in Bartlesville returns my calls today, he will most likely be the least expensive. He is familiar with all of the items.

I’ve never actually paid someone to appraise jewelry before, will it be very expensive? Do they work by piece? I am taking 4 rings and a tennis bracelet. I have receipts/certificates on all but 1 ring.

I have not been in the saddle in over 1 week. I need to escape. This weekend isnt looking good either, dang it.

Hub’s family on his mother’s side is having a big family reunion this weekend. He is looking forward to seeing some cousins and family he has not visited with in years. I am not too excited about going except to see them too. There are some people who’ll be attending that…well, let me just say, I do not care a whole lot for and can barely be civil to their faces to save the peace. But, I really like my MIL and I would do just about anything NOT to cause her any upset or discomfort. Ill stop now because I think some of the ‘family’ reads my blog……thought I caught one trolling the other day.

Wee One has caught 2 baby toads. They are scared sh*tless and keep trying to escape. Hes had them for 2 days, I was thinking about letting them loose tonite after he goes to bed and tell him they ranaway while he was sleeping.

Is this mean of me to do?

I kinda like toads and do not want them to die. If they were icky green frogs, I probably wouldnt bother.

Wee One and I have plans to spend the afternoon in the pool.

Does he look ready to you?

Marv, my biggest fan this week. I feel loved. Er, not quite loved but really liked…especially when the food bowls are empty.


I appreciate everyone’s input on how our Presidential Election is shaping up! Very good comments by the way. I am always up for a debate or to hear other’s opinions whether I agree with them or not. That is one of the best things about blogging and also, I must not forget, sometimes the only adult interaction I may have on a daily basis. Hubs is working long hours, Bubba’s teen-age grunts and nods do not count. That leaves me with Wee One’s company 24/7 and he keeps calling me a Bubble Baby…………………..what is that?!?!



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Slooooow Turning Wheels

Scooter, “ Hey, no fair. Where’s my yard privilages?”

Me, ” you have 30 acres, go mow them”

Freddie, “yeah!”

Freddie is a pretty darn good lawn mower.

Gas has hit $3.65 a gallon here in Oklahoma. These days, I am trying to make my trips into town to a minimum. Which sucks! Because then I am stuck with 45 minutes or an hour to burn and nothing to do…..except spend money. I HAVE been packing along a book and reading in a shady spot, but damn, I could really use this time at home. It’s a no win situation.


The wheels of Justice turn ever so slowly.

But, at least the damn things are turning.

Over 2 years ago I posted about an Unsolved  murder of a 16 yo girl in my area.

This was not locally to me but a small town not too far off. I worked with people from this town and I knew ‘of‘ the people involved on a hearsay basis.

I heard recent rumors that this murder was going to be solved and by golly, I was thrilled to see this week’s papers! We have quite a few ‘unsolveds’ in my county. Hays’ murder weighed on my mind because I felt Law Enforcement knew who murdered Hays and did not give a rats ass because the suspect was already incarcerated and Hays was somewhat of a ‘lost soul’. Okay, maybe not all of the investigators felt that way….but the real people in charge had bigger fish to fry.

From the Pawhuska Journal Capital :

Eleven years may seem like a long time to wait, but the Osage County Sheriff’s Office feels like it finally got its man.

Since Amy Lee Schlock Hays, a 16-year-old teenager from Hominy, was killed in the summer of 1997, Ty Koch has been working the homicide. He was an investigator for the sheriff’s office back then, and has since risen to the ranks of sheriff.

Koch arrested Jeffrey Scott Garrison, 39, last Friday for the crime, and Garrison has been booked into the Osage County Jail with bail set at $1 million.

“Looking at our evidence, we hadn’t really gathered anything new, I just felt like we had enough for probable cause to issue an arrest warrant,” said Osage County District Attorney Larry Stuart. “I have looked at this for a long time, and I believe we have DNA evidence that links Jeff Garrison to the crime.”

The arrest affidavit claims that investigators were able to recover DNA evidence at the scene of the crime that pointed to Garrison. A hair was found at the scene of the crime by investigators, and mitochondrial DNA from that hair was tested and found to be consistent with a sample from Garrison, according to the court affidavit. In an interview, Garrison reportedly denied ever having been at the location of the crime.

According to court records, the decomposed body of Hays was found in an abandoned motel nearly 11 years ago. Hays was identified through dental records, and a strip of an American flag was found wrapped around her neck. An aluminum flag pole and the remains of the flag were found at the scene, the abandoned Velma’s Motel in Hominy. An autopsy by the state medical examiner determined the cause of death to be asphyxiation due to strangulation.

Hays was last seen on June 17, 1997, and two witnesses reported that she was either walking with Garrison, or he was following her, according to the arrest warrant.

Garrison had arrived in court for a hearing on an unrelated drug count, and was arrested for the 1997 murder at that time.

All I can say is I hope he gets the big fat Death Penalty. If Garrison was following her, he was planning her murder.



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No More Raisins! & The Book Of The Dead

Wee One is officially on a break from eating raisins.

He loves the little boxes of them.  I buy them by the case. They also keep Wee ‘regular’.

Ummm…..a bit too regular when paired with kiwi-strawberry juice.

Wee One and I took Bubba a SubWay lunch before the baseball team’s bus left the field for an away game Monday afternoon.

From the back seat I hear, “Mama, I gotta poop again!”

Me, “oh come on. Cant you wait until we get home?”

Wee One, “nope, thats too long. I may poops myself.”

Taking into consideration we are 15 minutes or more from our house I pull out of the baseball field and head towards town.

Wee One, “go to the library! it closest and I want a book.”

Good point Wee One. The bathrooms are always clean and never busy like GitNGo.

So while we were at the Library, I checked out an old book by Greg Isles, ‘Mortal Fear .

 I do not think I’ve read it, I will not know until I start it.
The best part of our PitStop, was when an old lady returned, Book of the Dead (Kay Scarpetta, book 15) by Patricia Cornwell .
I cannot wait to start reading it!
I received this book as a birthday gift. John Sanford’s newest paperback, Invisible Prey .

I bought a new Coach bag with my birthday loot. I’ve been wanting it badly. I plunked down the cash for it.

I still have a favorite fish.

Wee One has Preschool Graduation this Saturday and a cookout/picnic afterwards. They attend school until the 23rd though. It is going to be a family event, I may need to pack along my flask with some Jose Quervo in it….

Bubba has the record for RBI’s so far this year. He is really smacking that baseball! He is also doing a damn fine job covering 3rd base. Go Bubba!

No School for either one of them this Friday………….help.

Hubs new 3/4 ton 4X4 was delivered yesterday. It is his work truck. I do not think he needs Chrome everywhere imaginable, OnStar, XM radio, BlueTooth, and a Computer module in it!

But he has it……….so not fair.

Shhhh.  I secretly think the 2008 Chevy and GMC trucks are super ugly! I do not care how fancy smancy they are on the inside or how powerful the vortec super motor is…………they are uuuuuuuuuuugly.


I still have a favorite cat.

Marv has been awful lovey these days since I am rarely home. This last month has been super hectic. I keep thinking things are going to ‘calm’ down but they seem to only be getting busier.

My friend ET has gotten herself a job.

So now I am riding solo once again. Of course, I probably will not be alone for long because she changes jobs like normal people change their underwear. 

ET just started getting out of bed before noon to ride. I had to beg her to get her ass out of bed before our kids got out of preschool so we could get some riding in without kids. The few times we rode, we had a blast. Her boyfriend has a job but not one that makes a lot of money so she had to go to work part-time.

Gah! I need a new friend to ride with.

I enjoy riding alone but sometimes it is nice to have company…….someone Scooter and I actually like.


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Things I’ve Learned & More


 Some things I’ve recently learned:

Wednesday is not the day to be out shopping in my area. Wednesday is Senior Citizen Day in every store in the county. I have nothing against Senior Citizens except for the fact that the come out in droves, drive slow, then visit in the isles holding the cereal hostage.

Hubs has really gone over the deep religious end. He listens to the Tulsa Christian radio station. Along with hub’s regular church attendance, he also attended a weekend revival. Why cant I easily accept hub’s new found desire for religion? I am trying. As best friend L said, “hey, get over it. It’s better than the alternative.”

I am a sugarfree redbull addict. I usually drink one a day. Today I did not drink one and I’ve been really cranky and tired. Yep, I think I am an addict. Time to quit.

Wee came home from school Tuesday and informed me, “mama, I dont fart at school. I pass gas!

Scooter still does not like Freddie. I keep them seperated during feedings because of this. Rergardless, the first chance Scooter gets, he is snaking his head at Freddie with teeth bared or trying to kick the crap outta poor Freddie…Scooter is normally acceptable of other horses, I am not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll have to sell or give Freddie to a good home.

I am not allowed to come home from my Florida vacation without a Minnie Mouse for Wee One. Per Wee One’s orders.

I am leaving for my Florida vacation trip in 12 days. I am counting down………I cannot wait. I recently realized my family is joyful I am going away. They are happy I am going to get some R & R….maybe I will not be such a snarling, mean, mother after my short break.

I bought Tami Hoag’s: The Alibi Man to read on my trip. This is the 2nd novel Hoag has written featuring Elena Estes, an ex-cop but a superb horsewoman. I was happy when it came out in paperback, my local library seems to buy Danielle Steele novels by the bulk but rarely buy what I consider..the good stuff. In fact, I was shocked that they purchased ‘Duma Key.’

Sadly, I ran out of books to read and I had to start reading ‘The Alibi Man’ now. On my trip to Wal-Mart early this morning, I bought the book, OBSESSION: An Alex Delaware Novel by Jonathan Kellerman. I enjoy the Dr. Delaware books. They are psychological thrillers and just plain suspenseful. Definitely a good book to have my nose in during one of my layovers.

We have plenty of furniture. Why does Kitty have to pester Marvin and vice versa????? They are like having 2 more squabbling kids.

Wee One caught a catapillar at school today. The class named it ‘Herman’ after a worm character in their favorite storybook, “Herman, The worm“.

What I want to know is why couldnt Herman stay in the classroom??? Why did Ms.J insist we bring Herman home??? I think he’d have been alright over Spring Break, it started today.

Today is another wonderful weather day. We’ve missed the thunderstroms, I am afraid our luck might run out though. There are some in the forecast.

Hubs finished welding my flower borders. He bought a lot of white paint. We are going to paint the fences, gates, and the new border. I do not like to paint, I hope I can get out of it. He mentioned painting the house but I said lets wait and pay someone to do it….if they screw it up, they gotta fix it. I think for once, hubs agreed.

I have a lot more fodder for another The PreSchool Mothers post. Next time I get the urge to write, maybe Ill get it all written down….


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Spring Piranhas

Our fish have turned into piranhas.

The fish swim at you when you come anywhere near their tank.

If your feeding them, look out. The little gold one will actually propel itself up out of the water at your hand. This is Wee One’s favorite part of feeding the fish.

Suprisingly, the fish are pretty simple to care for and the tank is easy to clean. It has a pretty big filter system….which I am sure is why.

I won something!

‘The Riders Handbook’ was my prize won over at Home On The Range . It arrived in the mail and is an excellent read to ad to my small collection of Equine books. 


This is Wee One the day after his surgery. The little rubber snakes in his bowl? They had just arrived via courier as a gift from his 2 preschool teachers, Ms. J and Ms. T.

Wee One was obsessed with the little rubber snakes a classmate had one day. His kind and thoughtful teachers sent them out to Wee One as a ‘get well’ gift. That was days ago and he is still playing with them non-stop.

Speaking of gifts. My sister J mailed me out some beautiful blouses.

 Believe me, the photo doesnt do the top justice.

I love, love getting packages in the mail. I also love, love when my sister J cleans out her closet……..

One of the blouses is a brand spanking new beaded/sequined Ulla Popken, absolutely gorgeous. I’ve worn it twice already and have gotten many comments both times.

Thank you J! I am lucky to have you as my sister.

Ms. Kitty watching Bubba put the cover on his 4-wheeler last night.

 Spring (zeegwung) has arrived.

The weekend was beautiful in Oklahoma. Sunday was perfect weather, could not ask for better.

We all took advantage of it, even Wee One was allowed outside to run wild.

Wee One pointed out to me that my flowers are blooming from the bulbs we buried last year.

After Wee One looked at them for awhile, he picked them all.

Hubs promised to bring me home a fence to put around as a border today…he’d better not forget. I planted a lot of bulbs and they are just starting to sprout, they can barely be seen but they are there.

I am also seriously contemplating the idea of growing a small garden(gitigan) this year. We love fresh vegetables. I have only been able to grow tomatoes and various peppers in pots. This year I may take on an actual real garden. A small one.

Boys will be boys no matter how old they get….

I was persuaded into a basketball game of horse, when I smoked everyone, they turned on themselves. Just kidding, they were having a tickling match, dogpile on Bubba.

I did shoot some hoops though….

The last 3 days and nights, Scooter has only consumed about 1/2 of his hay. He has been grazing more because we have a lot of green grass already.

Scooter’s winter coat has come to it’s last stages, it is lifeless and dull looking, but underneath, I can see just the beginning of his new, shiny, warm weather coat coming in beautifully.

Soon, I shall be currying and working him over with the shedder…..

 “A short tale is soon told-and a short horse soon curried”

Walter Scott, The Abbot chapter 11 (1820)

Another sunset full of fire…

Busy week ahead. Wee One has his post-op MD visit in Tulsa, then back to school for him. Thursday, both boys are out on Spring Break. Friday I have Bubba’s parent teacher conferences, and we have 2 baseball games this week. 1 home and 1 game 2 hours away…

Man oh man, this time change is kicking my sorry *ss today, I cannot get my hiney in gear!

Scared to drink anymore coffee, I may get the shakes.
I am thankful for the longer daylight hours…..very thankful


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The Key

Beware the ides of March.
(Julius Caesar, 1.2.22)



On a very, very rare occasion, when I finish a book, a really exceptional book, I feel both exhilarated and down at the same time. 

 Duma Key was the best Stephen King novel I have read in years…years. He does not need little ole me tooting his horn but by golly I am.

godagendaagwakamigad: to be in a painful, bad, accident

I was only into the first 1/4 of the book and I could relate to Edgar, the main character in ‘Duma Key’.

Edgar suffers a near death accident, head injuries included. Edgar’s accident and injuries were far more serious than mine…but I could  relate to his confusion, anger, frustration, and, must not leave out the best part, the screaming headaches.

A month or so ago when King was promoting his book, I caught a sliver of an interview when he was on one of the morning news programs. King was explaining about how he incorporated in his injury and rehab from an accident when he wrote ‘Duma Key’.

July of 2001, I had a near fatal car accident. Among my injuries of breaks, and torn flesh, I suffered a severe closed head Injury.

That head injury changed me more than the skin and bone injuries. My injuries did not give me a psychic power or paranormal gifts or render me unconcious for days (I was only out for a few hours). Edgar in the book received psychic powers and a talent to paint masterpieces that actually changed people’s lives in the physical sense. Nothing so grand happened to me. The only thing my head injury did give me a helluva lot of grief.

The weeks and rehabilitation following my accident were indeed, the worst part of my life to date.

After my release from the hospital, eventually, I was given the okay by my physicians for a short 30 minute walk….with my walker of course. The walker on wheels.

These short strolls of 25 feet one way to the concrete bench outside the barn and horse-pasture were my salvation.

I would pop an extra vicoden and shuffle out to see Scooter. I would rest on the bench with my horse keeping me company in the summer shade of the tall cedar trees. Those short and painful trips out to my horse are what kept me going…..

Now this is the hard part, me describing how it changed me. 

The people closest to me can attest to a lot more than I’ll ever admit.

What I can say for fact is my memory has suffered and my attention span has shortened. Sometimes my thought process gets confused, like reading maps or complicated instructions, it takes a bit longer to register and process certain information. I noticed these changes immediately, especially when I returned to work after the accident……I was in a whole new world.

With a big sigh of relief, the above things have faded. The screaming headaches are almost completely gone, with the exception of a rare one sneaking up as a nasty reminder.

I have been a fan of Stephen King since my earliest teen years. Duma Key, The Stand, Misery, and Pet Cemetary are my favorite novels by King.

What is your favorite book by King?

If your not a fan, tell me about the best book and author you’ve read in the last year. My inquiring mind wants to know.



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OKC Mathematics Competition Trip

 We made good time on our trip South to OKC Friday evening. The traffic was busy, Oklahoma Highway Patrol was abundant. 

We entered onto I-35 at Ponca City.  The traffic was light until we were 1/2 way to OKC and then we encountered road construction. 

We checked into our hotel without incident. The boys had their noses in Bubba’s phone and Ipod touch. We had free wireless internet, so Bubba took advantage of that.

I am reading Stephen King’s Duma Key . What a great book! I cannot put it down, it is so good.

I have read a lot of good books the past 6 months, Duma Key is in the TOP 5.

We checked out of the hotel early so we could find Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics    and not be late.

The boys had both been there with their Gifted and Talented instructor last Fall but I have never been.

We had some time to burn, so we cruised downtown.


We checked out the State Capitol.

“umm, how do we get over there?”

We eventually found our way. 

Still having time to burn, we searched out a cup of coffee and found Java Dave’s.

JD’s was only a couple of blocks from OSSM and it had computers, free wireless, and delicious coffee.

Me, “were here!”

Boys, “awesome.”

Me, “ya nervous? know your math equations?” 

Bubba, “yep.”

J “yep.”

I look at them, they are as cool as cucumbers.

200+ kids and their parents attended.

I learned about the school in a small lecture type setting while the boys tested. It was a very informative event for me. There are so many good things about this school! However, there are quite a few things Bubba might not like about the school….such as there is not a competitive sports program, no cell phones, only allowed to drive their car to/fro home on weekends, they are allowed to come home every other weekend…just to name a few.

The pros outweight the cons but, Bubba without his sports is like a fish out of water.


Second and Third place in our division.

J also took 3rd place in another category which I have already forgotten. I wrote it down during the awards ceremony.

I was a proud mama!

** I want to add, 90% of the competing kids had either a teacher OR a math-coach with them, MY boys had neither **

 Driving home, not even close.


Their teenage brains recharging to give BG more grief.

No rest for me, I was driving.

2-lanes, getting closer. 

Almost home, only 60 miles to go….


Bubba and I go back to OSSM in April for a open house parent/kid type visit. Bubba has also been invited to another MathCounts 2 day workshop in June.


Hubs gets a gold star.

He is beginning to comprehend the meaning of choreplay.’

I came home to a clean house, vacuumed floors, laundry done, dishwasher loaded, happy Wee One, and animals all taken care of.

Despite it being nearly dark, I spent my necessary time with my horses (necessary means: necessary for my mental well being). Wee One was bouncing under foot in the barn, talking non-stop.

I could tell I was missed. I jumped in the shower and Wee One camped out on the bath-tub with his juice box and book. He read to me while I was loofa-ing. Soon here comes hubs, He parks himself on the side of the garden tub alongside Wee. Good thing I do not care about privacy anymore,eh?

We’ve had some wonderful sunny and very warm weather in Oklahoma. Today they are predicting severe storms…..I hope they miss us.


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