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Back In The Saddle


First off, let me tell y’all, you guys are the BEST! I’ve missed you and I want to thank you for your comments and emails in my blogging absence. Not a day has passed that The Rez, my friends, and blogging were ever far from my mind.

These days, I am busier than ever. If I thought I was busy before……nowadays, my life is just plain nuts. Sometimes, I am not sure whether I am coming, going, or standing still. I will begin regular writing and posting but just not as often as I have in the past. My new goal is now once a week or more frequent should the ‘urge’ strike me when I have time to sit down and pound it out on my keyboard.

Enough blabbering, here’s whats new on The Reservation…..

  • My hair is finally one length, everywhere. I just had it cut a few weeks ago, it took forever to grow my bangs back out.
  • Wee One goes to preschool all day! 8am – 2:30 pm. He loves it. He has 2 new teachers and Wee thinks they are the bomb. His favorite teacher from last year, Ms. J is now in charge of the school (the site’s manager).
  • Scooter is fat and happy. He is feeling better these days. A couple of weeks ago his arthritis was acting up and he was sore. Scooter started a new supplement that seems to be helping very much.
  • Freddie has went on to become a coon-hunting mount! He has a little grey girlfriend and is much happier at his new home.
  • My favorite fancy goldfish croaked…sniff sniff. I think the calicos were picking on him but hubs disagreed.
  • Kitty has gone to a new home where she will be the only cat. I just heard from her new elderly owner, Kitty is very happy in her new quiet environment.
  • Marvin is still as fat as ever…..and crabby as ever.

  • Bubba was homecoming Freshmen attendant. He was very proud! He is also doing good in school and football. Bubba is playing for the JV and the Varsity.
  • We went to N.MI and visited my family this summer. We had a wonderful time. It was so good to see all of my family! I miss them so much. We drove home thru WI, MN, IA, and KS. 

  • We gained a new family member, a 10 month old spayed female Shih Tzu named Harlie. She is very smart, trained, and LOVES to play. Needless to say, Wee One and Harlie are inseperable. Marvin is less than thrilled.
  • Hub’s new wells were successful and work is busy for him which means things are going well for my family.
  • Fall has arrived…despite our 80 degree temps. Fall is my favorite season and I am enjoying it once again.
  • I am still discouraged with our choice for presidential candidates! I like Palin. Hubs thinks she is hot but says he is writing in Hillary when he goes to vote. WTF?!?!?! Obama? I think he is a very big mistake……a very very big one.

Despite my crazy, chaotic life and having to live within a certain budget, what it boils down to, is….my life is pretty darn good. The only thing I ever aspired to do was to live surrounded by horses (well, horse these days for now) in the country, enjoying the outdoors, being able to read and write until my heart is content.

Megwetch to all my friends! I shall be around shortly…….



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Res Update

Rain, rain, and more thunderstorms coming my way soon.

Yesterday was a windy but beautiful day. However, I was unable to enjoy it because there was too much going on at home and away from home. Hubs and the boys did sneak in a quick swim. Lucky them, my tan is fading!

Tragedy has struck smalltown Oklahoma. I am sure you’ve all heard the horrific story about the Oklahoma school girls shot and killed in Weleetka. 2 shooters, 2 guns, 2 awful murders. No suspects. LE is really working hard to catch the killers but the clues are few.

13-year-old Taylor Paschal-Placker and 11-year-old Skyla Whitaker were gunned down execution type style a quarter of a mile from one of the girl’s homes. This horrendous crime took place in a 25 minute time frame on a desolate rural dirt road last Sunday. This could have been anywhere in SmallTown USA.

LE thinks the killers are local. If they are, I know too well how hard secrets are too keep in a small town. I hope someone comes forward with the info LE needs soon. There is much speculation and I’ll leave it to the rumor-mill message boards.

Kitty has been really playful. Here she is waiting for someone to hold the front door open so she can speed outside which is OFF LIMITS.

Freddie heard me talking to the horse-shoer. My horse-shoer’s wife has a lonely donkey and she likes Freddie, they want Freddie. I said maybe………hmmmm

Scooter strolling up to the barn for another fly-spraying. OMG! the freakin’ flies are awful.

We have our racing turtles for Saturday’s Founders Day celebration. They will be all turned loose immediately after the races. Wee One is excited! Best friend L and her daughter are coming over Saturday morning to spend the day and go to the festivities with us.

The baby toads were sprung loose last weekend-they all survived.

Wee One’s new favorite TV show is the old Incredibile Hulk shows on the SciFi channel. He calls it ‘the green man’ show. Wee wants to go see the new Hulk movie but I told him it was for older kids, he wasnt happy about that.

Things have been nuts around here the past few months. I keep thinking it will all calm down but I am losing faith. I hate being this busy all the time.

Hopefully the rain holds off, Wee One and I are off to see Bubba’s baseball game. I hope we win!



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Friday’s Ramblings


Wee One’s book reading group went really well. He behaved perfectly (yeah, I was in shock…still am). Wee One’s name was drawn out of the hat and he won a bug viewer! The theme of this summer’s reading group is Insects.

I stayed with Wee the whole time because all the other parents did the same. I was unable to explore the library for new reading material. Out of desperation, I picked up a paperback at the store: Coffin County (Paperback) by Gary A. Braunbeck .

I enjoyed the last 2 horror novels I’ve read so maybe 3 times is good luck.

Hot, humid, and windy all week. After the severe thunderstorms raced thru my part of Oklahoma last night, the winds have calmed a bit. They had been out of the South at sustained 35-40 mph with gusts to 50 mph. I was starting to go crazy from it…..literally.


In the very near future, I am going to make a day trip out of town to Bartlesville. I need to have some jewelry appraised for our home owners insurance. I am hoping my jeweler in Bartlesville returns my calls today, he will most likely be the least expensive. He is familiar with all of the items.

I’ve never actually paid someone to appraise jewelry before, will it be very expensive? Do they work by piece? I am taking 4 rings and a tennis bracelet. I have receipts/certificates on all but 1 ring.

I have not been in the saddle in over 1 week. I need to escape. This weekend isnt looking good either, dang it.

Hub’s family on his mother’s side is having a big family reunion this weekend. He is looking forward to seeing some cousins and family he has not visited with in years. I am not too excited about going except to see them too. There are some people who’ll be attending that…well, let me just say, I do not care a whole lot for and can barely be civil to their faces to save the peace. But, I really like my MIL and I would do just about anything NOT to cause her any upset or discomfort. Ill stop now because I think some of the ‘family’ reads my blog……thought I caught one trolling the other day.

Wee One has caught 2 baby toads. They are scared sh*tless and keep trying to escape. Hes had them for 2 days, I was thinking about letting them loose tonite after he goes to bed and tell him they ranaway while he was sleeping.

Is this mean of me to do?

I kinda like toads and do not want them to die. If they were icky green frogs, I probably wouldnt bother.

Wee One and I have plans to spend the afternoon in the pool.

Does he look ready to you?

Marv, my biggest fan this week. I feel loved. Er, not quite loved but really liked…especially when the food bowls are empty.


I appreciate everyone’s input on how our Presidential Election is shaping up! Very good comments by the way. I am always up for a debate or to hear other’s opinions whether I agree with them or not. That is one of the best things about blogging and also, I must not forget, sometimes the only adult interaction I may have on a daily basis. Hubs is working long hours, Bubba’s teen-age grunts and nods do not count. That leaves me with Wee One’s company 24/7 and he keeps calling me a Bubble Baby…………………..what is that?!?!


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Sum Sum Summertime

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate..
(Sonnet 18 )

Summer, I love it.

Fall is still my all time favorite season but summer is a very close second.

We’ve been getting a lot of pool time this week. It’s been hot and very humid, no storms until late Thursday and Friday.

Bubba will be back from football camp today. He also has a baseball tournament starting later this afternoon about an hour and a half away. Bubba will be wore out…

Wee One’s first reading group starts tomorrow afternoon at the library. I hope he behaves and isnt too loud. He’s been looking forward to it.

I am in a reading slump. After reading some very good books, I cannot find anything good worth reading-frack!    

While Wee One is busy and distracted with the reading program, I am going to try and explore the library for some fresh and new reading material. This may be wishful thinking on my part but I am still going to search the shelves.

I get so irritated at whom ever buys the books for the library. They seem to favor Danielle Steele, Harlequin Romance, and other obscure, boring books. These are books the opposite of my tastes. It would be absolute torture for me to endure a Harlequin Romance novel. I know there are people out there who enjoy this type of reading, it is just not for me. Of course, I’ve given my opinion in the suggestion box……..when it was available. Maybe they didnt like what I had to say.

Scooter still has the ‘droopy lip’ syndrome.

Not the best photo of his hoof. I was trying to show the ‘new natural’ trim I started using on the Old Guy last year. He has not had shoes on since. But, I am not a hard rider nor do I ride over much rough terrain so that makes a huge difference.

A very unflattering photo of Scooter’s *ss. Well, unless you like the gigantic AQHA hips which I happen to fancy.

Scooter was relaxed and dozing by the fence while we were in the pool yesterday evening.

The sun was getting low. We had to get out of the pool and head out to the ropings for awhile. It was boring out there too…..not many people out, it was hot.


Anyone out there own Crocs ?

I mean the real ones. The knock-offs do not even come close to the real deal.

Crocs are a bit pricey. They are unattractive but damn, they are comfy to slip on for a VERY casual shoe. They clean up really easily. I have trouble keeping my shoes clean but my crocs are easily wiped up into good condtion.

I have this pair in black.

I want a pair of these for summer in lilac or sea foam….

I gotta have a pair of these for Fall!



So what do y’all think about Obama beating Hillary? I want to hear what you think about the up coming election this Fall. * everyone’s opinion is welcome and appreciated


Obama scares the bejeezus outta me.




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I’m With Stupid

More tornadic storms too close for comfort on Saturday.

Saturday morning we woke up to rumbling skies which cleared into a very hot, humid afternoon and evening. Early evening all heck broke loose.

For most of the afternoon, I had Scooter either tied up or in his stall because he needed a vaccination booster, the horse shoer was scheduled, Scooter needed a heavy duty bug spray treatment, and a good grooming. Just general ‘horse-keeping’ so to speak. Hubs and the boys were doing yard work at home and at Bubba’s yard jobs.

Bubba had a double-header in Keystone scheduled at 2pm but it was pushed back until 6 pm because of the severe thunderstorms to the South of  us. We had all planned on going until the games were rescheduled. It is over an hour away and 11 pm is too late for Wee One to be out and about. I had planned on going so hubs could stay home but hubs said he wanted to so (I went to the last double-header that lasted until 11:30 pm) I guess he figured it was his turn. I am not a huge baseball fan. Hubs loves baseball so he enjoys it more than I.

Anyhow, I get the family on the road to the game. Wee One helps me finish our evening barn chores and we go inside. I give Wee his bath and dinner and his nite-time meds. I do some laundry and notice Wee One is out like a light, he was pooped out. I glance out the kitchen window looking at the pasture to notice the ominous weather approaching.  Then I see Scooter come galloping up to the barn and Freddie speeding around bucking like crazy.

I thought this was weird because as soon as Scooter was turned out he trotted off to the back 30 acres to eat where hubs had brush-hogged. The grass would be easy for Scooter to reach and he was wanting to graze since I kept him busy better part of the day.

 I step out onto the front porch and hear the tornado sirens going off in our tiny town. Sh*t!

 Hmmmm. Back indoors I go and check the TV. Yep, sure enough, tornados are forming and I could possibly be in th e direct path. Double sh*t!

I go back outside to have another looksie.

Yeah I know. I should just listen to the weatherman on TV telling me to seek cover immediately but I gotta SEE it for myself.

Maybe take a photo like the one below…..yep thats the storm.

I sorta wander around in my long driveway debating on whether to roust Wee One from his deep slumber and dash over to the in-laws safe room or tough it out in the possibly snakey cellar.

Deciding towards jumping in the car and speeding into town to the inlaws I start walking back towards the house when a county sheriff deputy (didnt know the guy, he is a newbie but lives in our tiny town) comes speeding down my driveway off the county road. His lights blazing and siren blaring, Deputy does a u-turn in my drive and hollers for me to get inside or get into a shelter.

Duh! I had already made that decision, guess I wasnt moving fast enough for him.

Only this would happen to me……..

I suppose the Deputy saw me wandering around looking stupid and thought I needed instructions. After doing the U-turn and getting back onto the road, I saw him turning into the goat rancher’s drive way.

Maybe they were wandering around looking stupid in their front yard too.

Truthfully, the Deputy was just notifying people who live on the outskirts of our tiny town. Just doing his job. Enough poking fun at Barney Fife.

Inside I go, mule pack Wee One to the car. Over to the inlaws we race until the coast was clear. Wee One slept thru it all and I had to carry him the whole way-in/out of the car and in/out of the houses. Luckily, Wee One is still about 15 pounds lighter than a sack of horse feed.

Stooooooooopid weather interrupted my relaxing evening. Why did I ever move to tornado alley anyways? It never really bothered me until I had kids to look after-dang.

Of course the whole time, hubs is calling my cell phone wondering what was going on because he heard on the radio about the tornados. Geesh, calling once was fine but 5 times is a little excessive.

I have a love/hate relationship with my cell phone.

I love it because I depend on it so much but damn I hate it when people are always bothering me thru it.

Come to think of it…….I have a love/hate relationship with hubs. Oh, I’m getting nasty so I’ll quit right now.

Marv wants a belly rub.

Bubba won both games. No home runs because he was purposefully walked! So not fair-he was never thrown a strike or even a pitch he could possibly hit. Bubba was a bit disgusted as was the other home-run hitter on his team. The other good hitter was walked each time he batted-isnt there a rule against that some where???

It been thunderstorming since before daylight……..not sure if it ever quit from last night.

Off to do a little sun dance and see it he’s listening.


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Something To Smile About

Scooter has a freezebrand. Now that the microchips are becoming popular, I hear more about those but I still am a huge fan of branding. A brand is out there for all to see and cannot be messed with…well, I suppose it can but not very successfully. Some horses are tattooed, mostly racing stock. This is going somewhere I promise.

Last week my friend thwarted her neighbor’s horses being stolen. I can’t go into any details I am privy to. The investigation is still ongoing and the perps are still incarcerated in the County jail, not only on horse thievery but on Federal Indian Nation warrants (it was Indian land where the crime occured). Also: possession of a dangerious substance with intent to distribute (meth), motor vehicle violations and the driver of the pick up truck was driving on suspension (idiots!).

Needless to say my friend doesnt wish to broadcast herself being involved in the big bust. It was her neighbor’s good fortune my friend had a dental appointment that morning and stayed home from work.

Have I mentioned that cattle and horse rustlers can still be hanged in Oklahoma? I know this for a fact from when I had a horse stolen in ’90. It isnt practiced because the laws are vague when challenged, dammit. I’ve written about that horrible experience of having a horse stolen here before. It is an awful feeling. I recovered mine but there are hundreds that are stolen and never find their way home.

These people here Stolen Horse International do an awesome job in aiding in the recovery of stolen horses and also help with tips on how to prevent it.


Enough times I find myself whining or complaining when I should not be. So, I am going to list some good things going on right now instead of b*tching about what isnt.

* Yesterday, Wee One and I were getting ready to go swimming, I came out of my bedroom wearing my swimsuit….more like a swimdress to cover up my fat *ss. Wee One exclaims, “Oh mama! you look so pretty in your suit!” Before you ask, YES his eyes have been checked! Love is blind, no?

* I paid off one of my charge accounts in full this week. Now my only debt is my Capitol One Mastercard with a balance of under $200. I suppose hubs (aka the money police) is worthy of his title The Money Police. If I could just not use my MC….

* It looks like we are going to Northern Michigan the end of July to visit my family! I am beyond thrilled about this!!!!!!! I havent been home to N.MI in nearly 2 years. I am so excited about our trip despite the fact that we have to drive and it is a very, very long trip.

* I have been doing a good job of saving $ on gas since school is out. Rain and nasty weather have canceled Bubba’s last 2 games and his practices (the field is too wet). Next week Bubba is off to football camp and then he has a baseball tournament (there goes my gas budget!).

* Wee One’s first reading group starts next week at the Library. This year’s theme is insects-exactly what Wee One loves. We are looking forward to it.

* I’ve quit being so obsessive about my house being clean. I have slacked off tremendously on being freakishly anal about it. I think the crazy medicine my MD has put me on has helped but it makes me sorta tired when I’d rather be manic. Suprisingly, no one seems to notice I am only vacuuming every other day except me.

* Wee One and I baked a cake this morning, he is ready to frost it now. I hope this gluton-free cake mix tastes better than the last one we made….it looks good.

* Today the sun is out!


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A Complete Wash-out

Stupid weather!

This holiday weekend is turning into a rainsoaked one.

When we arent dodging tornados, we are sweating our asses off because it is hot and very humid. Wee One sounds like a broken record, “can we go swimming now?” “can we go swimming now?” “can we go swimming now?” The skies are heavy with dreary, gray clouds……..I want the sun. I need the sun!

I am glad our AC works great….otherwise, I would be in really bad shape.

(1st swim of the year photo 5/20)

Bubba had a double-header yesterday, he won 1 and lost 1. Not too bad since it’s the 1st loss of their season. They were playing against kids 1 year older too and got beat by 2 runs.

Wee One made a friend during the 8th grade graduation ceremonies. We did have awesome front row seats until Wee One started throwing pebbles into the kids down on the field-gah! Wee One is sucha  brat! I wanted to strangle him…..well, not literally but you get the idea.

Bubba getting his diploma. He received 14 awards, 11 of those were academic ones. Go Bubba!

OMG, I cannot seem to grasp he is a high schooler now……

Scooter loves to eat.

Scooter’s arthritis has been acting up since the weather has turned hot and humid. I guess the humidity is what is bothering. I have not ridden him in nearly a week. He is not lame but he is stiff so I am taking it easy with him and not riding him at all.

Not a good photo because I was in a rush to take the picture.

This is a baby snapping turtle. The kind that get HUGE and will bite off people’s body parts! It wandered into our front yard from the pond out back (I guess).

Anyways, I was rushing to get the photo because the little guy STUNK like he was dead-EWWWW. It wasnt dead but smelled horrible, I cannot imagine what the ginormous adult turtles smell like…

You can bet I scrubbed everyone’s hands, germXed them, and cloroxed the ONE spot inside the house where the turtle touched-EWWWWWW.

The turtle was gone this morning.

Marvin has taken a liking to Wee’s monkey…… least he doesnt chew holes!

I hope we see the sun soon………


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