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Back In The Saddle


First off, let me tell y’all, you guys are the BEST! I’ve missed you and I want to thank you for your comments and emails in my blogging absence. Not a day has passed that The Rez, my friends, and blogging were ever far from my mind.

These days, I am busier than ever. If I thought I was busy before……nowadays, my life is just plain nuts. Sometimes, I am not sure whether I am coming, going, or standing still. I will begin regular writing and posting but just not as often as I have in the past. My new goal is now once a week or more frequent should the ‘urge’ strike me when I have time to sit down and pound it out on my keyboard.

Enough blabbering, here’s whats new on The Reservation…..

  • My hair is finally one length, everywhere. I just had it cut a few weeks ago, it took forever to grow my bangs back out.
  • Wee One goes to preschool all day! 8am – 2:30 pm. He loves it. He has 2 new teachers and Wee thinks they are the bomb. His favorite teacher from last year, Ms. J is now in charge of the school (the site’s manager).
  • Scooter is fat and happy. He is feeling better these days. A couple of weeks ago his arthritis was acting up and he was sore. Scooter started a new supplement that seems to be helping very much.
  • Freddie has went on to become a coon-hunting mount! He has a little grey girlfriend and is much happier at his new home.
  • My favorite fancy goldfish croaked…sniff sniff. I think the calicos were picking on him but hubs disagreed.
  • Kitty has gone to a new home where she will be the only cat. I just heard from her new elderly owner, Kitty is very happy in her new quiet environment.
  • Marvin is still as fat as ever…..and crabby as ever.

  • Bubba was homecoming Freshmen attendant. He was very proud! He is also doing good in school and football. Bubba is playing for the JV and the Varsity.
  • We went to N.MI and visited my family this summer. We had a wonderful time. It was so good to see all of my family! I miss them so much. We drove home thru WI, MN, IA, and KS. 

  • We gained a new family member, a 10 month old spayed female Shih Tzu named Harlie. She is very smart, trained, and LOVES to play. Needless to say, Wee One and Harlie are inseperable. Marvin is less than thrilled.
  • Hub’s new wells were successful and work is busy for him which means things are going well for my family.
  • Fall has arrived…despite our 80 degree temps. Fall is my favorite season and I am enjoying it once again.
  • I am still discouraged with our choice for presidential candidates! I like Palin. Hubs thinks she is hot but says he is writing in Hillary when he goes to vote. WTF?!?!?! Obama? I think he is a very big mistake……a very very big one.

Despite my crazy, chaotic life and having to live within a certain budget, what it boils down to, is….my life is pretty darn good. The only thing I ever aspired to do was to live surrounded by horses (well, horse these days for now) in the country, enjoying the outdoors, being able to read and write until my heart is content.

Megwetch to all my friends! I shall be around shortly…….



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Res Update

Rain, rain, and more thunderstorms coming my way soon.

Yesterday was a windy but beautiful day. However, I was unable to enjoy it because there was too much going on at home and away from home. Hubs and the boys did sneak in a quick swim. Lucky them, my tan is fading!

Tragedy has struck smalltown Oklahoma. I am sure you’ve all heard the horrific story about the Oklahoma school girls shot and killed in Weleetka. 2 shooters, 2 guns, 2 awful murders. No suspects. LE is really working hard to catch the killers but the clues are few.

13-year-old Taylor Paschal-Placker and 11-year-old Skyla Whitaker were gunned down execution type style a quarter of a mile from one of the girl’s homes. This horrendous crime took place in a 25 minute time frame on a desolate rural dirt road last Sunday. This could have been anywhere in SmallTown USA.

LE thinks the killers are local. If they are, I know too well how hard secrets are too keep in a small town. I hope someone comes forward with the info LE needs soon. There is much speculation and I’ll leave it to the rumor-mill message boards.

Kitty has been really playful. Here she is waiting for someone to hold the front door open so she can speed outside which is OFF LIMITS.

Freddie heard me talking to the horse-shoer. My horse-shoer’s wife has a lonely donkey and she likes Freddie, they want Freddie. I said maybe………hmmmm

Scooter strolling up to the barn for another fly-spraying. OMG! the freakin’ flies are awful.

We have our racing turtles for Saturday’s Founders Day celebration. They will be all turned loose immediately after the races. Wee One is excited! Best friend L and her daughter are coming over Saturday morning to spend the day and go to the festivities with us.

The baby toads were sprung loose last weekend-they all survived.

Wee One’s new favorite TV show is the old Incredibile Hulk shows on the SciFi channel. He calls it ‘the green man’ show. Wee wants to go see the new Hulk movie but I told him it was for older kids, he wasnt happy about that.

Things have been nuts around here the past few months. I keep thinking it will all calm down but I am losing faith. I hate being this busy all the time.

Hopefully the rain holds off, Wee One and I are off to see Bubba’s baseball game. I hope we win!



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Things I’ve Learned & More


 Some things I’ve recently learned:

Wednesday is not the day to be out shopping in my area. Wednesday is Senior Citizen Day in every store in the county. I have nothing against Senior Citizens except for the fact that the come out in droves, drive slow, then visit in the isles holding the cereal hostage.

Hubs has really gone over the deep religious end. He listens to the Tulsa Christian radio station. Along with hub’s regular church attendance, he also attended a weekend revival. Why cant I easily accept hub’s new found desire for religion? I am trying. As best friend L said, “hey, get over it. It’s better than the alternative.”

I am a sugarfree redbull addict. I usually drink one a day. Today I did not drink one and I’ve been really cranky and tired. Yep, I think I am an addict. Time to quit.

Wee came home from school Tuesday and informed me, “mama, I dont fart at school. I pass gas!

Scooter still does not like Freddie. I keep them seperated during feedings because of this. Rergardless, the first chance Scooter gets, he is snaking his head at Freddie with teeth bared or trying to kick the crap outta poor Freddie…Scooter is normally acceptable of other horses, I am not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll have to sell or give Freddie to a good home.

I am not allowed to come home from my Florida vacation without a Minnie Mouse for Wee One. Per Wee One’s orders.

I am leaving for my Florida vacation trip in 12 days. I am counting down………I cannot wait. I recently realized my family is joyful I am going away. They are happy I am going to get some R & R….maybe I will not be such a snarling, mean, mother after my short break.

I bought Tami Hoag’s: The Alibi Man to read on my trip. This is the 2nd novel Hoag has written featuring Elena Estes, an ex-cop but a superb horsewoman. I was happy when it came out in paperback, my local library seems to buy Danielle Steele novels by the bulk but rarely buy what I consider..the good stuff. In fact, I was shocked that they purchased ‘Duma Key.’

Sadly, I ran out of books to read and I had to start reading ‘The Alibi Man’ now. On my trip to Wal-Mart early this morning, I bought the book, OBSESSION: An Alex Delaware Novel by Jonathan Kellerman. I enjoy the Dr. Delaware books. They are psychological thrillers and just plain suspenseful. Definitely a good book to have my nose in during one of my layovers.

We have plenty of furniture. Why does Kitty have to pester Marvin and vice versa????? They are like having 2 more squabbling kids.

Wee One caught a catapillar at school today. The class named it ‘Herman’ after a worm character in their favorite storybook, “Herman, The worm“.

What I want to know is why couldnt Herman stay in the classroom??? Why did Ms.J insist we bring Herman home??? I think he’d have been alright over Spring Break, it started today.

Today is another wonderful weather day. We’ve missed the thunderstroms, I am afraid our luck might run out though. There are some in the forecast.

Hubs finished welding my flower borders. He bought a lot of white paint. We are going to paint the fences, gates, and the new border. I do not like to paint, I hope I can get out of it. He mentioned painting the house but I said lets wait and pay someone to do it….if they screw it up, they gotta fix it. I think for once, hubs agreed.

I have a lot more fodder for another The PreSchool Mothers post. Next time I get the urge to write, maybe Ill get it all written down….


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Spring Piranhas

Our fish have turned into piranhas.

The fish swim at you when you come anywhere near their tank.

If your feeding them, look out. The little gold one will actually propel itself up out of the water at your hand. This is Wee One’s favorite part of feeding the fish.

Suprisingly, the fish are pretty simple to care for and the tank is easy to clean. It has a pretty big filter system….which I am sure is why.

I won something!

‘The Riders Handbook’ was my prize won over at Home On The Range . It arrived in the mail and is an excellent read to ad to my small collection of Equine books. 


This is Wee One the day after his surgery. The little rubber snakes in his bowl? They had just arrived via courier as a gift from his 2 preschool teachers, Ms. J and Ms. T.

Wee One was obsessed with the little rubber snakes a classmate had one day. His kind and thoughtful teachers sent them out to Wee One as a ‘get well’ gift. That was days ago and he is still playing with them non-stop.

Speaking of gifts. My sister J mailed me out some beautiful blouses.

 Believe me, the photo doesnt do the top justice.

I love, love getting packages in the mail. I also love, love when my sister J cleans out her closet……..

One of the blouses is a brand spanking new beaded/sequined Ulla Popken, absolutely gorgeous. I’ve worn it twice already and have gotten many comments both times.

Thank you J! I am lucky to have you as my sister.

Ms. Kitty watching Bubba put the cover on his 4-wheeler last night.

 Spring (zeegwung) has arrived.

The weekend was beautiful in Oklahoma. Sunday was perfect weather, could not ask for better.

We all took advantage of it, even Wee One was allowed outside to run wild.

Wee One pointed out to me that my flowers are blooming from the bulbs we buried last year.

After Wee One looked at them for awhile, he picked them all.

Hubs promised to bring me home a fence to put around as a border today…he’d better not forget. I planted a lot of bulbs and they are just starting to sprout, they can barely be seen but they are there.

I am also seriously contemplating the idea of growing a small garden(gitigan) this year. We love fresh vegetables. I have only been able to grow tomatoes and various peppers in pots. This year I may take on an actual real garden. A small one.

Boys will be boys no matter how old they get….

I was persuaded into a basketball game of horse, when I smoked everyone, they turned on themselves. Just kidding, they were having a tickling match, dogpile on Bubba.

I did shoot some hoops though….

The last 3 days and nights, Scooter has only consumed about 1/2 of his hay. He has been grazing more because we have a lot of green grass already.

Scooter’s winter coat has come to it’s last stages, it is lifeless and dull looking, but underneath, I can see just the beginning of his new, shiny, warm weather coat coming in beautifully.

Soon, I shall be currying and working him over with the shedder…..

 “A short tale is soon told-and a short horse soon curried”

Walter Scott, The Abbot chapter 11 (1820)

Another sunset full of fire…

Busy week ahead. Wee One has his post-op MD visit in Tulsa, then back to school for him. Thursday, both boys are out on Spring Break. Friday I have Bubba’s parent teacher conferences, and we have 2 baseball games this week. 1 home and 1 game 2 hours away…

Man oh man, this time change is kicking my sorry *ss today, I cannot get my hiney in gear!

Scared to drink anymore coffee, I may get the shakes.
I am thankful for the longer daylight hours…..very thankful


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Silver And Bells


My obsession with my latest gadget is ebbing…or I am just too dang busy to mess with it.

Hubs is still waiting for his ‘show‘. His odds might be better if he would fold a load of laundry or unload the dishwasher……..

Miss Kitty has been rambunctious the last few days. 

I took this photo on Monday, she played with that plastic green ball for hours. She even snuck outside when I was carrying in a case of bottled water through the front doors. 

Wee One said, “oh! Kitty ran outside!!” At first I thought, “surely not“. But yep there she was headed down the steps. Kitty did not get far before I called her back up on the porch and she raced back indoors.  

Marvin is still not happy about his weight-control food. He is not thrilled with Kitty’s recent wild kitten behavior either…… thinks he and I both need a vacation from here.

 I may or may not be posting before Christmas. So,

Happy Holidays!

To Everyone!


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The 4-Legged Ones

 agh-yesterday I came down with some sort of sickness/ear infection.

I feel awful w/ ear-ache, bad body aches, and fever.

I swear I caught it from Pamela. This is what I get for thinking I had been feeling pretty darn good lately! 

There is not time for me to be ill-stricken, dammit.


Scooter was sunning himself yesterday morning. I could not help taking his photo out the back door.

The rescue TWH mare is located about an hour away from my home. I am hoping to go see her next weekend. I am worried she may be out of my price range or already adopted. If it is the latter I will be happy for her. Anyhow, wish me luck!

Monday morning I am driving my Father-in-law to his eye surgery, Tuesday morning he has an immediate follow-up appointment back in Tulsa.

Bubba’s final game of his 8th grade season is on Monday. I hope they remain undefeated.

 Then school Fall Break starts…..

Miss Kitty was sunning herself.

Until Marvin saw her and had to go annoy her. Marv is such a bully sometimes.

While Wee One was in school one morning, I was vacuuming like a crazy woman in every corner and under everything.

The cats observed from the the bed, which is off limits unless they lay at the foot where the blankets are. Miss Kitty doesnt seem to have a problem obeying orders.

Yep, Marv is sleeping. He is out cold and not on top of the blanket he is allowed on. He isnt following the house rules.

The hubs isnt too fond of cats but he tolerates ours. He and Marvin do not get along well. Marvin is a huge brat….not unlike me in many ways.

So, where does Marvin plop his ginormous, furry ass? Right next to the hubs pillow!

I am constanly vacuuming, picking up his fur balls despite his 2X a day brushings.

Does anyone want a bratty, furry, huge cat?

Scooter is an angel. He never does anything wrong.

I rode him Thursday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day. It cost me dearly to pay Bubba to babysit his little bro but well worth the cash outta my pocket.

I would have rode in the morning while Wee One was at school but I had other obligations.

Fall Break starts next week. Bubba is going to OKC for Thursday and Friday to the Youth Convention with his church group. He is looking forward to it.

Wee One is out of school 17th-19th too!

I think I need to see my doctor, I am feeling really crappy….

pfffffft instead  I think I’ll take more tylenol, turn on XMradio, grab a book, and make myself a hot-toddy since it is Saturday and Indian Health Services is closed.


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Finally Friday

 Bubba’s football team is still undefeated!

They smoked last night, winning 32-21. Bubba and his whole team are pumped up. Only 2 more games left in the 8th grade season.

Playoffs, here we come!

Not really, we do not have any playoffs, not until High School.


Wee One’s preschool intake went marvelously well. I kept waiting for something bad to happen (because it usually does) and all went smoothly.

We met Wee’s new teacher and he hung out with her for about 1 hour while I toured, filled out paperwork, and met the staff.

The whole environment of this particular school gave me a good feeling. I am so happy I applied at this school, I nearly did not thinking it was a waste of my time.

After about 10 minutes of playing ‘cats‘ Marvin was bored. Miss Kitty was not having any of it, she ran into my bedroom and observed from there.

Wee One has a big imagination…..he put on his old Halloween costume and entertained himself (and Marv) for a good 2 hours yesterday.

 Wee One was so well behaved, I let him get his very own………………..


He was quite proud of it. Snakes and panthers, he thought it was ‘cool‘.

Wee One went with his dad to his grandparents the other night and Wee One was attacked by the mosquitos at their house. He came home with 5 giant skeeter bites on him.

Poor fella!


Some random stuff I cannot stop thinking about:

1. why did my did my husband go into a 10 minute detailed one-sided conversation with me about the proper way to haul/stack brush and tree limbs on his car trailer?

I am NOT planning on doing any landscaping work in the near future NOR do I plan on hauling any brush off, that’s his department. Heck, I am not even allowed near the riding lawn-mower, I am sure the chainsaw is off limits!

2. Wee One and I were grocery shopping at the local IGA and I stopped the cart near a shelf of canned beans, all kinds of bean. Wee One points at the yellow wax beans and says, “gross! those are nasty beans, move the cart hurry!”

Yellow wax beans are gross but I did not say so.

Wee One refuses to eat veggies with the exception of lettuce soaked in ranch OR raw baby carrots soaked in ranch, I have been making pasta salad made out of spinach noodles and everyone gobbles it up without knowing they are eating spinach-heheheh.

3. Milk is now $4 a gallon. I think I should look into buying a milk cow. Eggs are expensive too. I’d get some chickens but I am not too fond of birds. I did try to buy some Guineafowl hens when Atwoods had them in stock, but when I finally got over to Bartlesville, there were only 2 left and they looked a bit sickly. I would like to buy some already grown ones, I am not too sure how to raise them from babies even though the hubs said he’d do it. Hubs is gone for work too much.

I love this Varva Unicorn photo. I want to follow this Unicorn into the magical forest….

I am a huge fan of Varva, I wish I was as talented as he is at photographing horses! 


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