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Wanted: A Third Arm

There is no following her in this fierce vein.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream 3.2.82, Demetrius speaking of Hermia

bezhibayaash: ojibwe word for tornado

This is a photo of the F4 Picher, OK Tornado. It killed 7 people Saturday. It’s been reported that mail from Picher residents has been found as far as Eureka Springs Arkansas.


Mother Nature has been kicking our Oklahoman @sses here lately. I took this photo yesterday evening while we were under another tornado watch. We were lucky this time around-whew. The last 2 severe weather outbreaks have been to the NE or SE of my area.


The flies are biting and I’ve been spraying down the horses, Freddie. The hot, humid weather seems to make the expensive fly spray evaporate rather quickly. This morning was a bit cooler and the air drier, the flies seem to have taken a short break.


Hubs fell off the holy roller wagon Saturday evening and drank a beer, then he skipped church to help his father Sunday morning-sinner!


Bubba is thrilled school is out for summer next thursday. Wee One is sad, he wants to go to summer school he says.

Hey Wee One, Open the gate!”

Wee, “huh?”

Me, “Hey, give me a hand! Open the gate for me please.” as I am standing in the blazing, hot sun leading 3 horses.

Wee One, “there goes a lizard!” Then he is history.

Sometimes I really could use a third arm.


We’ve went to the round up club’s events the last few times at our local arena. Our arena is within riding distance from our house, jusat over a mile (I think!) Hubs visits with his kinfolk in between their competings. The boys have been enjoying themselves. Bubba likes working the steer pens (ick) Wee One likes to lounge on Scooter’s back getting a good view of the events. We havent entered any events/games. Scooter is officially retired.

I am off to finish my chores and wait for that third arm to sprout……..



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Res News

A relative of mine is running for chairperson of my Chippewa Tribe. I am very happy about this development. Joe McCoy For Chairman.

Like all Nations, mine is not without it’s own complicated problems. I read the newspapers sent to me from my tribe (The Sault Tribe Of Chippewa Indians) to keep up with my Tribe’s news but I am disheartened when I read/hear about the turmoil and self-serving going on within our council and all that involves. I hope now is the time for it to change.

Wee One before we left for his preschool graduation. He was so excited!

Hubs, Bubba, Best friend L and her daughter Roo all attended the ceremonies.

Wee One and his best friend Joseph.

These two are like 2 peas in a pod!

We went to the cookout/picnic at Wee One’s school. Best friend L and her daughter Roo came along too. The burgers were delicious. We had a very good time. I think we were one of the last ones to leave!


I ran across these nice looking longhorns Friday afternoon while surveying the super-cell thunderstorm wind/tornado/hail damage from Thursday evening.

 Luckily, my area was spared. It was very close, very close. I cannot help but wonder how long our luck is going to last…


On a sad note, best friend L’s horse barn burned down to the ground Thursday morning. It was an electrical fire. None of her horses were inside. She lost everything except for 2 saddles.

L does not have any hay, feed, saddlepads, bridles, bits, brushes, halters, lead ropes, or lawn mowing equipment et. and so on.

The insurance guy has already done his job but now Lisa has to rebuild. I feel awful for her.

There just arent enough hours in the day anymore. The weather has been beautiful since our last round of storms and I am getting a lot done outdoors.

Today I am planning on sneaking off on Scooter for an hour or so.


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“Hey, Mama…..”

Last night sometime between 2 am and 3 am I was sleeping soundly, finally…I was sleeping.

In my right ear I hear a whisper, “hey mama.

I was dreaming about a tall, handsome Pawnee man who was playing pool in a bar. He had a long shiny ponytail and was wearing pressed wranglers and Ostrich skin round-toed ropers. He looks up, smiles a warm smile then shoots and makes his shot.

mamaaaa”  Louder in my right ear.

The handsome Pawnee man disappears. I am no longer dreaming. Disappointment.

Auto-pilot mom answer, “ what sweetie?

Wee One asks, ” do you hear that sound? 

deja vu? no, Wee has woken me up during storms before.

Marvin lets out a protesting cat squeak from under the bulky comforter. Wee One is squishing him. 

Instantly, my eyes fly open in the dark. I strain my ears to hear. Faint thunder and a few flashes of lightening. I can hear the wind howling and building off in the distance. It is loud, the loudest I have heard in a couple of years. I was getting a bit alarmed, very much unlike myself. The windows were rattling. Not a good sign.

I hoped it was just wind and not a tornado, we were under a watch when I went to bed.

I grab Wee’s hand and we go into the living room where I had left hubs watching the weather about 11:30 pm. He normally keeps watch. Not last night, he was sleeping soundly on the couch as the storm hit.

I peek in on Bubba, he is oblivious to the storm. The deep slumber of teenagers……….I am so envious.

Hubs heard us and woke up. He says, “damn, that wind is really blowing, do ya think we need to go to the cellar?”

I know I am not getting into any cellar unless an F4 is coming right at me…but I keep silent.

Wee One burrows down into the couch and quilts still warm from hubs. Wee says, “hurry, turn on the weather at 23 (he means channel fox23)”

I turn on the TV and see we are getting pummeled by a squall line with at least 75-95+ mph straight-line winds and golfball-baseball size hail. nice.

Some great storm-watcher you are hubs….

These photos were taken just before dark yesterday evening. We had a beautiful evening and spent it outside.

It is a given in Oklahoma, when ya go to bed and the skies look like that, it’s gonna storm like hell.

I have spent the better part of my morning hunting for missing items. I walked our 30 acres and the county road ditches. So far still on the missing list:

  • Scooter’s favorite aluminum feed tub(I am most unhappy about this item)
  • 1 heavy-duty metal Tonka truck (the old heavy type, might be an antique)
  • 2 feed buckets (one old, one new)
  • 1 basketball (not the Wilson)
  • 1 metal rake (junk)
  • 1 rubbermaid trashcan (it was empty)
  • 1 orange plastic kickball (Wee’s not gonna be happy)
  • part of a fishing pole (more junk as far as I am concerned)

all gone

Our window frames to the North have hail damage. The barn roof has hail damage. Better the roof than my equines.

No fitness center for me today. Too busy and I already had my heart-rate climbing work out doing all that early morning walking.

Storms suck!


The only good part about last night’s storm, it took away all the smoke we’ve been breathing in because of land-owners burning off their dead grass the last few days. Everywhere ya look, the ground is charred.

Indian Camp horses.

They look awful hungry…..makes me sad.

Tons of new baby goats!

Can you make out the little brown one? I took the photo at night and my camera has been messing up.

Wee One and I saw twins being born one morning. Occasionally he still asks why so much blood. Poor kid!


Well, off to make the big decision to call the insurance company or not?

However, that is not the biggest question of the day….the BIGGEST question of the day is, will Bubba’s home baseball game be called off due to the field being too wet?



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Agawaadizi Ishkoniganan

 agawaaizi ishkoniganancraziness on the reservation

Things have been just plain weird: 1)hubs being in a mostly good mood every day and not complaining about my upcoming vacation away from them all  2) a troubled family member getting his sh*t together (finally!) 3)a phone call from a person who I had not spoken to in years ( I wanted to scream “how’d you get my cell number!!!????”)

Too busy, not enough time in the day, just plain craziness happening around here.

As I sit here typing, I feel I am in a The Twilight Zone episode and Rod Sterling should be narrating.

 bangishimo aabaakawadsunset after a storm

Tuesday evening we had a beautiful sunset after the monsoon passed that pummeled Oklahoma. The flooding is bad.

Hubs had to walk around many of his oil leases to check them Wednesday due to the creeks and local rivers being too high to cross in his 4X4 or 4-wheeler.

Hubs likes to walk so he was not unhappy.

My flowers are loving the rain and warm sunshine.

Hubs welded my flower bed border and he also painted it! Now I need to get busy and make it look nice…, maybe after my vacation.

Scooter striking a pose for Horse Illustrated.

Stoooooopid cockleburs. Only about three, but damn!

Hubs took Wee One to the Grandparents yesterday evening, then to the tiny park, Bubba has been gone on a fishing trip with his cousins, I was home alone…………

I said outloud to myself, “ta hell with chores and housework! I’m going for a ride.”

Scooter and I took off for about 45 minutes…..that is 3 rides in less than a week. We are on a roll.

On my next ride I may take along my camera…maybe. I am very, very careful with my camera. Heck, most of the time, I do not carry my cell phone when I am riding, it is peaceful without it.

The Goat Ranchers are having babies left and right. Over the weekend, Scooter and I saw twins being born. They were soooooo cute and tiny! I need to get some photos of them.

Poor Freddie left behind again. He does lead easily for a donkey but I do not want to ruin my too few trail rides ponying him along.

Freddie can be ridden. I have gotten on him but he does not know a thing. I know, I know. I should be teaching him….., eh, maybe after my vacation

 Mean arent I?

Not really, I did stake him out in the back yard and let him munch on the new green grass growing out back while I did chores. Freddie enjoyed it! 

Scooter acted like a complete ninny when he saw Freddie was out of the pasture and in the yard. You’d have thought he and Freddie were best buddies the way Scooter carried on. I finally shut Scooter up inside his stall and he whinnied his fool head off from inside there. Silly horse.

The next 2 days look wonderful in the weather department. Wee One and I will be hitting the big park Friday and some Easter Egg hunts on Saturday.

I really want to cancel our appointments today and play outdoors but that isnt feasible.

Happy Easter!


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Spring Break Blue


I am feeling blue.

It’s been raining for hours.

Rain, rain go away!

It has poured down rain all dang day.

ziigibiisaa (pouring rain).


Chance of rain 100% oh joy!

I promised Wee One we’d go to the big park during his Spring Break. I hope we get a decent weather day. Tomorrow is out, we have to go to Tulsa back to his Surgeons for an appointment. Thursday is out because I have a morning dental appointment and Wee One has an afternoon nurse appointment at the clinic for a vaccination.

Please let Friday be a nice day!

Monday evening was cloudy and cool, not much wind.

Hubs got home from work in time for a basketball game…..things got a bit rowdy

Wee One stole the ball and drove off with it.

Scooter  thought he was a racehorse…actually some kids were shooting off firecrackers and Scooter ran over to see what was making all that racket.

Scooter has suprised me on our last 2 rides. He has had a lot of energy and did not get winded like I thought he might.

I love to ride him at an all out gallop…..I was sooo tempted to just give him his head last night.


My common sense over-ruled.

I only allowed Scooter to stretch his legs at a comfortable lope on our soft, sandy road we usually gallop on. I had not inspected the road in quite awhile nor had Scooter been ridden much over the winter, he has not stumbled but I was not taking chances. Not to mention my last 2 rides were in the o-ring snaffle bridle minus a chin-strap. Disaster could have been around the corner with those ingredients.

Maybe next time…

Freddie was once again shut inside the panel pen while Scooter and I took off on another ride.

I took this yesterday before our ride. Scooter was grazing on some green grass shoots.

He isnt today……..

Today our pasture looks like this:

Scooter and Freddie are holed up inside the barn eating hay…neither one of them likes the rain much. They are too much like me.


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Bezhigooganzhiig (My Horse) & Misaaboozoog(Donkey)

Whose only fit companion is his horse.~William Cowper, Conversation 1 412.(1781) 

While I was shoveling bebezhigooganzhiiwimoo wan (horse manure) for 3 days, Scooter often watched me struggle with the wheel barrow.

I swear, he had this look on his face that said, “at it again huh?”

After all the years Ive cleaned up after him, Scooter is still a BIG slob.

The past weekend and Monday, I did double barn duty work. I was making up for some laziness I fell prey to while I was ill-stricken with pneumonia or when the weather was just too darn cold and nasty to be outside in.

I do have to say, my barn, stalls, and loafing shed look wonderful.

Ummmm, my manicure does not.

Snort! is that a person on a bike? I must get a better look!”

Scooter takes off at a gallop, runs to the North forty to gawk at some kids on bikes….

Scooter loves kids on bikes.

Kids, who of course, dismount their bikes, throw them haphazardly in the ditch, spokes still spinning wildly. Then the youngsters reach over the fence giving Scooter a pat on the neck.

Scooter knows these kids, they ride by often to their Grandparent’s house who have the itty, bitty, dun pony…….with the itty bitty cute whinny we can hear at our place if the wind is out of the North.

When the short visit is over and the kids ride off, Scooter whinnies back at me. He lopes up to the barn, jumping over the little spring in the middle of the trees. Scooter gives a couple of tail flying prances and snorts in a big circle around me. Freddie tries to match him with a half-hearted buck then goes back to standing and watching me intently work the wheel barrow.

When Scooter finishes his showing off, he walks over to me and nudges me in the back until I give him a cheek scratch and shoo him away.

My stoic companion, Freddie.

Freddie never tries to get in the way or get my attention while I am working….unlike some other hooved equine creature I know, he demands ALL of my attentions.

Why else would I have him tattooed on my body???

um, no. I will not be getting Freddie tattooed anywhere, ever.



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Spring Piranhas

Our fish have turned into piranhas.

The fish swim at you when you come anywhere near their tank.

If your feeding them, look out. The little gold one will actually propel itself up out of the water at your hand. This is Wee One’s favorite part of feeding the fish.

Suprisingly, the fish are pretty simple to care for and the tank is easy to clean. It has a pretty big filter system….which I am sure is why.

I won something!

‘The Riders Handbook’ was my prize won over at Home On The Range . It arrived in the mail and is an excellent read to ad to my small collection of Equine books. 


This is Wee One the day after his surgery. The little rubber snakes in his bowl? They had just arrived via courier as a gift from his 2 preschool teachers, Ms. J and Ms. T.

Wee One was obsessed with the little rubber snakes a classmate had one day. His kind and thoughtful teachers sent them out to Wee One as a ‘get well’ gift. That was days ago and he is still playing with them non-stop.

Speaking of gifts. My sister J mailed me out some beautiful blouses.

 Believe me, the photo doesnt do the top justice.

I love, love getting packages in the mail. I also love, love when my sister J cleans out her closet……..

One of the blouses is a brand spanking new beaded/sequined Ulla Popken, absolutely gorgeous. I’ve worn it twice already and have gotten many comments both times.

Thank you J! I am lucky to have you as my sister.

Ms. Kitty watching Bubba put the cover on his 4-wheeler last night.

 Spring (zeegwung) has arrived.

The weekend was beautiful in Oklahoma. Sunday was perfect weather, could not ask for better.

We all took advantage of it, even Wee One was allowed outside to run wild.

Wee One pointed out to me that my flowers are blooming from the bulbs we buried last year.

After Wee One looked at them for awhile, he picked them all.

Hubs promised to bring me home a fence to put around as a border today…he’d better not forget. I planted a lot of bulbs and they are just starting to sprout, they can barely be seen but they are there.

I am also seriously contemplating the idea of growing a small garden(gitigan) this year. We love fresh vegetables. I have only been able to grow tomatoes and various peppers in pots. This year I may take on an actual real garden. A small one.

Boys will be boys no matter how old they get….

I was persuaded into a basketball game of horse, when I smoked everyone, they turned on themselves. Just kidding, they were having a tickling match, dogpile on Bubba.

I did shoot some hoops though….

The last 3 days and nights, Scooter has only consumed about 1/2 of his hay. He has been grazing more because we have a lot of green grass already.

Scooter’s winter coat has come to it’s last stages, it is lifeless and dull looking, but underneath, I can see just the beginning of his new, shiny, warm weather coat coming in beautifully.

Soon, I shall be currying and working him over with the shedder…..

 “A short tale is soon told-and a short horse soon curried”

Walter Scott, The Abbot chapter 11 (1820)

Another sunset full of fire…

Busy week ahead. Wee One has his post-op MD visit in Tulsa, then back to school for him. Thursday, both boys are out on Spring Break. Friday I have Bubba’s parent teacher conferences, and we have 2 baseball games this week. 1 home and 1 game 2 hours away…

Man oh man, this time change is kicking my sorry *ss today, I cannot get my hiney in gear!

Scared to drink anymore coffee, I may get the shakes.
I am thankful for the longer daylight hours…..very thankful


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