A New Horse In The House errr (barn)

Louis (Louey) has arrived. He is dirty, muddy thanks to our lovely Okie weather. Scooter is the same despite nearly daily groomings. First on tomorrow’s agenda is Louis getting a thorough cleaning up. He is a doll tho

I’ve got them both seperated tonite and will most likely keep them apart for a few days jusy to see how they get along being turned out together. I am anxious to ride Louis again! He is like a dream, power steering, power brakes…. Louis doesnt look like much being all dirty and hairy but as horses go, he is a good one. Scooter has been a tiny bit snippy but I think he’s getting over it. He’s always been a loner type horse despite being a herd animal. Scooter never has taken much interest in other equines.

Bubba is in Tulsa prom dress shopping with his GF (date) all day today. Bubba’s psyched. His Varsity BaseBall team is going to San Antonio for Spring Break tourament. They are staying on the RiverWalk and doing tourist things.

Wee One helped me outside all day cleaning stalls, washing water troughs/buckets and feed buckets. WO is turning into quite the little cowboy, I am rather proud and suprised at his skills already at just 6 years old.

Tomorrow is my favorite BIL b-day. It just so happens that he and best friend L who have always been friends (20+yrs) have recently started to ‘date’. They are perfect for each other, laid back, taking one day of  horses and coon hounds (their mutual hobbies) at a time.

So, tomorrow we are headed to the Indian Casino for the free buffet and the nickle slots. BIL W should get something special for it being his b-day on Valentines Day. I have my $20 gambling budget-wish me luck, I am NOT a gambler, ever, unless you count my 2 weekly powerball tickets which  csots me $2.

 This is the first ‘date-like’ venture hubs and I have been out on not doctor/school/kid related since his accident. I am looking forward to it.



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Snowing And it’s Monday Already!

* We have a winter storm warning. Of course snow is falling and everything that was not already covered with snow from the last 2 storms is now covered.

* Did Imention the rains we had the other day? where there is not snow there is mud a foot deep. Sucks *ss like nothing else.

* I have to work today….soon I have to brave the roads. Dammit. Hubs drove the kids to school early, he said the roads were slushy and slick in various spots. Most likely will be very slippery when I get off work this evening.

* Today I have to be pleasant to people. I’m feeling really anti-social and not-so -nice (just my normal state of being). I guess I’ll try a couple of mental exercizes I read about to help people with my anti-social condition.

* My new horse will  be arriving soon! I am sooooo excited. His name is Louis, pronounced Louey. Since Louis Vuitton is my favorite bag designer, it is fate. I do not believe in coincidences! Anyhow, we are supposed to finalize the deal in the next couple days, my work and the horse’s owners (BIL W) work being an obstacle we are working around.

* I am worried about my first love Scooter. He has been a only horse (child) for several years now. I am not sure how he will react to another horse being around all the time. I plan on taking it slow for Scooters sake, he tends to be alpha horse in a herd but he has aged a lot since he was with other horses. He still has that mentality. I do have great facilities so I can seperate them comfortably ect.

* If y’all are people who pray, pray Friday comes with lightening speed. 3 day weekend ahead…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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Looking Forwards

I love scary, thriller, gory, horror, you name it movies. The scarier the better.

I am the same way with books…….

I am totally psyched about catching this new flick, the-wolfman. Two of my favorite actors are in it, I hope it is as good as rumor says.

Work isnt too bad. I worked all alone today in my new cavernous office. It was nice and peaceful. I was productive.

Several people in the area have reported their horses have strangles. NOT good. Horse Strangles is a serious and scary illness. Needless to say, we arent having any visitors in the near future. Horses can be contagious for a month after the illness.

GhostHunters is on. I am half ass watching a rerun.

I am looking forward to this weekend. Best friend L and I and possibly her 18 yo daughter, are going to the ville for a day. We all need manicures and some retail therapy. I cant wait. It’s been forever since we’ve had a ‘girls’ day out.

BIL W is considering selling me his paint horse………..Puleeeeeeeeeeese let him decide YES. He and the paint arent getting on like he hoped. However, I love him.  I am getting desperate for something to ride regular. 

Scooter is officially retired. His arthritis is just too advanced for any more type of regular riding. Wee One rides him around the pastures/yard but that is all The old Guy can do comfortably.

The snow has melted into a giant muddy mess. It’s supposed to rain or ice tomorrow, depending on the temperature. More snow for next week.

I am SO READY for summer!


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Ummmm Still Waiting. Updated

Marvin is worse than one of the boys sometimes. Let me work!

Everyone was sent home from work/school by noon in preparation to the huge winter storm advancing on Oklahoma. I just came indoors from doing my evening chores. Sleet pellets have started but nothing serious. The scanner is going crazy tho. Funny, doesnt seem to be slick yet….

I should have stayed at work, a lot to do…

3 day weekend ahead……yeah.

Stocked up and ready for the storm. I put Scooter in the small pen with the big loafing shed so he can go in/out as he pleases. He does much better with his arthritis if he can roam around than being shut inside his stall. But of course if it gets really icy I’ll fret he might venture out and slip..then go put him inside. Silly horse. Silly horse owner.

I hope the power doesnt go.



Friday-well, the damn storm is still raging on. Pamela, I think your on to something with the Weather Gaods being angry with us in Oklahoma. This weather is really bad. The photo below was taken early this morning……


Power hasnt flickered, all is well for now…….I think a hot toddy is on order now.


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I am so tired…..

The job….is okay. It’s not my type of gig, when the contract is up, I am speeding out the door. C ya.

BossLady is a workaholic and definitely one cool chica, kinda like her.

Did I mention I was exhausted?

Some day.

Not today.

I will tell.

I just want to pack a carry on, jump on a flight to the FL Keys and never look back.

The husband promised he wouldnt sue for child support but I am not thinking so……

sigh, please happy times ahead.


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The Big One Six

16 years young

 Bubba, my oldest of the two spawn, turned last Friday. Bubba is a good kid as far as male teenagers go. I am very lucky. Please keep on track my Son, you seem  to be on course and reaching your goals.

However, one of Bubba’s goals is keeping me awake in the darkest hours of the night. Bubba is feeling a compelling urge to enlist and serve his country. How selfish of me. Thousands of sons are out there right now putting their lives on the line for my very own family. I feel guilty. I want my own son to go on to a safe University. If all mothers were selfish like me where would our country be today? For whatever happens I’ll deal with it. Bubba thinks for himself and I’ll accept and support his decision.


Bubba was able to order his letter jacket!  The ole lady showed up cash in hand for the Louis Vuitton. She snatched it right up without bartering and puttered off down the driveway in her new, shiney maroon caddy. Shame all the mud she encountered in my long and curvy drive way,  tsk tsk. She knew her LV’s though 🙂


This is how we get down on The Res for a birthday party. Lotsa friends, family, food (beef, venison, elk) the trimmings, our equine family members, and a homemade triple fudge cake w/ milk chocolate icing.

Smokey and The Bandits. Horse Smokey, Wee One and Cousin Em.


Friends and Family arriving for Bubba’s party. Some came by car, a few came by horseback 🙂 Best friend L and BIL Wes securing the horses before chow time.


Hubs manning the grill. Gawd, I love this man. But sometimes……..eh, lets not go there today.


Say “Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese.”


I hope the wish comes true!


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Farewell Louis

I will be delivering college financial paperwork to the campus after the boy’s dental appointments in Tulsa next week.

 I have read a gazillion mixed reviews on the net about this product. Can anyone out there help me with the decision to trade my extra Chi for my very own new InStyler® ? Since my budget is limited Ive found an opportunity to swap. But returns, even on new products, isnt an option. Gimme some help please. I have heavy, arrow straight, hair that requires a salon touch to keep me blonde-headed if thats of any help….. my hair is in good shape, little breakage and quite healthy, all one length. 

The front entry way is NOT the place to leave your crap. Especially 3 pairs of boots! Oops. those would be my crap, good thing I’m the damn maid around here. I desperately want an enclosed front porch for storage. The back door &  laundry room does not cut it.

Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics is still actively scouting Bubba. My mensa member, athlete, and moody teenager will be 16 yo on Friday. Bubba already informed OSSM he was not attending due to the fact of NO sports teams at their brainiac school……yeah, we’ve done everything in our power to persuade Bubba to take this wonderful academic opportunity. Bubba loves sports and being on a team more than anything…..despite the fact he is brilliant and scores off the charts academically, he refuses to consider and leave High School in our rinky dinky rual ranch town for this once in a life time chance…..sigh



I have a quality handbag/wallet addiction. This last year I have put the brakes on it, not willingly, but out of necessity. Louis Vuitton being my all time favorite. These bags are worth their high price. One can almost always get their return in cash back with the right market. Needless to say, I am saying farewell to this little mono bag I’ve had for awhile. The bag I am selling today is smaller than I normally like to carry.  I have a wonderful neverfull tote in the same monogram that I love but still……….someday when I am flush again, I will replace my handbag collection.  I need cash now, Bubba needs to pay for his letter jacket.  I hope the old gal shows up with her cash soon.

another wistful sigh.

I feel good having my ancestors watching over me and my home.


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