Rock Star

Wee One is an aspiring Rock Star.

Since Bubba acquired Guitar Hero for his XBOX360, my family has been enthralled with it. Me..notsomuch. I want a Wii. They look like a lot of fun besides they require you to get up off your *ss to play….


Wee One’s lizard has been set free. You should have witnessed his take off when the lizard realized he was free. I bet he ran close to 20 mph.



 All the pretty horses are enjoying the new green grass.


The cattle are enjoying the green grass too. This bunch is best friend L’s neighbors.

Late Friday evening, I watched the 2nd half of The Stepford Wives (1975) movie.

Wow-way better than the remake with Nicole Kidman that came out a few years ago! Yeah, I know, the original is always the best…just like the book is always better than the movie. But, I was suprised.

Kitty caught a hugely pregnant mouse. Marvin did not even wake up while all the commotion was going on with the mouse. He is useless as a cat. Kitty rocks.

Wee One is out of school the next 2 days because his school building is having some important and much needed maintenance. I wish the Fitness Center had a daycare!




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Lately, I’ve been feeling like a zookeeper.

I like things kept easy and simple, no fuss.

Instead, my creature family seems to keep increasing.

Hubs got crickets and spiders to feed to Wee One’s pet Six-lined Racerunner lizard. So far the reptile seems to be eating them and doing fine. It has not bitten anyone since it latched it’s jaws onto Bubba’s finger. They say these lizards can run upwards of 30mph. It has not tried to get away…..I am sure it’s biding it’s time for the ‘big escape’.

Wee One understands we’ll have to eventually let the lizard back out into the great wilderness, he seems okay with it. I also informed him, his lizard had a blue belly which meant his lizard was a male. Wee One said, “okay, lets find him a friend” umm… That will not be happening.

JIF peanut butter, the lunch of champions.



 I am happy to report that every horse I’ve seen lately looks as unkempt as mine. Petty I know.

Bubba’s baseball season is really shaping up into a good one. He is 3rd batter and holds the record on his team for RBI’s. Last year he held the record for homeruns during his summer season.

Bubba arrived home from his tournament 1 hour ago. He needs his uniform clean and ready to go in the morning so here I sit at 10:10 pm, desperately want to get some zzzzzzzzz’s (been up since 4am) but no, I’m waiting on the wash.



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Wild Bites

I survived the preschool zoo trip.

It was sunny, chilly in the early morning but it warmed up quickly. The wind blew 40 mph, yes, 40 freakin’ miles per hour. The trip was still fun!

Four little monkeys….

 This was the view from our lunch table-really.

My little group which included the 2 teachers, 2 parents, and 5 kids, sat at a picnic table across from the lions exhibit to eat our sack lunches. We watched the zoo keeper put out huge meat chunks in the tiger and the lion pens. Then we watched the Big Cats eat……I could not help thinking that the big portions of meat were possibly horse flesh.

Macabre thinking I could not help.

Me, ” does that lizard bite?”

I walked into the laundry room, started the washer, and heard the answers to my question.

Nahhh” hubs answered.

I doubt it has teeth.” Bubba added.

Wee One, “touch it. You touch it Bubba.”

30 seconds goes by.

I hear, “OUCH! that damn thing does so BITE!”

Hubs asks Bubba, “are ya bleeding?”

Bubba, “no but look at the mark it left!”

Wee One giggles, “haha! my lizard doesnt like you.”

I think the lizard will be paroled from his coffee can cage tomorrow.

I just finished reading Double Cross by James Patterson. It was great!

Now I am reading, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. So far it is pretty good.

Stupid people are burning with this gusting hot wind. Wild fires are abundant and hubs has been fighting fire all day. He is cranky, tired, and still out working. He had some damage to one oil lease. It sucks because all we smell and see is smoke everywhere, home or anywhere else.

Not much else going on….D offered to be my designated driver on my birthday since it lands on a Saturday this year. I may just take him up on that offer. 


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Confessions, Confessions

I have a favorite fish.

I went to the fitness center on Friday morning at 8am. I tanned for 10 minutes then left. I came straight home, saddled up Scooter, and took an hour long trail ride. When hubs asked if I went to the fitness center, I told him yep and left it at that…..I do not think that was a lie, he never asked me if I worked out.

There is a really odd girl who works at a place I frequent. I suspect she is a local blogger too so I must not get too descriptive. Sometimes I purposefully take Wee One with me so I can be distracted with his busybodyness and not have to speak to the odd girl.

I was a bit lazy last week in the house-keeping and no one seems to care except me.

I used to like weekends but I realized they are more work for me.

In the early mornings at the fitness center, there are 2 really, really old guys who work out. My guess is they are pushing 80 years old. They are so cool! They always give me support and they are always in great moods despite being old.

I fantasize about running away, getting amnesia, and becoming someone else.

I want to shop online. It is getting harder and harder to keep the urge at bay. I think I need a support group for this.

Last Thursday at school, Wee One said a really bad word. I washed his mouth out with soap at home and I think I felt worse about it than he did.

I rock Wee One to sleep every night. He sleeps in his own bed all night when I do.

Last night I used nearly a whole bottle of 409 scrubbing my kitchen after hubs filleted fish. He cleaned them outside but brought them in to cut up for cooking today. Ew. I hate, hate, hate the smell of it.

Saturday’s catch

Scooter munching on the new green grass


Thursday afternoon and evening, the wind blew super hard.

Despite the foot of flooding rains, somewhere this dust got blown up. It was a spooky feeling day, I was glad when the sun finally set….the above is the sunset.



I want one………the four-legged kind.

I am done with the 2-legged kind.


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Rubber-Band Saga

MidLifeMom gave me this award-thank you!

If anyone doubts, just ask hubs. He will tell you my horse comes first.

We might eat dinner late but Scooter does not…..more of my priorities.

I got side-tracked on my way to the Fitness Center. I am fairly certain I have adult Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

That black/white gelding caught my eye.

He is a beauty. I noticed him from the highway the other day and stopped to get a closer look this morning.

Marvin is off the diet wagon.

While I was in Florida, hubs went to the grocery store and shopped. Now we have a ton of useless stuff but thats a whole other post.

Anyway, hubs bought ‘Active Lifestyle’ catfood. This is food for cats that are active and need the high fat food. The opposite of Marvin. So until the bag is gone, he if off his weight-maintenance food.

Wee One inherited Bubba’s rubberband shooting gun………

Help us.

At first Marvin thought it was real fun to chase the rubberbands shooting all over the house…..

Until he got shot with one……

Marvin does not like rubberbands anymore. He gave Wee One a big slap with his meaty paw to prove it. I told Wee One he deserved it and he was damn lucky Marv doesnt have any claws.

Wee One is grounded from the rubberband gun until Saturday.

I explained how mean and wrong it is to shoot Marvin.

I asked him if he understood, Wee One answered, ” I love Marvin. I wont shoot him anymore cuz it is not nice, he gets soft touches. can I have my gun now?

Ummmm, no

Now he is referring to me as ‘The Mean Mama’.

Creepy house photo.

This house creeps me out, not sure why. I try not to think about it.


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“Hey, Mama…..”

Last night sometime between 2 am and 3 am I was sleeping soundly, finally…I was sleeping.

In my right ear I hear a whisper, “hey mama.

I was dreaming about a tall, handsome Pawnee man who was playing pool in a bar. He had a long shiny ponytail and was wearing pressed wranglers and Ostrich skin round-toed ropers. He looks up, smiles a warm smile then shoots and makes his shot.

mamaaaa”  Louder in my right ear.

The handsome Pawnee man disappears. I am no longer dreaming. Disappointment.

Auto-pilot mom answer, “ what sweetie?

Wee One asks, ” do you hear that sound? 

deja vu? no, Wee has woken me up during storms before.

Marvin lets out a protesting cat squeak from under the bulky comforter. Wee One is squishing him. 

Instantly, my eyes fly open in the dark. I strain my ears to hear. Faint thunder and a few flashes of lightening. I can hear the wind howling and building off in the distance. It is loud, the loudest I have heard in a couple of years. I was getting a bit alarmed, very much unlike myself. The windows were rattling. Not a good sign.

I hoped it was just wind and not a tornado, we were under a watch when I went to bed.

I grab Wee’s hand and we go into the living room where I had left hubs watching the weather about 11:30 pm. He normally keeps watch. Not last night, he was sleeping soundly on the couch as the storm hit.

I peek in on Bubba, he is oblivious to the storm. The deep slumber of teenagers……….I am so envious.

Hubs heard us and woke up. He says, “damn, that wind is really blowing, do ya think we need to go to the cellar?”

I know I am not getting into any cellar unless an F4 is coming right at me…but I keep silent.

Wee One burrows down into the couch and quilts still warm from hubs. Wee says, “hurry, turn on the weather at 23 (he means channel fox23)”

I turn on the TV and see we are getting pummeled by a squall line with at least 75-95+ mph straight-line winds and golfball-baseball size hail. nice.

Some great storm-watcher you are hubs….

These photos were taken just before dark yesterday evening. We had a beautiful evening and spent it outside.

It is a given in Oklahoma, when ya go to bed and the skies look like that, it’s gonna storm like hell.

I have spent the better part of my morning hunting for missing items. I walked our 30 acres and the county road ditches. So far still on the missing list:

  • Scooter’s favorite aluminum feed tub(I am most unhappy about this item)
  • 1 heavy-duty metal Tonka truck (the old heavy type, might be an antique)
  • 2 feed buckets (one old, one new)
  • 1 basketball (not the Wilson)
  • 1 metal rake (junk)
  • 1 rubbermaid trashcan (it was empty)
  • 1 orange plastic kickball (Wee’s not gonna be happy)
  • part of a fishing pole (more junk as far as I am concerned)

all gone

Our window frames to the North have hail damage. The barn roof has hail damage. Better the roof than my equines.

No fitness center for me today. Too busy and I already had my heart-rate climbing work out doing all that early morning walking.

Storms suck!


The only good part about last night’s storm, it took away all the smoke we’ve been breathing in because of land-owners burning off their dead grass the last few days. Everywhere ya look, the ground is charred.

Indian Camp horses.

They look awful hungry…..makes me sad.

Tons of new baby goats!

Can you make out the little brown one? I took the photo at night and my camera has been messing up.

Wee One and I saw twins being born one morning. Occasionally he still asks why so much blood. Poor kid!


Well, off to make the big decision to call the insurance company or not?

However, that is not the biggest question of the day….the BIGGEST question of the day is, will Bubba’s home baseball game be called off due to the field being too wet?



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If you exercise/work out you will have more energy during the day and sleep good at night-lies.

If you take Tylenol PM at night, you’ll feel better and well rested in the morning when you wake up-lies.

Aspercreme relieves sore muscles and has no odor-more lies.

Best friend L’s little filly is giving her a run for her money. The filly is a smart one and is catching on to her new round pen lessons but she has an ornery side to her that she keeps showing L.

L and her filly are just doing ground work, I am interested to see how things go when they progress to the saddle part! In all seriousness though, L is a wonderful horse trainer. If I were to have someone train my own personal horse, it would be L. Not just because she is my best friend, but her gentle methods produce wonderful results; a horse that enjoys and trusts humans and is an all around well trained, easy riding horse.

L and her daughter Roo came out today to ‘borrow’ Bubba and Wee One for a commerical video that was a journalism project for Roo. It turned out cute! Wee One is a natural in front of the camera, he even did his lines well.


Summertime on the shores of the Great Lakes is beautiful. There is no other place like it. Of all the things MI, I miss the Great Lakes the most.

I heard a Kid Rock song the other day that took me back in the past…about 20 years back into the past, my last summer spent in Northern MI, 1989.

Neither a fan of Kid Rock nor a hater of his music, I can take or leave him. When my favorite Tulsa radio station, 97.5 KMOD , played Kid Rock’s newest song “All Summer Long“, I was tuned in and blasted back to the good ole days.

It was 1989 my thoughts were short my hair was long
Caught somewhere between a boy and man,
She was 17 and she was far from in-between
It was summer-time in Northern Michigan

Splashing through the sand-bar, talking by the camp fire,
It’s the simple things in life like when and where
We didn’t have no internet but man I never will forget
The way the moon light shined upon her hair

And, we were trying different things we were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping whisky out the bottle not thinking bout tomorrow
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long

Man, those were the days……….



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