Torturing Myself

I’ve really done it this time. I must enjoy pain.

I have joined the fitness center. 

Why am I doing this to myself? Besides having a fat ass, I am nearly diabetic. I do not want to take insulin injections. My blood pressue has been borderline high, it used to be borderline low. I hate getting old. And, my genetics suck as well concerning both conditions.

So now I am sweating like a pig at the local gym….scary sight it is. I want to smash all the mirrors in that place. Luckily so far, the only people present at the gym mid-late mornings were the personal trainers (sadomachoistics) and a handful of really old people (worse off than me).

My one highlight is the wonderful stand up tanning booth I can relax in after my workouts.

My fat ass looks mucho better with a tan.

Did I mention my good doctor gave me some happy pills too? A little something to keep me on an even keel.

Ah, life is still good on the Reservation.


I just started reading HEARTSTOPPER by Joy Fielding. So far, it is a really great read, like all of her books.

My reading time is hampered, more craziness here on The Res. School field trips, fundraisers, baseball games and tournaments, back to OKC to the OSSM school, numerous medical appointments….the list is endless.

Funny thing. The lady sitting next to me on my flight from DFW to Tulsa was reading the same Joy Fielding book. I told the lady she had great taste in reading material. She also had a nice Louis Vuitton bag I was admiring. She did compliment me on my new Coach bag. I would have swapped her bags in a heartbeat though!

As promised. 

My chubby little toes for Kila.

The paint in the photo has the coolest looking eyes and long eyelashes!

Oklahoma is green, green, green and getting greener….in between the flooding spells.

I’ve been able to sneak out on Scooter twice. Both times he acted like a 2 year old. I was just as happy as I was disgusted with his misbehaving antics. We rode past a trash can lid, no wind, it was not moving. Scooter acted like it was chasing him, silly horse.

So, I worked the Old Guy in some wide circles and even wider figure eights. He did his lead changes wonderfully. Scooter was a bit rusty with the flying lead changes, but I’m cool with that, it’s been awhile since we’ve done much ground work. 

Scooter still has it though.



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Life Is Good….Today Anyways

Ahh, life is good. 

It took me several hours to get my house and barn straightened out after my vacation. Hubs and the boys lived like bachelors while I was away. No one bothered to pick up a shovel in the barn either……hmmm.

My manicure still looks great…my pedi too. It’s too chilly in Oklahoma for sandals which is sinful since my toes look so purdy.

The view from my lounge chair….

no coconuts….except for the nut taking photos from below.

Nice place! I want to live there 24/7, 365 days a year.

no place for horses“, they say.

I say, “make room for horses!”

Watch out for sharks. 2 of my sisters going into the sea.

 Left – Right: J,K,KR,M

I took this photo on our last night in Florida…sniff sniff.

Our last evening, we picked up our adopted sista KR who lives in the Historic district in downtown Orlando FL. and we went to dinner. 

KR’s home is beautiful. The house is old and simply gorgeous, on the historic homes tour. When hurricane Charlie hit, my sister J, from N.MI, was there in the house all by herself. KR was away on business, J was visiting FL, Charlie took a suprising veer North and smacked Orlando. My sister J can say she survived Charlie.

I am well rested and revived after my vacation. I feel great. My sunburn turned into a tan. I have a nice glow.

It was great to hang with my sisters. My sisters are the best ever, I consider myself very lucky to have them. I miss them already!We laughed so much we should have received a citation….we ate a lot and I drank a lot, not enough to pickle my liver tho.

I called home from the Orlando airport while waiting for my early morning flight to DFW. Bubba answered the phone, “mom, dad said call back later. the tornado sirens are going off in town!”

Springtime in Oklahoma.

I called my family back during my layover at DFW while awaiting my flight to Tulsa. They went to the cellar and all was okay except for tree limbs and flooding.

My flight from DFW to Tulsa was a rough one. No one was allowed out of their seats, flight attendants included. I was glad when we finally landed. I am not a nervous flier but one of my seat-mates was. Otherwise all my air travel went well. I was fortunate enough to sit with some good-looking businessmen who always helped me with my carryon luggage and waited for me to exit my window seat. nice!

My equines were happy to see me, it warmed my heart to hear Scooter’s whinny. Wee was happy with his MinnieMouse and Bubba was happy with his gator t-shirt. We saw real alligators in Lake Jessup but none of us had our cameras ready-dang.

I am back in the saddle.


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Muddy Butt

From you have I been absent in the spring,
When proud pied April, dressed in all his trim,
Hath put a spirit of youth in every thing.
(Sonnet 98, 1-3)
Spring is all around us in Oklahoma.
I love it!

Wee One and I made it to the big park Friday afternoon. He quickly made friends with a cute little girl the same age dressed in purple.

Wee was showing off on the bumpy slide and raced down it into a giant mudhole butt first!


Wee One was rather impressed with his muddy self until I snatched him up and marched him to the car. At the car he was wiped off with handiwipes and redressed in clean clothes so he could play longer and not get a chill.

Wee One and I hit our tiny hamlet’s Easter Egg hunt at the ball field. Wee One grabbed up a lot of eggs! Not any prize ones though, but thats okay, he had a blast hunting eggs.

Bubba was gone from Tuesday afternoon until Saturday evening fishing at the Arkansas River and 4-wheeling on his 4-wheeler. He was with his Uncle W and his cousins.

The Easter Bunny made it ’round to the Res and the boys were happy with their baskets.

Wee One wants a fish just like this. He has mentioned it to me about 10X. Wee specifically says he wants a white/orange striped fish.

This fish costs over $400… yeah, let me grab the check book sweetie. Not hardly.

Our fish love Wee One…  

They know he always has food!

 Feeding frenzy

 I cannot believe they are only harmless Goldfish. They swarm like piranhas and circle during feedings like sharks.

 Me, “like the new carry on I bought? it has wheels and a handle.”

Hubs, “where’s the rest of the matching set? you know, the big suitcase? the one you always take everywhere that weighs over 100lbs?

Me, “there is no set. this is the only bag I am taking. I am carrying it on so I do not have to worry about checking then losing my luggage.”

Hubs, “HA! you couldnt fit all your crap into THREE of those little bags, let alone ONE.”

Me, “just watch me, I’ll do it.”

Hubs has no faith in my packing skills.


I may have to leave my new Minnetonka sandals home though……

I’ll see y’all when I get back from Florida.


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Agawaadizi Ishkoniganan

 agawaaizi ishkoniganancraziness on the reservation

Things have been just plain weird: 1)hubs being in a mostly good mood every day and not complaining about my upcoming vacation away from them all  2) a troubled family member getting his sh*t together (finally!) 3)a phone call from a person who I had not spoken to in years ( I wanted to scream “how’d you get my cell number!!!????”)

Too busy, not enough time in the day, just plain craziness happening around here.

As I sit here typing, I feel I am in a The Twilight Zone episode and Rod Sterling should be narrating.

 bangishimo aabaakawadsunset after a storm

Tuesday evening we had a beautiful sunset after the monsoon passed that pummeled Oklahoma. The flooding is bad.

Hubs had to walk around many of his oil leases to check them Wednesday due to the creeks and local rivers being too high to cross in his 4X4 or 4-wheeler.

Hubs likes to walk so he was not unhappy.

My flowers are loving the rain and warm sunshine.

Hubs welded my flower bed border and he also painted it! Now I need to get busy and make it look nice…, maybe after my vacation.

Scooter striking a pose for Horse Illustrated.

Stoooooopid cockleburs. Only about three, but damn!

Hubs took Wee One to the Grandparents yesterday evening, then to the tiny park, Bubba has been gone on a fishing trip with his cousins, I was home alone…………

I said outloud to myself, “ta hell with chores and housework! I’m going for a ride.”

Scooter and I took off for about 45 minutes…..that is 3 rides in less than a week. We are on a roll.

On my next ride I may take along my camera…maybe. I am very, very careful with my camera. Heck, most of the time, I do not carry my cell phone when I am riding, it is peaceful without it.

The Goat Ranchers are having babies left and right. Over the weekend, Scooter and I saw twins being born. They were soooooo cute and tiny! I need to get some photos of them.

Poor Freddie left behind again. He does lead easily for a donkey but I do not want to ruin my too few trail rides ponying him along.

Freddie can be ridden. I have gotten on him but he does not know a thing. I know, I know. I should be teaching him….., eh, maybe after my vacation

 Mean arent I?

Not really, I did stake him out in the back yard and let him munch on the new green grass growing out back while I did chores. Freddie enjoyed it! 

Scooter acted like a complete ninny when he saw Freddie was out of the pasture and in the yard. You’d have thought he and Freddie were best buddies the way Scooter carried on. I finally shut Scooter up inside his stall and he whinnied his fool head off from inside there. Silly horse.

The next 2 days look wonderful in the weather department. Wee One and I will be hitting the big park Friday and some Easter Egg hunts on Saturday.

I really want to cancel our appointments today and play outdoors but that isnt feasible.

Happy Easter!


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Spring Break Blue


I am feeling blue.

It’s been raining for hours.

Rain, rain go away!

It has poured down rain all dang day.

ziigibiisaa (pouring rain).


Chance of rain 100% oh joy!

I promised Wee One we’d go to the big park during his Spring Break. I hope we get a decent weather day. Tomorrow is out, we have to go to Tulsa back to his Surgeons for an appointment. Thursday is out because I have a morning dental appointment and Wee One has an afternoon nurse appointment at the clinic for a vaccination.

Please let Friday be a nice day!

Monday evening was cloudy and cool, not much wind.

Hubs got home from work in time for a basketball game…..things got a bit rowdy

Wee One stole the ball and drove off with it.

Scooter  thought he was a racehorse…actually some kids were shooting off firecrackers and Scooter ran over to see what was making all that racket.

Scooter has suprised me on our last 2 rides. He has had a lot of energy and did not get winded like I thought he might.

I love to ride him at an all out gallop…..I was sooo tempted to just give him his head last night.


My common sense over-ruled.

I only allowed Scooter to stretch his legs at a comfortable lope on our soft, sandy road we usually gallop on. I had not inspected the road in quite awhile nor had Scooter been ridden much over the winter, he has not stumbled but I was not taking chances. Not to mention my last 2 rides were in the o-ring snaffle bridle minus a chin-strap. Disaster could have been around the corner with those ingredients.

Maybe next time…

Freddie was once again shut inside the panel pen while Scooter and I took off on another ride.

I took this yesterday before our ride. Scooter was grazing on some green grass shoots.

He isnt today……..

Today our pasture looks like this:

Scooter and Freddie are holed up inside the barn eating hay…neither one of them likes the rain much. They are too much like me.


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Who Hears A Who??

Wee One and I caught the matinee of Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! (2008) Sunday. We made the 20 minute trip South to the tiny, very rural, movie theater for the 2:00 pm showtime…..the only showtime.

I should not complain because one of the best things about this tiny theater is their prices. Here is what the matinee cost us yesterday:

2 matinee tickets: $6
large popcorn: $5
Large diet Dr. Pepper: $2
1 box of Whoppers Candy: $2
Total: $15
If we would have driven 45 minutes to Bartlesville and fought the crowds at the Mall, my wallet would be about $25-$30 lighter….not mentioning in the price of gas. The theater we go to isnt fancy or as new as the higher priced ones, but the movie looks and sounds the same as in any other theater I have been in. 
‘Horton Hears A Who’ has always been my favorite Dr. Seuss story. Wee One and I enjoyed the movie very much. It was fast paced, cute, and kept him interested throught out the entire movie. Definitely a good movie for the little kids.
We had good weekend weather. Green grass is growing up fast. This is an old photo, it isnt quite that green yet.
I’ve decided not to do a garden this year…I think I’ll stick to my potted veggie plants…..maybe plant more flowers and focus on some landscaping instead of a garden that probably wont survive.
I was able to spend a much needed hour in the saddle. Scooter, however, needs some work. It did not help that I rode him in an old o-ring snaffle bridle minus a chin strap. Nor did I take the time to lunge him for 15 – 20 minutes. Time was of the essence in our getaway from home. I knew Scooter should have been ridden in the 3 piece low port with a roller but I decided against going back inside after that bridle. 
When we reached our soft sandy road, I let Scooter lope a good long way. Once he worked off some energy Scooter paid more attention to me and not everything else. We could hear Freddie braying a few times, Scooter did not answer and pointedly ignored Freddie’s calls from the panel pen where Freddie was put into before our departure.
I have had an extra kid since Thursday, Bubba’s best bud Cho who we love having around…this is the only friend of Bubba’s that I can tolerate for a length of time. Cho is a wonderful and well behaved teenager but he was a wonderful and well behaved small kid was well.
Hubs filled my car up for me yesterday. I did not ask him what the cost was, our gas prices are up to $2.99. Crude Oil is over $110 a barrel the last time I checked. That is very good for my family, Crude Oil is how we survive… I feel bad about the high gas prices? yeah, a little bit. But, not like the rest of the Country.
What is the price of gas in your area?


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Things I’ve Learned & More


 Some things I’ve recently learned:

Wednesday is not the day to be out shopping in my area. Wednesday is Senior Citizen Day in every store in the county. I have nothing against Senior Citizens except for the fact that the come out in droves, drive slow, then visit in the isles holding the cereal hostage.

Hubs has really gone over the deep religious end. He listens to the Tulsa Christian radio station. Along with hub’s regular church attendance, he also attended a weekend revival. Why cant I easily accept hub’s new found desire for religion? I am trying. As best friend L said, “hey, get over it. It’s better than the alternative.”

I am a sugarfree redbull addict. I usually drink one a day. Today I did not drink one and I’ve been really cranky and tired. Yep, I think I am an addict. Time to quit.

Wee came home from school Tuesday and informed me, “mama, I dont fart at school. I pass gas!

Scooter still does not like Freddie. I keep them seperated during feedings because of this. Rergardless, the first chance Scooter gets, he is snaking his head at Freddie with teeth bared or trying to kick the crap outta poor Freddie…Scooter is normally acceptable of other horses, I am not sure what to do. Maybe I’ll have to sell or give Freddie to a good home.

I am not allowed to come home from my Florida vacation without a Minnie Mouse for Wee One. Per Wee One’s orders.

I am leaving for my Florida vacation trip in 12 days. I am counting down………I cannot wait. I recently realized my family is joyful I am going away. They are happy I am going to get some R & R….maybe I will not be such a snarling, mean, mother after my short break.

I bought Tami Hoag’s: The Alibi Man to read on my trip. This is the 2nd novel Hoag has written featuring Elena Estes, an ex-cop but a superb horsewoman. I was happy when it came out in paperback, my local library seems to buy Danielle Steele novels by the bulk but rarely buy what I consider..the good stuff. In fact, I was shocked that they purchased ‘Duma Key.’

Sadly, I ran out of books to read and I had to start reading ‘The Alibi Man’ now. On my trip to Wal-Mart early this morning, I bought the book, OBSESSION: An Alex Delaware Novel by Jonathan Kellerman. I enjoy the Dr. Delaware books. They are psychological thrillers and just plain suspenseful. Definitely a good book to have my nose in during one of my layovers.

We have plenty of furniture. Why does Kitty have to pester Marvin and vice versa????? They are like having 2 more squabbling kids.

Wee One caught a catapillar at school today. The class named it ‘Herman’ after a worm character in their favorite storybook, “Herman, The worm“.

What I want to know is why couldnt Herman stay in the classroom??? Why did Ms.J insist we bring Herman home??? I think he’d have been alright over Spring Break, it started today.

Today is another wonderful weather day. We’ve missed the thunderstroms, I am afraid our luck might run out though. There are some in the forecast.

Hubs finished welding my flower borders. He bought a lot of white paint. We are going to paint the fences, gates, and the new border. I do not like to paint, I hope I can get out of it. He mentioned painting the house but I said lets wait and pay someone to do it….if they screw it up, they gotta fix it. I think for once, hubs agreed.

I have a lot more fodder for another The PreSchool Mothers post. Next time I get the urge to write, maybe Ill get it all written down….


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