Bezhigooganzhiig (My Horse) & Misaaboozoog(Donkey)

Whose only fit companion is his horse.~William Cowper, Conversation 1 412.(1781) 

While I was shoveling bebezhigooganzhiiwimoo wan (horse manure) for 3 days, Scooter often watched me struggle with the wheel barrow.

I swear, he had this look on his face that said, “at it again huh?”

After all the years Ive cleaned up after him, Scooter is still a BIG slob.

The past weekend and Monday, I did double barn duty work. I was making up for some laziness I fell prey to while I was ill-stricken with pneumonia or when the weather was just too darn cold and nasty to be outside in.

I do have to say, my barn, stalls, and loafing shed look wonderful.

Ummmm, my manicure does not.

Snort! is that a person on a bike? I must get a better look!”

Scooter takes off at a gallop, runs to the North forty to gawk at some kids on bikes….

Scooter loves kids on bikes.

Kids, who of course, dismount their bikes, throw them haphazardly in the ditch, spokes still spinning wildly. Then the youngsters reach over the fence giving Scooter a pat on the neck.

Scooter knows these kids, they ride by often to their Grandparent’s house who have the itty, bitty, dun pony…….with the itty bitty cute whinny we can hear at our place if the wind is out of the North.

When the short visit is over and the kids ride off, Scooter whinnies back at me. He lopes up to the barn, jumping over the little spring in the middle of the trees. Scooter gives a couple of tail flying prances and snorts in a big circle around me. Freddie tries to match him with a half-hearted buck then goes back to standing and watching me intently work the wheel barrow.

When Scooter finishes his showing off, he walks over to me and nudges me in the back until I give him a cheek scratch and shoo him away.

My stoic companion, Freddie.

Freddie never tries to get in the way or get my attention while I am working….unlike some other hooved equine creature I know, he demands ALL of my attentions.

Why else would I have him tattooed on my body???

um, no. I will not be getting Freddie tattooed anywhere, ever.




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Spring Piranhas

Our fish have turned into piranhas.

The fish swim at you when you come anywhere near their tank.

If your feeding them, look out. The little gold one will actually propel itself up out of the water at your hand. This is Wee One’s favorite part of feeding the fish.

Suprisingly, the fish are pretty simple to care for and the tank is easy to clean. It has a pretty big filter system….which I am sure is why.

I won something!

‘The Riders Handbook’ was my prize won over at Home On The Range . It arrived in the mail and is an excellent read to ad to my small collection of Equine books. 


This is Wee One the day after his surgery. The little rubber snakes in his bowl? They had just arrived via courier as a gift from his 2 preschool teachers, Ms. J and Ms. T.

Wee One was obsessed with the little rubber snakes a classmate had one day. His kind and thoughtful teachers sent them out to Wee One as a ‘get well’ gift. That was days ago and he is still playing with them non-stop.

Speaking of gifts. My sister J mailed me out some beautiful blouses.

 Believe me, the photo doesnt do the top justice.

I love, love getting packages in the mail. I also love, love when my sister J cleans out her closet……..

One of the blouses is a brand spanking new beaded/sequined Ulla Popken, absolutely gorgeous. I’ve worn it twice already and have gotten many comments both times.

Thank you J! I am lucky to have you as my sister.

Ms. Kitty watching Bubba put the cover on his 4-wheeler last night.

 Spring (zeegwung) has arrived.

The weekend was beautiful in Oklahoma. Sunday was perfect weather, could not ask for better.

We all took advantage of it, even Wee One was allowed outside to run wild.

Wee One pointed out to me that my flowers are blooming from the bulbs we buried last year.

After Wee One looked at them for awhile, he picked them all.

Hubs promised to bring me home a fence to put around as a border today…he’d better not forget. I planted a lot of bulbs and they are just starting to sprout, they can barely be seen but they are there.

I am also seriously contemplating the idea of growing a small garden(gitigan) this year. We love fresh vegetables. I have only been able to grow tomatoes and various peppers in pots. This year I may take on an actual real garden. A small one.

Boys will be boys no matter how old they get….

I was persuaded into a basketball game of horse, when I smoked everyone, they turned on themselves. Just kidding, they were having a tickling match, dogpile on Bubba.

I did shoot some hoops though….

The last 3 days and nights, Scooter has only consumed about 1/2 of his hay. He has been grazing more because we have a lot of green grass already.

Scooter’s winter coat has come to it’s last stages, it is lifeless and dull looking, but underneath, I can see just the beginning of his new, shiny, warm weather coat coming in beautifully.

Soon, I shall be currying and working him over with the shedder…..

 “A short tale is soon told-and a short horse soon curried”

Walter Scott, The Abbot chapter 11 (1820)

Another sunset full of fire…

Busy week ahead. Wee One has his post-op MD visit in Tulsa, then back to school for him. Thursday, both boys are out on Spring Break. Friday I have Bubba’s parent teacher conferences, and we have 2 baseball games this week. 1 home and 1 game 2 hours away…

Man oh man, this time change is kicking my sorry *ss today, I cannot get my hiney in gear!

Scared to drink anymore coffee, I may get the shakes.
I am thankful for the longer daylight hours…..very thankful


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The Key

Beware the ides of March.
(Julius Caesar, 1.2.22)



On a very, very rare occasion, when I finish a book, a really exceptional book, I feel both exhilarated and down at the same time. 

 Duma Key was the best Stephen King novel I have read in years…years. He does not need little ole me tooting his horn but by golly I am.

godagendaagwakamigad: to be in a painful, bad, accident

I was only into the first 1/4 of the book and I could relate to Edgar, the main character in ‘Duma Key’.

Edgar suffers a near death accident, head injuries included. Edgar’s accident and injuries were far more serious than mine…but I could  relate to his confusion, anger, frustration, and, must not leave out the best part, the screaming headaches.

A month or so ago when King was promoting his book, I caught a sliver of an interview when he was on one of the morning news programs. King was explaining about how he incorporated in his injury and rehab from an accident when he wrote ‘Duma Key’.

July of 2001, I had a near fatal car accident. Among my injuries of breaks, and torn flesh, I suffered a severe closed head Injury.

That head injury changed me more than the skin and bone injuries. My injuries did not give me a psychic power or paranormal gifts or render me unconcious for days (I was only out for a few hours). Edgar in the book received psychic powers and a talent to paint masterpieces that actually changed people’s lives in the physical sense. Nothing so grand happened to me. The only thing my head injury did give me a helluva lot of grief.

The weeks and rehabilitation following my accident were indeed, the worst part of my life to date.

After my release from the hospital, eventually, I was given the okay by my physicians for a short 30 minute walk….with my walker of course. The walker on wheels.

These short strolls of 25 feet one way to the concrete bench outside the barn and horse-pasture were my salvation.

I would pop an extra vicoden and shuffle out to see Scooter. I would rest on the bench with my horse keeping me company in the summer shade of the tall cedar trees. Those short and painful trips out to my horse are what kept me going…..

Now this is the hard part, me describing how it changed me. 

The people closest to me can attest to a lot more than I’ll ever admit.

What I can say for fact is my memory has suffered and my attention span has shortened. Sometimes my thought process gets confused, like reading maps or complicated instructions, it takes a bit longer to register and process certain information. I noticed these changes immediately, especially when I returned to work after the accident……I was in a whole new world.

With a big sigh of relief, the above things have faded. The screaming headaches are almost completely gone, with the exception of a rare one sneaking up as a nasty reminder.

I have been a fan of Stephen King since my earliest teen years. Duma Key, The Stand, Misery, and Pet Cemetary are my favorite novels by King.

What is your favorite book by King?

If your not a fan, tell me about the best book and author you’ve read in the last year. My inquiring mind wants to know.



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Wee Fix

Wee One’s surgery went well. He is very sore as expected but resting comfortably(thanks to good pain meds) on the couch. Wee has complete and total control over the TV. He’s switching between Sponge Bob on Nick and his favorite DVD, ‘Over The Hedge.’

Wee’s requested blue popcicles, blue gatorade, and blue jello. I’ve stocked up on all three in blue. Unfortunately, he is consuming them at a very slow pace with me worrying over his fluid intake.

Hopefully Wee’s healing process will be quick and he’ll be back to his hell-raising self soon. 

I appreciate the prayers, well wishes, and good thoughts on both Wee’s and my nephew’s behalf-Thank you!

I took these photos last week when the weather was very spring-like. 

This slide goes fast…….and around in a circle. 


Always something interesting on the ground to find and stash in one’s pockets.

After about 10  minutes of vigorous pushing I say, “Wee, can I stop pushing?”  I am still running around in a circle.

Wee One, “no, faster!”

Okay, so I trot a little quicker while pushing. Starting to feel vertigo-like, I say, “Wee, I’m dizzy, mama’s gotta stop.”

Wee, “no, Please faster!”

Me, ” okay, one more big push then I gotta walk a straight line for a bit.

I am a playground wimp, I get too dizzy is what I am informed by Wee One later that evening.

Too high! Do not scare your mother…….

Look out, this slide goes fast.

If you want to see a super-short (4.0 seconds)video of Wee One at the park click here:¤t=100_3955.flv

His laughter is catchy, watch out!


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Fighting off the blahs…..

Blahs: 1      BG: 0

Last week, one of my favorite nephews, cut off his thumb and index finger with a saw. They were reattached surgically, so far, so good.

Not a good injury for a young man who is right hand dominant.

C is a hard working guy with a wife and young daughter. I wish I was closer so I could help them out. Oklahoma is a helluva long ways from Northern Michigan.

Please send C out some good vibes. I would really, really appreciate it.


Oklahoma’s glorious spring weather blew away when the thunderstorms hit last night.

This morning it was 32 degrees, sleeting, then snowing. Now it is just windy and cold.

This cold, gloomy weather is bringing me down.

I need sunshine and I need to be outside.

I need the winds to quit blowing 30 mph.

I need to ride Scooter, my saddle is collecting dust bunnies.

I need for Wee One’s surgery to be a success, over and done with, behind us.

I need for March 26th to get here NOW, it is the first day of my vacation, without the family.

I need for people to keep their drama to themselves.

Enough about that business, I am fixing to deal with it soon and it won’t be pretty.


My cats are the laziest cats to ever walk this Earth.

All they do is sleep, eat, sleep some more, eat, sleep.

Oh, and use the litterbox as soon as I scoop it out.

Why do both cats love to scratch this chair?

The ugly pink wingback chair is the only piece of furniture the cats scratch. Good thing too because Kitty has all her claws.

Why does Marvin even bother scratching? he doesnt have any claws.

Wee One nearly polished off that entire bag of Jack Links beef jerky Sunday. I pretty much let him too.

His pre-op is Wednesday and his surgery is scheduled for Thursday. Wee’s voice still sounds a bit hoarse. He does not have a fever and he is acting fine, but he was before when his surgery was canceled.

Things here at The Res are busy, hectic, chaotic, confusing, stressful.

It may be awhile before I get a chance to post again….most likely after Wee One’s surgery.


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OKC Mathematics Competition Trip

 We made good time on our trip South to OKC Friday evening. The traffic was busy, Oklahoma Highway Patrol was abundant. 

We entered onto I-35 at Ponca City.  The traffic was light until we were 1/2 way to OKC and then we encountered road construction. 

We checked into our hotel without incident. The boys had their noses in Bubba’s phone and Ipod touch. We had free wireless internet, so Bubba took advantage of that.

I am reading Stephen King’s Duma Key . What a great book! I cannot put it down, it is so good.

I have read a lot of good books the past 6 months, Duma Key is in the TOP 5.

We checked out of the hotel early so we could find Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics    and not be late.

The boys had both been there with their Gifted and Talented instructor last Fall but I have never been.

We had some time to burn, so we cruised downtown.


We checked out the State Capitol.

“umm, how do we get over there?”

We eventually found our way. 

Still having time to burn, we searched out a cup of coffee and found Java Dave’s.

JD’s was only a couple of blocks from OSSM and it had computers, free wireless, and delicious coffee.

Me, “were here!”

Boys, “awesome.”

Me, “ya nervous? know your math equations?” 

Bubba, “yep.”

J “yep.”

I look at them, they are as cool as cucumbers.

200+ kids and their parents attended.

I learned about the school in a small lecture type setting while the boys tested. It was a very informative event for me. There are so many good things about this school! However, there are quite a few things Bubba might not like about the school….such as there is not a competitive sports program, no cell phones, only allowed to drive their car to/fro home on weekends, they are allowed to come home every other weekend…just to name a few.

The pros outweight the cons but, Bubba without his sports is like a fish out of water.


Second and Third place in our division.

J also took 3rd place in another category which I have already forgotten. I wrote it down during the awards ceremony.

I was a proud mama!

** I want to add, 90% of the competing kids had either a teacher OR a math-coach with them, MY boys had neither **

 Driving home, not even close.


Their teenage brains recharging to give BG more grief.

No rest for me, I was driving.

2-lanes, getting closer. 

Almost home, only 60 miles to go….


Bubba and I go back to OSSM in April for a open house parent/kid type visit. Bubba has also been invited to another MathCounts 2 day workshop in June.


Hubs gets a gold star.

He is beginning to comprehend the meaning of choreplay.’

I came home to a clean house, vacuumed floors, laundry done, dishwasher loaded, happy Wee One, and animals all taken care of.

Despite it being nearly dark, I spent my necessary time with my horses (necessary means: necessary for my mental well being). Wee One was bouncing under foot in the barn, talking non-stop.

I could tell I was missed. I jumped in the shower and Wee One camped out on the bath-tub with his juice box and book. He read to me while I was loofa-ing. Soon here comes hubs, He parks himself on the side of the garden tub alongside Wee. Good thing I do not care about privacy anymore,eh?

We’ve had some wonderful sunny and very warm weather in Oklahoma. Today they are predicting severe storms…..I hope they miss us.


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Judging Pockets Anniversary

Noongo giizhigad dibishkaa

Today marks my 2 year blogging anniversary. Two years have went by quickly!

MidLife Mom over at Home On The Range  gave me 2 Horse Lover Awards awards. Thank you!
MM hails from the Northern part of Country, she is from beautiful Maine. She is undoubtedly one of the kindest, nicest people I have ever met thru blogging. MM is also a fellow horseperson and has her own herd.

What kind of things does 14 yo Bubba carry in his pockets on a Saturday?

2 knives

.22 caliber gun clip

Ipod Touch

cell phone with a $5 bill folded up square inside.

Bubba needs a muzzle because his 14 yo mouth has been running away with itself. I am starting to get really fed up with this teenager crap…..

Woot! I am stocked up on books, good books. 

I have Stephen King’s Duma Key. Nothing like a good King book to get into.

The one and only Nasaw book I read was good, so I checked out The Girls He Adored by Jonathan Nasaw from the library.

Lastly, James Patterson’s Murder Club series I have liked and disliked as well. Some of the books were good reading but the last one was boring, slow moving, and made me feel like I had an attention deficit disorder. Anyhow, I checked out  7th Heaven. I hope it is a good read.

While I was at our closest Wal-Mart (the tiny original kind of WM, not a supercenter), I picked up this book Killing Fear: by  Allison Brennan.

Wee One does not get to drink much soda. His drinks usually consist of orange juice, flavored bottled water, apple juice boxes and juice pouches, a rare diet root beer, and chocolate or vanilla flavored soy milk.

The other day I was busy doing ‘stuff’. I would walk thru the kitchen and take a swig of my diet cherry vanilla Dr.Pepper. I realized it was almost gone. No way did I guzzle a can of pop that quickly.

As I was starting the washing machine, I peeked out the laundry room door and caught Wee One sneaking sips of my pop.



We are off to OKC in the too early morning hours of Saturday.

I have thrown around the idea of staying the night in OKC but we are hauling an extra kid to/fro to The Oklahoma School Of Math and Science. In fact, I am not sure how we even got wrangled into giving him a ride again.

Oh well. I guess I’ll put on my happy face and be cool about it. It is not the kid’s fault. I like this kid in general, he does not seem to be any more of a trouble-maker than Bubba.

I am irritated with a few people/situations in my life right now. I am fixing to lay it all out for them soon. I am just thinking about my approach. (imagine that, ME thinking before opening my mouth).

When I say things, they do not always come out like I intend. I come across as a snotty rude b*tch. Believe me, I am not exaggerating. Anyone who knows me personally will attest. So, the situation has to get really, really bothersome to me before I open my mouth and piss someone off, which is usually the end result.

While I am off on this rant, I do NOT know my way around OKC. I called several hotels in the OKC area.

The hotel, I am guessing that is closest to the school (Oklahoma School of Science and Math) only had 1 double bed per room available, rollaways are $10 apiece.

Wondering if the lack of comfort will be worth staying close to the school, I ask the hotel clerk(who sounds like a 12 yo on the phone) how close the hotel was located to the school.

Clerk answers, “um, I have not a clue. I am from Texas, been here 2 weeks.”

So, I ask, “can you ask someone else there at the hotel who might know this information?”

Clerk,” yeah sure.” I can hear muffled talking, she comes back on the phone, “We cant help you, the only other person here is from Texas too.”

Me, “oh, wow. I appreciate the helpful information.” said in my most sarcastic voice.

The clerk decides to ignore my nasty tone. She says in a cheery voice, “so, can I make you a reservation? Our hotel is really nice. You wont be disappointed.”

Me, “Errr, I’ll call back.” Not really.

grrrrr. I still have not made any hotel reservations. The hotels are quickly filling up. I need an assistant to do this stuff for me!

Hubs says I am just like this judge from The People’s Court. He says we talk, have the same mannerisms, and act just alike, especially while trying to get our point across to people we are irritated with.


Does hubs deserve a slap or a hug for that comparison?


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